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Hi, I'm Bailey For 13 Years I Thought My PCOS Symptoms Were 'Just Part Of Being A Woman' … ‍♀️ Here's my story. Everyone remembers their first kiss I certainly do. What should have been a 'magical' moment, quickly turned into a humiliating one, when my first boyfriend pulled away and told me he felt something scratchy. He asked if I had recently shaved my mustache. Naturally, I was mortified. This definitely wasn't the dreamy outcome I was expecting That prompted me to spend thousands of dollars on hair removal treatments to make sure I would never suffer the same humiliation again. If having an abundance of upper lip hair wasn't bad enough, my college years brought with them cystic acne and fluctuating weight. I caked my face with makeup in an attempt to hide my acne. I began replacing meals with coffee. I was on a never-ending quest to be prettier and thinner. But no matter what I did, my attempts only made matters worse. ‍⚕️Doctors recommended various birth control options for hormonal acne, but nothing worked. It seemed like each pill I tried triggered even more nasty symptoms. I began having massive mood swings, and it wasn’t just those ‘time of the month’ issues. I was a hormonal mess. My periods were irregular and excruciating. The cramping would get so bad that sometimes I would throw up. For years, I thought all these symptoms were part of growing up, of being a woman. I had resigned to putting up with them for the rest of my life. At the age of 22, a doctor suggested that I had Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. I'm ashamed to admit it now, but I brushed off his diagnosis. I had just finished college and was preparing to move across the world on an exciting new adventure, so I didn’t have the time, money, or inclination to examine what that meant. This was a mistake. Flash forward a few years. I was in my late 20’s when I unexpectedly became pregnant Just as I was coming around to the excitement of having a baby, the pregnancy ended after 10 ½ weeks in an even more unexpected and extremely painful miscarriage. I was left hurt, lonely, and confused on top of all the devastating feelings of incredible sadness and loss. I hadn't confided in friends or family about my situation, thinking I’d wait until the second trimester. As a result, I was left to deal with the miscarriage on my own. Being pregnant made me realize that although it hadn’t been with the right man or in the perfect circumstances, it was still a beautiful experience. I knew that one day I wanted to become pregnant again and start a family. In the back of my mind, I began to suspect that my hormonal issues – which I had dismissed as ‘just part of being a woman’ – had a more significant role to play in the loss of my pregnancy. I didn’t want this episode to define my life or jeopardize my future happiness, and so began my quest to learn more about my hormones and reproductive health. I sought help from my gynecologist, hoping for answers. After some blood work and a transvaginal ultrasound, it was confirmed that I had PCOS. The doctor also suspected that I had endometriosis, and suggested further testing. All the symptoms were there, hiding in plain sight. The embarrassing hair growth, unsightly acne, irregular and excruciating periods, and hormonal mood swings, as well as many other symptoms including low moods, anxiety, and disordered eating. Sufferers of PCOS and endometriosis will know that when it’s at its worst, it can be utterly debilitating. It can be hard to get out of bed, let alone get out of the house. On top of that, I had experienced the one thing that many women with PCOS and endometriosis dread the most, a pregnancy loss. It took me a couple of days to process the diagnosis and what it could mean for my future. But it wasn't long before my 'never give up' mentality kicked in, and I decided to do something about it. I sought out specialists. I told them my story and explained that I wanted to do anything I could to naturally balance my hormones – no months of trial and erro
RNR OB GYN Ultrasound Clinic
RNR OB GYN Ultrasound Clinic located at Perez Blvd, Dagupan City, Pangasinan is OPEN for APPOINTMENTS! Available Ultrasound procedures & services: TRANSVAGINAL ULTRASOUND, TRANSRECTAL ULTRASOUND, PELVIC ULTRASOUND, BIOPHYSICAL PROFILE SCORING (BPS), OB DOPPLER, Prenatal CHECK UP for new patients, PAP SMEAR WE ARE OPEN MWFSat 9AM to 3PM, Tue, Thu 1PM to 5PM You may TEXT during daytime 9AM-5PM O9228 742 362 for appointment (text only, no calls) Please include the following details in your text message: 1. Full name 2. Name of your OB Gyn 3. Your Location 4. Indicate Type of Ultrasound 5. How many weeks if pregnant Please come in 15 minutes before your appointment for proper screening by our triage nurse NO FACEMASK NO ENTRY POLICY ONLY the PATIENT is allowed inside. Accompanying person may wait in the designated waiting area outside ‍⚕️⚕OB Ultrasound services by Ria Rachelle A. Morante, MD, FPOGS, FPSUOG Obstetrician-Gynecologist Sonologist We are located at Perez Blvd, DAGUPAN CITY, PANGSINAN (In front of Pangasinan Merchant Marine Academy/PAMMA, beside Barcon, Near Magsaysay Bridge). #RNRServiceWithAHeart ❤ #WeHealAsOne #HDLive #5D #HDLiveUltrasound #OBGYN #Sonologist #RNROBGynUltrasound #3DUltrasound #4DUltrasound #3D4D #OB #Gyne #OBGyne #Sonogram #Ultrasound #GenderReveal #GenderScan #Pregnant #Babybump #MomToBe #Motherhood #Pregnantlife #Buntis #CuteBaby #CuteBabies
Wow! Super amazing ng BELTA Folic Acid from Blue Bee One. 10 weeks pregnant as of October 07, 2019. Maraming salamat din sa loyal customer namin who religiously maintained BELTA Folic Acid. Walang complications ang pregnancy nia based on the Transvaginal Ultrasound Report. Baby's heartbeat is 163 beats per minute. Even if pregnant na cya, she still maintains the supplement para sa baby's growth and development. Even after pregnancy, pwede din cyang i-maintain para mabilis makapag recover sa panganganak and also to help you produce better quality of breastmilk. Sobrang na'aappreciate namin ito for proactively sharing your experience with BELTA Folic Acid. Sana marami pa kaming matulungan na couples na gustong magka'baby. We just need to hide some of her information to protect her identity.
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