Athlete Top 20 Worth-learning Advertisers - BigSpy

BigSpy generates a Athlete top 20 advertiser report. This report counts the most successful Facebook ad creatives in the Athlete category.

# Advertiser Category Countries Creatives
1 Andrius Pauliukevičius Athlete Andrius Pauliukevičius Ads
2 Kelsey Wells Athlete Kelsey Wells Ads
3 Adam Frater Athlete Adam Frater Ads
4 Lazar Angelov Athlete United States,Hong Kong SAR,Kuwait,Philippines Lazar Angelov Ads
5 Future Cricket Star Athlete Future Cricket Star Ads
6 Sjard Fitness Athlete Sjard Fitness Ads
7 Lauren Simpson Fitness Athlete Lauren Simpson Fitness Ads
8 الاهلى اليوم Athlete الاهلى اليوم Ads
9 Paige Hathaway Athlete Paige Hathaway Ads
10 Anna Lewandowska Athlete Anna Lewandowska Ads
11 Vera Koo Athlete Vera Koo Ads
12 Kai Greene Athlete United States,Mexico,United Kingdom,India,Australia Kai Greene Ads
13 ماجيكانو Athlete ماجيكانو Ads
14 Anna Vaiatea Athlete Anna Vaiatea Ads
15 Trang Spa & Beauty Athlete Trang Spa & Beauty Ads
16 Cristiano Ronaldo Athlete Cristiano Ronaldo Ads
17 Ziad Akram Athlete Ziad Akram Ads
19 Josef Rakich Fitness Athlete Josef Rakich Fitness Ads
20 LadyBoss Kaelin Poulin Athlete LadyBoss Kaelin Poulin Ads