Top Ads on Socialbakers

Socialbakers Background Introduction:

We help more than 10,000+ marketers drive engagement, inspire loyalty, and grow revenue on social media.

Facebook is the overlord of social media, and its monthly active users have exceeded 2 billion. In addition, Facebook’s advertising system is developed, whether it is B2B or B2C advertisers, both can get huge benefits on Facebook.

Socialbakers has been advertising and marketing on Facebook for many years. And Socialbakers has placed 517 of ads on the Facebook platform in the last month. In the past few years,Socialbakers has created thousands of ads on Facebook and completed multiple A / B tests. But do you really know what your most successful Facebook ads are? Now I use a spy tool to check.

BigSpy is the best social media ad spy tool. Searching for Socialbakers on BigSpy, we can see that these ads have gained a lot of likes. Now, BigSpy generates a detailed Top ad analysis report for Socialbakers. BigSpy decomposes the data of ads, view the performance of a single ad, and analyzes the Top 3 ads with the best performance from Socialbakers.


1.Socialbakers Top 3 Ads Basic Understanding

   top1  top2  top3
Name  Socialbakers  Socialbakers  Socialbakers
Page Categories  Software  Software  Software
Marketing Objectives Other  Other  Other
ECommerce Softwares  N/A  N/A  N/A

Socialbakers Marketing Objectives Analysis: 

Socialbakers has been operating in Software for many years. The marketing objectives it uses most when placing Facebook ads are Other, Other, and Other.

Different campaign objectives bring completely different conversion effects. For example, Page Post Engagement can bring more users who like posts at a lower cost. Website Conversion brings accurate customers with conversions, but the ad costs are relatively high. Socialbakers best marketing campaign objective at present is Other. Advertisements mainly choose the appropriate marketing objectives according to different ad purposes.

2.Socialbakers Top 3 Ads Content Display

We all know that Facebook ’s advertising policy is strict, and every ad that goes online needs to be reviewed. What kind of advertising copy is in compliance? What kind of advertising copy is welcomed by users?

  top1 top2 top3
Ad Headline  Social Media Trends Report: Coronavirus' Effect on Marketing  Socialbakers Tuğçe Oskay 
Ad Copy Text  Coronavirus has had a tremendous impact on everything from ad spend to organic growth. ➡️Downloa...  With Socialbakers, it's extremely easy to make sense of all your data. It's all in one place. Get a ...  With Socialbakers, it's extremely easy to make sense of all your data. It's all in one place. Get a ...
Link Description  The Q1 2020 report reveals the full impact the pandemic has had on social media marketing around the world.  N/A  N/A
Website Link
Text Word Count 204  105  105
Like 84  1  0

Socialbakers Top 1 Ad Content Analysis:

Ad title: Text is an extension of the creative. Socialbakers Top 1 ads got 84 likes. Socialbakers uses a sentence with the finishing touch title: “Social Media Trends Report: Coronavirus' Effect on Marketing”, point out the main purpose, and sublimate the theme of the advertisement. The power of a sentence is endless.

The text is a supplement to the headline. Socialbakers shared 204 words describing Top 1 ad. In addition, the use of emojis in the text can shorten the distance to the user.

Call-to-Action can promote user’s click behavior and bring the most direct conversion. Currently, the CTA of Top 1 ad is DOWNLOAD.

The main role of the creative is to attract users, and the ad copy is the key factor for conversion. Socialbakers should continue to optimize the ad content.

3.Socialbakers Top 3 Ads Creative Selection

   top1  top2  top3
Creative Type   Image  Image  Image
Ad Time   2020-06-08-2020-06-18  2020-06-17-2020-06-17  2020-06-17-2020-06-17
Landing Page Link,%22page_id_type%22:%22page%22,%22actor_id%22:164929129743,%22dm%22:%7B%22isShare%22:1,%22originalPostOwnerID%22:0%7D,%22psn%22:%22EntStatusCreationStory%22,%22post_context%22:%7B%22object_fbtype%22:266,%22publish_time%22:1592318620,%22story_name%22:%22EntStatusCreationStory%22,%22story_fbid%22:%5B10158674922654744%5D%7D,%22role%22:1,%22sl%22:5,%22targets%22:%5B%7B%22actor_id%22:164929129743,%22page_id%22:164929129743,%22post_id%22:10158674922654744,%22role%22:1,%22share_id%22:0%7D%5D%7D%7D&__tn__=Cl-R

The principle of less is more appropriate for the selection of creatives. In just a few seconds to attract users’ attention, and let users understand the function of your product, these ads produced by Socialbakers are successful.

Socialbakers Creative Analysis: 

Socialbakers placed a Image ad in 2020-06-08-2020-06-18, and got 84 likes. The size and type of creatives used in different ad positions are different. But using beautiful colors can attract users faster.

4.Socialbakers Top 3 Ads Audience Analysis:

   top1  top2  top3
Country  N/A  N/A  N/A
Language  English  English  Turkish

Different audiences have different demands. Before publishing an ad, you have to ask yourself, do you really know who is your target audience?

Today’s advertising is increasingly pursuing personalization. If you can’t make exquisite advertisements, you must know your audience and attract the most accurate traffic.

Socialbakers has the best conversion in N/A, and can advertise more in N/A in the future.

In addition, BigSpy can also target the detailed audience of advertisements, including the age distribution, gender ratio, and country of the audience. You can also use BigSpy to track competitors’ audiences.

5.Socialbakers Top 3 Ads Performance Display

   top1  top2  top3
Ad Time  2020-06-08-2020-06-18  2020-06-17-2020-06-17  2020-06-17-2020-06-17
During  11 days  1 days 1 days 
Like  84  1  0
Share  5  0  0
Comment  1  0  0

Advertising effectiveness is a direct manifestation of advertising. Socialbakers ‘s Top 1 ad received 84 likes, 5 shares, 1 comments in just 11 days.

Summary: Every detail of the advertisement is important. Actually, several important factors that affect the effectiveness of ads are ad creativity, ad copy, ad audience, and ad costs. Now BigSpy generates a top ads report for Socialbakers, helping Socialbakers to grasp the ad data more clearly.