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New, luxury homes in the top-rated Barrington 220 School District - from the low $800s
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日本即要出新版日幣了❗️ 今天日本各大新聞出版社都搶著報導,幾年後將發行印有新版年號的「#令和日幣紙鈔」了。 一万円 新版一萬元將變成有日本資本主義之父之稱的 #澀澤榮一,在這之前是福澤諭吉及聖德太子。 聖徳太子(しょうとく たいし)→ 福沢諭吉(ふくさわ ゆきち)→ ⭕️渋沢栄一(しぶさわ えいいち) 五千円  新版5千元這次也同樣是女性,被稱為女性教育先驅者的 #津田梅子。之前則是紙幣首次採用女性,樋口一葉,再之前是新渡戶稻造 新渡戶稲造(にとべ いなぞう)→ 樋口一葉(ひぐち いちよう)→ ⭕️津田梅子(つだ うめこ) 千円 新版千元鈔是著名醫學家的 #北里柴三郎,之前是夏目漱石,再之前是野口英世。 夏目漱石(なつめ そうせき) 野口英世(のぐち ひでよ) ⭕️北里柴三郎(きたざと しばさぶろう) 想必新紙鈔發行日又會是一場爭奪戰,舊紙鈔幾年之後也會越來越有收藏價值,大家快去翻翻家裡是不是還有舊日幣吧 #全日籍師資 #最道地的日文補習班 #不只教日文更教日本文化 #學日文首選繁田塾 #培養日本腦用日文思考 #理解和之心了解日本人心思 #短時間有效率的學日文 #跟日本人的日文老師學日文 #免費視訊補課 #歡迎預約試聽 日文影音版 財務省 紙幣のデザイン刷新へ、20年ぶり #ViMET https://vimet.tv/videos/788601 新聞 https://www.sankei.com/smp/economy/news/190409/ecn1904090002-s1.html
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Med Asst with Phlebotomy, Pharm Tech, Dental Asst, Med Bill & Coding, Healthcare Admin; plus Massage Therapy in Glendale.
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? As Training Consultants and In-House HRD Professionals, we are often looking for the magic model, fabulous framework, sustainable solutions that’s trending. All these are important but we are seeking in the wrong direction. Hi this is Melvin and I’ve been in the Strategic Learning & Development Space for more than 15 years, helping organizations shift and pivot to achieve greater results through developing talents. I have decided to run this Masterclass to share with you on how you can be the solutions provider organizations are looking for. Building capabilities is the way to go to future proof and crisis proof your organizations or the ones that you are serving. In this free Masterclass, you will have a glimpse of our APEX Model that we have successfully applied in organizations to make strategic and yet sustainable changes. Through this APEX Model, I will be showing you the importance of mastering these 3 forces of change . Taking a pulse reading within the organization to understand the Hard and Soft Aspects that requires capability building . Knowing that people are often the stumbling blocks, discover what are the triggers and tensions that people can activate in a positive manner . Building capabilities require actions and knowing how to integrate them into the flow of work becomes the differentiating factor We have limited places for this Masterclass due to the capacity of the hosting platform. Click on the link below to sign up for this Masterclass https://bit.ly/ApexMasterclass And you will be on your way to bring organizations to the APEX of Performance!
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♦️ SIÊU PHẨM DÂY SẠC CHỐNG RỐI!!♦️♦️ Giá #99k Sạc TINH GỌN #Super #Calla Cho tất cả dòng điện thoại: Iphone, Ipad, Samsung, Oppo, Viva... ♦️Hàng mới về ! ✌ ✌ ♨️♨️ 2 Sợi chỉ #198k ♦️ #FREESHIP ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ Dây sạc nam châm tinh gọn đoạt giải phát minh hữu dụng nhất 2020. Và sau đây là đặc điểm của em nó: Nhanh - sạc nhanh hơn người yêu cũ trở mặt Bền - mình cắn mãi không đứt còn bạn thì sao Đẹp - trắng nuột nà hơn Ngọc Trinh ♦️Kiểm tra hàng, sạc, cắn thử, xong mới trả tiền ♦️Mua ngay - đừng để đến mai - vì ngày mai mua thì ngày kia ngày kìa mới ship đến nơi. Nhận hàng sớm chả thích hơn à
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נעלי הייקינג לטיולים של REGATTA! במחיר חיסול! גם לנשים וגם לגברים, רק ב- 250 ש"ח כל הקודם זוכה! הרצל 4 גדרה ,08-8681003
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