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Multi-Ad Platforms

Including ads from 9+ major social networks.

Massive Ad Database

The ultimate collection of over 1,000 million profitable ads.

Powerful Search

Easily search and filter ads by ad type, country, format, industry, CTA, date, and other criteria.

Featured Ads

Daily trending ads selected by our powerful big data analytics and intelligent algorithms.

People Tracked

Daily uncover new ideas and niches, tracked by thousands of users, to keep you at the forefront of innovation.

My Tracked

Tailor your tracking experience to analyze performance curves or schedule ads based on your specific preferences.

What People Say

We waited until we could do it right. Then we did! And Better.

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I have used a lot of adspy tools. Bigspy is definitely the best and cheapest one!

I am a UA manager. BigSpy lets me to train my team, find right strategies and learn creative strategies, and win against competitive market.

Doris. C
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Great tool, great support !
They keep big database and adding features. A must-have for advertisers team !

I have found ad secrets over the database, which make my startup earn more and grow fast.

David. D
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Bigspy's technology is a must-have tool for advertising industry.

I am one media buyer. My UA team must create lots of best ads to reach high ROI. BigSpy is the amazing tool with reasonable price, comparing other tools.

 Marry. J

Featured Ads

✓ Comprehensive Ad Tracking: Find all tracked ads effortlessly, saving you time and money.
✓ Real-Time Niche Insights: Discover niches and ideas supported by social proof and up-to-the-minute data, allowing you to monitor ongoing activities.
✓ Automated Ad Intelligence: Our system intelligently selects winning or trending ads daily, empowering you to optimize ad spending and maximize profitability.

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best ad spy tool

BigSpy Rolls Out Enterprise-grade Support, Offering Tailored Report Assistance.


Why BigSpy Is the BEST and LARGEST Adspy Tool?

Started in 2018, BigSpy is an ad spy tool for people to draw creative inspirations for their new marketing campaigns. With a huge database, it allows you to conduct advanced searches with its various filters. As well, BigSpy would help you discover advertising strategies and track trends at an affordable price.
We currently offer five plans: Free Plan, Basic Plan, Pro Plan, Group Plan, and the VIP Enterprise Plan. Each plan differs in terms of networks, supported seat numbers, query limits, and other aspects. You can learn more about each plan and subscribe on the pricing page: https://bigspy.com/pricing.
We currently offer corresponding product versions for users in the gaming/non-gaming apps, e-commerce, and brand industries. Our products cater to various groups, including ad designers, ad optimization specialists, and e-commerce sellers. You can choose the appropriate version based on your industry or opt for the multi-industry version.
Data is valuable when it benefits customers.
①BigSpy has a big ad database with more than 1,000 million ads from 71 countries/regions, covering 9 social platforms.
②We provide flexible and powerful features for the users to search, filter, sort, and analyze the massive data.
Here is an introduction video, which introduces features and basic usage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9HwkVbGfGk&t
Our mission is to make the advertising market more transparent and productive.
We believe that the system brings more trust, creativity, experience, and cooperation to people in a more open and integrated ecosystem.

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