How to Use GPT-4o for Free?

Open AI
Open AI

On May 13th, during a live broadcast from the San Francisco headquarters, Open AI's Chief Technology Officer, Mira Murati, introduced GPT-4o to the world. This is the latest AI model behind ChatGPT, marking not only an enhancement of ChatGPT's capabilities but also a significant leap forward in the interactive experience of artificial intelligence.

The GPT-4o model enables ChatGPT to respond to voice, image, and video inputs more quickly than previous technologies from Open AI. Whether it's on the new desktop application, mobile app, or online platform, users will enjoy a smoother and more intuitive experience. In the live demonstration, Murati and her team showcased how ChatGPT can engage in conversations in a lively and expressive manner, even when interrupted, with the ability to continue the dialogue flexibly—a feat difficult to achieve in previous AI models. Additionally, GPT-4o features advanced visual capabilities that enhance the accuracy of understanding shared images.

To see experience Gpt-4o:

Referred to as the "unified model," GPT-4o integrates various interactive functions into one cohesive framework, reducing the time spent switching between tasks and improving overall computational efficiency. Moreover, ChatGPT can simulate different emotions during conversations, sometimes even giving the illusion that it has its own feelings. This advanced interactive ability transforms ChatGPT from a simple conversational assistant into an intelligent partner capable of handling complex commands, with functions similar to Siri or Alexa but surpassing them in certain aspects.

Can We Use GPT-4o for Free?

Yes, the OpenAI team has indicated that GPT-4o will be available for free to all users. Although the number of interactions allowed during the free trial phase is not yet clear, OpenAI has committed to providing paid users with a usage limit of five times that of free users, which will undoubtedly attract more users to engage with this revolutionary technology.

Users on the free plan will default to using GPT-4o, with the number of messages that can be sent limited and varying according to current usage and demand. When unavailable, free-tier users will switch back to GPT-3.5. Free users also have limited access to advanced tools for messages, such as Data analysis, File Uploads, Browse, Discovering and using GPTs, and Vision.

Users on the free plan can upgrade to ChatGPT Plus at any time:

The artificial intelligence advancements that Google is expected to announce at its I/O conference on May 14th are also being closely watched by the industry. As competition among tech giants in the field of AI intensifies, we have reason to anticipate that future artificial intelligence will be smarter and more personalized, bringing more convenience to our lives and work.