How to Find Hot-Selling Products On Facebook?

A Strategy Using Competitors' Facebook Ads Help us find Hot-selling products. In the world of cross-border e-commerce, finding hot-selling products is crucial for every seller's success. Facebook, as one of the largest social media platforms, offers a prime opportunity for sellers to find Hot-selling and achieve sales growth.

well, I will introduce how to find Hot-selling products using competitors' Facebook ads.

1. Searching Competitors and Analyzing Their Strategies

To uncover hot-selling products, we can leverage the power of BigSpy, a tool specifically designed for product research. By accessing BigSpy's ad creative library, we gain access to a vast array of advertising ideas, often hinting at popular products in the market.

Targeting the Facebook channel within BigSpy reveals advertisements specifically targeted at this platform. Searching for competitors' Facebook page names or product keywords "dear-lover" their advertising approaches, which often spotlight popular items.

2. Mining Hot-Selling Products through Ad Post Analysis

Within BigSpy, we can select a time frame to view competitors' advertising posts during that period. By sorting by likes, we can quickly identify ads that resonate with users. Clicking "View Ad Details" offers insights into competitors' copywriting, visuals, and targeting regions, often revealing potential hot-selling products.

find hot selling products

3. Extracting Hot-Selling Product Clues from Landing Pages

Visiting competitors' ad landing pages reveals crucial information about their product presentation, pricing strategies, and market demand. If the landing page is a category page with the same product featured prominently as in the ad, it's likely a Hot-Selling item.

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find hot-selling product
find hot selling products

4. Identifying the Characteristics of Hot-Selling Products

By analyzing competitors' advertising strategies and landing pages, patterns emerge about hot-selling products. These characteristics might include competitive pricing, unique design elements, or high market demand. Understanding these characteristics helps us refine our product selection.

5. Practical Application and Continuous Optimization

In practice, we need to continuously test and adjust our product selection based on market feedback and data analysis. This optimization process helps us identify truly popular products that resonate with consumers, driving sales growth.

Leveraging Facebook ads and tools like BigSpy to find Hot-Selling products is a crucial step in any e-commerce seller's journey. By staying attuned to market trends and competitors' strategies, we can stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on popular products, driving sales and profits.