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best ad spy tool - BigSpy
Multi-Ad Platforms

Including ads from 9+ major social networks.

Massive Ad Database

The ultimate collection of over 1 billion profitable ads.

Powerful Search

Easily search and filter ads by ad type, country, format, industry, CTA, date, and other criteria.

Featured Ads

Daily trending ads selected by our powerful big data analytics and intelligent algorithms.

People Tracked

Daily uncover new ideas and niches, tracked by thousands of users, to keep you at the forefront of innovation.

My Tracked

Tailor your tracking experience to analyze performance curves or schedule ads based on your specific preferences.

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We waited until we could do it right. Then we did! And Better.

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I have used a lot of adspy tools. Bigspy is definitely the best and cheapest one!

I am a UA manager. BigSpy lets me to train my team, find right strategies and learn creative strategies, and win against competitive market.

Doris. C
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Great tool, great support !
They keep big database and adding features. A must-have for advertisers team !

I have found ad secrets over the database, which make my startup earn more and grow fast.

David. D
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Bigspy's technology is a must-have tool for advertising industry.

I am one media buyer. My UA team must create lots of best ads to reach high ROI. BigSpy is the amazing tool with reasonable price, comparing other tools.

 Marry. J

Featured Ads

✓ Comprehensive Ad Tracking: Find all tracked ads effortlessly, saving you time and money.
✓ Real-Time Niche Insights: Discover niches and ideas supported by social proof and up-to-the-minute data, allowing you to monitor ongoing activities.
✓ Automated Ad Intelligence: Our system intelligently selects winning or trending ads daily, empowering you to optimize ad spending and maximize profitability.

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best ad spy tool

BigSpy Rolls Out Enterprise-grade Support, Offering Tailored Report Assistance.


Why BigSpy Is the BEST and LARGEST Adspy Tool?

BigSpy is the largest advertising creative library with more than 600 million advertising creatives, including video ads, social ads, and image ads. It covers major global platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Yahoo, Pinterest, TikTok, etc., global networks and local networks for enterprise plan.
The system collects 500K new ads every day, and updates millions of ads daily.
The system uses more than 60 machines and it cost more than $80,000 monthly.
Bigspy started in 2017 and has been running stably for 5+ years
Yes. We have more than 1 million of data points and spiders around the world, and can collect more than millions of ads  from major advertising networks  every day. We have several cooperations with 3rd data parties to collect more ads data over different platforms and countries.
The system process more than 10 million data every day.

Firstly it identifies ads meta, the advertisers, landing pages, creative materials, copywriting, advertising space, audience data, ecom data and other key information.

Secondly it use machine learning algorithms to estimate the amount of impression, heat and ad cost.

Finally, through big data processing, the ads data is stored and easily analyzed by customers.
Of course! It is legal.

Ads are public seen for everyone, and collected and used by public people. The ads data pipeline is just public data, not personal privacy. In this market, there are lots of companies, such as Moat, AppAnnie, SensorTower, AppTica, etc.

Data transparency builds better trust and better decisions.
And it is easy to use this facebook adspy tool. Just sign up and pay small fees, you could search, filter and sort out the valuable ads, and get different ads insight and strategies.
Yes, you can use this adspy tool for free with limited features.  BigSpy is the #1 free Adspy & Ad Finder & Ad Library tool which can effective spy on competitors' ads for different networks such as FB, AdMob, YouTube, and etc. 

You can also enjoy all the benefits of this powerful spy tool for just $1 for a few days to try whether it's worth paying. Then you can get unlimited usage for just $99 per month!
Although they are all ad spy tools, Bigspy are more comprehensive in terms of data volume, search and filter conditions, and channel analysis.

For example, Bigspy and adspy alternative tools have a basic analysis of advertising, such as advertising time, audience demographics, country of residence, social participation through advertising, etc.

But our analysis of advertising is more comprehensive. Not only can you monitor the ad copy to help advertisers find the best ad example, but you can also download creatives.

From the perspective of usage, many adspy alternative tools need to install the chrome extension before it can be used, but Bigspy is an online tool that can be used after opening the website, and its registration process is also very simple, only requires email verification.

Finally, the most important point is that its price is more competitive and cost-effective, the NO.1 cheapest adspy tool.
Data is valuable only when it can benefit customers.

On one side, BigSpy has one much bigger ad database, which is definitely different to Facebook Ad Library.

On the other side, it provides much more flexible and powerful features for users to search, filter, sort, analyze the massive data, while on Facebook Ad Library such features are not supported.
Bigspy has free plan, just for you to use occasionally.

The lowest price plan(Basic) is $9/month, wich is the cheapest price among all adspy tools. (The lowest price of adspy is149$, while poweradspy is 49$. )

The highest price plan(Pro) is $99 / month, which is still the most valuable and cheapest price compared to others.

BigSpy is the best adspy tool in ads vertical.

AmzChart is on the way to become the best amazon research tool in amazon vertical, comparing with JS and Helium10.

SellerCenter is the best free ecom tool for sellers and resellers.
FindNiche is definitely the most valuable tool for ecom niches.

TikRank is the free KOL analysis tool over tiktok platform.

NoxInfluencer is the best KOL analysis tool over youtube platform.
... ...
The mission of BigSpy is to build the largest ads database, advertiser database, and ads-related business database over global platforms and local platforms.

We believe that the system brings more trust, creativity, experience and cooperation to people on the more open and integrated ecosystem.
To use an ig follower export tool, first, choose a reliable and trustworthy tool.
1. Select the Instagram account whose followers you wish to export, and specify the desired format and layout of the exported data.
2. Once the specifications have been set, initiate the export process and allow the tool to generate and download the exported data.
3. Review and analyze the exported data to gain insights into your followers and their engagement patterns.

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