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BigSpy provides you with the most comprehensive advertising data to help you monitor your competitors' advertising and marketing strategies on Facebook.

In order to seize market opportunities, we need to use this system to analyze the most appropriate Facebook advertising style, find the most effective advertising examples, and help you get more business inspiration.

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What's the Competitors' Facebook Ads Strategy?

Strategies for effectively tracking Facebook competitor ads.

We systematize your analytics, searches, filters, samples, and more to provide more advanced options for Facebook ads for real-time monitoring!

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Facebook native ads best practices

Learn from Facebook Native Ads Easier!

Facebook's native advertising is BigSpy's unique advertising data, with the largest amount of data in the entire industry, and supports Like, Comment, and other engagement data. These data help users better analyze the performance of ads.

You can more clearly see your competitors' advertising strategies and performance on Facebook at a glance.

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Most competitors are using Facebook to launch their products, which can easily reach potential users, especially young customers.

We provide you with a richer ads library to get first-line advertising creative inspiration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. About Facebook Ads Spy

Facebook spy tool is essentially a spy tool that can monitor all advertising database data currently running on Facebook or before launch. It can filter all the content you want to know from the dimensions of audience list, advertising options, advertising creativity and advertising copy.

Here you can know exactly what the competitors' marketing strategies are, and through us you can also learn how they succeed in their business through Facebook advertising, for example,
- Facebook's good performance in specific creative ads
- What are the most popular product advertisements
- Which ads are suitable for long-term delivery
- Trend advertising that worth trying
At the same time, these can also provide you with inspiration for adjusting Shopify, e-commerce or direct sales business.

Bigspy has a very large advertising database, which is different from Facebook advertising library. At the same time, it also supports more powerful capabilities of filtering, searching, sorting and analyzing massive data, which is very flexible, but Facebook advertising library cannot support these functions.

How to use the Facebook ads spy tool effectively?

Before launching a Facebook ad spy tool, you must figure out what metrics or insights you're looking for in your competitors' ads. It could be:
- What creative and copywriting do they use to increase sales conversions
- Which landing pages are verified to be the most effective
- what offers do they offer their audience
Also, you must have an understanding of Facebook advertising.

2. About Facebook Advertising

Facebook ads are targeted to users based on their location, demographic, and profile information. After creating an ad, you set a budget and bid for each click or thousand impressions that your ad will receive. Users then see your ads in the sidebar on Facebook or in their newsfeed.

It depends, some people spend a lot every day while others spend very little. The exact cost associated with showing your ad to someone is determined in our ad auctions. Learn More

Ads Manager is your starting point for advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger or Audience Network. It's an ad management tool for creating ads, managing when and where ads run, and tracking the performance of your ad campaigns. Learn More

What is Facebook ads library?

The Facebook ads library is an official Facebook tool that can query ads, which allows you to view some data about ads. Learn More

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