How To Find Competitors Facebook Ads?

When you’re running Facebook ads, have you ever wondered what kind of Facebook ads your competitors are running?

We all know that Facebook provided a free and super easy way to monitor your competitors’ ads last year.

Now you can access anyone’s Facebook page and see all the ads they’re currently running.

The tool is designed primarily to show users what active AD brands are using, but it also gives marketers the advantage of monitoring rival ads and understanding the types of ads they are targeting to their audience.

Follow me for a simple step-by-step guide on how to view the ads that competitors run on Facebook.

1.Go to your Facebook page first and find your favorite competitor’s page.

2.Then, click “info and ads” on the left side of the page.

3.At this point, you’ll see each valid AD that runs for your Facebook page. If no ads are placed from this fan page, you will see a message indicating that they have not placed any ads.

If you want to see the different ads they run for each country/region, you can simply change the location from the list.

You can now view all of your advertisers’ ads, and thus your competitors’ advertising material. Find ads placed by your competitors with just one click to access their web pages.

Of course, making ads transparent means that your competitors can see all of your Page ads.

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