Supermarket Top 20 Worth-learning Advertisers - BigSpy

BigSpy generates a Supermarket top 20 advertiser report. This report counts the most successful Facebook ad creatives in the Supermarket category.

# Advertiser Category Countries Creatives
1 שופרסל Supermarket שופרסל Ads
2 Lidl España Supermarket Lidl España Ads
3 ΑΒ Βασιλόπουλος Supermarket ΑΒ Βασιλόπουλος Ads
4 PlazaVea Supermarket PlazaVea Ads
5 Zait & Zatar Supermarket Jordan Zait & Zatar Ads
6 NTUC FairPrice Supermarket NTUC FairPrice Ads
7 Metro Supermarket Peru Metro Ads
8 Ta-Ta Supermercados Supermarket Ta-Ta Supermercados Ads
9 Nikora Supermarket • ნიკორა სუპერმარკეტი Supermarket Nikora Supermarket • ნიკორა სუპერმარკეტი Ads
10 Tops Thailand - ท็อปส์ ไทยแลนด์ Supermarket Tops Thailand - ท็อปส์ ไทยแลนด์ Ads
11 Senic Gross & Market Supermarket Senic Gross & Market Ads
12 IGA, Vive la bouffe Supermarket IGA, Vive la bouffe Ads
13 Chedraui Supermarket Chedraui Ads
14 Super 99 Te conviene Supermarket Super 99 Te conviene Ads
15 Super Nosso Supermarket Super Nosso Ads
16 Nettó Supermarket Nettó Ads
17 كينج ستور المشهداوي Supermarket كينج ستور المشهداوي Ads
18 Marjane Market Supermarket Marjane Market Ads
19 MPREIS Supermarket MPREIS Ads
20 Linella Supermarket Linella Ads