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10 piece type Hook line pen watercolor soft hair oil painting extra fine weasel hair Hand Painted brush gouache acrylic painting
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News Break: Local News & Breaking News
News Break: Local News & Breaking News
News Break: Local News & Breaking News
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ART/PAINTING MATERIALS for sale ✅CASH ON DELIVERY with freebies and discounts!! :) https://www.facebook.com/jbartandcrafts Shopee link: https://shopee.ph/bianxxx23?smtt=0.0.9 ---- PRICELIST ✅STRETCHED CANVAS (1.5in thickness) Gesso Primed Suitable for oil and acrylic 8x10in P130.00 8x12in P150.00 12x16in P185.00 16x20in P290.00 18x24in P340.00 20x30in P450.00 24x36in P550.00 CANVAS PANEL (w/o Frame) 8x10in 72.00 9x12in 86.00 10x14in 110.00 12x16in 130.00 16x20in 220.00 SKETCH CANVAS PAD A3 P480.00 A3 P320.00 ----- ✅PAINTS Berkeley ACRYLIC color (SET) 6s/12ml P130.00 12s/12ml P270.00 18s/12ml P330.00 Berkeley WATER color (SET) 12s/12ml P265.00 18s/12ml P320.00 Berkeley OIL color (SET) 12s/12ml P270.00 18s/12ml P330.00 Berkeley 75ml P74.00 Art Ranger 75ml 89.00 BERKELEY 250ml P195.00 SIP and GOGH 500ml P349. 00 ----- ✅GIRGIONE BRUSH SET 10 in 1 with Pouch P549. 00 10 in 1 Flat P310.00 10 in 1 Round P310. 00 6 in 1 Flat P225. 00 ✅EASEL STAND Wood (4ft) P950 Metal (5ft) P650 20x28cm mini easel P250 --- OTHERS ✅MIXING PLATE Round (Plastic) P45.00 Wooden palette P120. 00 ✅Linseed oil 100ml P185 ✅Turpentine oil 100ml P205. 00 ✅PALETTE KNIFE set P320. 00 ✅WATER COLOR PAD P220. 00 A4 size 24 sheets ✅SKETCH PAD P250.00 A3 size 100gsm 50sheets ✅DIAMANT COLOR PENCIL 12s P78. 00 24s P110.00 ✅DIAMANT CHARCOAL PENCIL P22. 00 Soft/Hard/Medium ✅MUNGYO BRAND Soft Pastel (FULL) 12s P240.00 24s P390. 00 48s P540. 00 HALF 32s P280. 00 48s P370. 00 64s P450. 00 OIL PASTEL 12c P140.00 24c P240.00 36c P300. 00 48c P390. 00
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♨ زيت التربنتين بالفلفل الحار والكافور غادي تحسوا بالفرق من اول استعمال. ✅منتوج جد فعال و يستخدم زيت التربنتين في الروماتيزم و التهاب المفاصل ✅و يستخدم زيت الكافور في الروماتيزم و الالتهاب ✅ويستخدم زيت الفلفل في تهيج الجلد و تنشيط الدورة الدموية لطلب https://azshoop1.myshopify.com/products/turpentine
Saphir Medaille d'or widely considered the finest shoe care products in the world. Building on a tradition they continue to base their creams, waxes, and cleaners on all natural products like turpentine, beeswax, carnauba wax, neatsfoot, mink and vegetal oil. Keep your shoes in perfect condition and order now at www.tsmco.com.pk
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Amazing & Incredibly Diverse Drum Sample Libraries - GetGood Drums
Our fearless leader, Misha Mansoor, is here today plays through the song 'Frak the Gods' using the P4 Sample Library. If you're even the slightest bit curious, give this a watch!
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Earth Wind Fire Hair
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銀座白石 新光三越台南新天地西門店
【銀座白石訂製專屬於您的鑽鍊】 男子們!想被冠上「準未婚夫」的稱號嗎!快給女友一個求婚驚喜吧   在銀座白石挑選鑽鍊,一樣是採半訂製的服務方式,先選擇您喜歡的鑽鍊款式,在選擇您喜歡的鑽石等級,我們將您選擇的鑽石送至日本量身訂做,最終取得獨一無二的鑽鍊   P.S.在銀座白石購買鑽石,就可免費租借求婚戒指✨ 特定款訂製鑽練,背面還可以鑲上秘語寶石,以及專屬的刻字✨   為了讓兩人的愛情永恆閃耀,提供最高品質的頂級鑽石。 在銀座白石遇見您生命中獨一無二的命定鑽石。   預約到店諮詢:http://bit.ly/2LvDNct 更多婚戒➡️ http://bit.ly/2uk4abO 更多鑽戒➡️ http://bit.ly/2uk4tDu   #日本第一大婚戒品牌 #銀座白石 #鑽鍊 #婚戒 #套戒 #日本首創半訂製戒指 #對戒 #求婚 #鑽戒 #承諾 #diamondring #必勝 #求婚道具 #浪漫 #愛情語錄 #ginzadiamondshiraishi
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https://elefantulmeu.ro Cultivăm dragostea pentru cărți și deschidem drumul spre imaginație. Cărți personalizate pentru copii. Editura Elefantul Meu transformă copiii în eroii din poveste. #zalau #oradea #satumare #vatradornei #cartipentrubebelusi #activitaticopii #bucuriacopiilor #copiiminunati #ziuacopiilor #pentrucopii #lumeacopiilor #carticopii #copiicuminti #carteacopiilor #cadouricopii #petrecericopii #cartipersonalizate #cartipentrucopii #cadoulperfect #eroudepoveste #carteindar #campulung #sinaia #busteni #bucegi #fagaras #sighisoara #bucuresti #pipera #berceni
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Don’t Miss out ! Grab our Best Deals of the Year on our 15th Anniversary Sale Complete Drum Set with all the Accessories you need only for Rs38700/- Package Includes Hi Volts DS01 5pcs Drum Set, Sticks, Throne and Drum Tuning Key #HiVolts #AnniversarySale #TheBestGuitarShop #Islamabad #Rawalpindi #MusicalInstruments #MusicLessons #BestDeals
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Prf1955 Revestimentos e criatividade.
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