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How in the world do some women afford to be SAHMs? Do they budget? Does their spouse make a lot of money? Are they just lucky? Four years ago, I was obsessed with this question. I wanted so badly to be a SAHM, but we couldn’t live on one income alone, even though my husband had a great job. We got married young. We bought a house young. And had our first baby young... 9 months and four days after our wedding . Being a stay at home mom wasn’t in the cards for me... So, I had to take matters into my own hands and find something that would allow me to work when I wanted and where I wanted! So I got started as a freelancer... After discovering that I truly could work when I wanted and where I wanted while still helping to provide for my family, I immediately wanted to share this with so many other moms. Here's a snapshot of just a few of the thousands of women I have helped: Aubree went from being an overworked and overtired teacher to being a WAHM in less than a month! Plus she was pregnant with baby #2! How? She got started as a virtual assistant with my help and landed multiple retainer clients within just a few weeks! Rachel was already a SAHM, but wanted to bring that second income back to her family! She started freelancing on her own in 2019 in hopes of being a SAHM. She felt completely stuck and lost but then took her freelancing to the next level by implementing the step by step process that I outline in my paid program and made her investment into the course back in just 2 months! She has now made it back over 20 times, less than a year later! Tori was a nurse working long and stressful 12 hour shifts away from her babies. She learned to recognize the skill set she had created throughout her life and previous jobs and went from being a nurse to being a successful work from home copywriter who has moved on from the long days away from her family. Anyways, I've been seeing this question pop up lately in a lot of Facebook groups, so I wanted to share with you what I learned!! Being a working mom or a stay at home mom no longer has to be a black and white decision. You can choose both in a way that works for you and your family -- and freelancing is the answer! I created a free workshop (with a handy workbook to go along with it) that will cover all the details about the freelance industry as well as how to get started... Take what I teach in this workshop and go on to build your business on your own, or join me in my group coaching program -- (I'll share more about this at the end of the workshop) -- Either way freelancing is the future and now is the time to start! The first step is to sign up to get this free workshop here --> http://b.link/MQFreeWorkshop
V Pizza
Because we know that you will be bringing all of your out-of-town guests to V this week (to show off your amazing taste in food)....we decided to go with the weekly special that is not only one of the most popular ones that we make, it is also the MOST authentic Napoletana special we make as well! but.... before we get to that, let me tell you a little "V Christmas" story.... Twas the days before Christmas, And all through the store... Lidia was counting gift cards yelling, "we need more, we need more"! and while you guys are all nestled all snug in your beds, with visions of cannoli dancing in your heads... We have Florio in his apron, and Cody in her hat... putting fresh gelato out, to make all of you fat!!! When out on First street there arose such a clatter....Florio ran to the scene to see what was the matter! And what to his excited eyes did appear.... but a bunch of our amazing employees who serve you all year!!! A group of 10, and he knew them by name.... it was a Christmas miracle that each one of them came... It was Will and Billy and Kyle as well... Pete and Ken showed up...while ringing a bell... Melissa came in, with Carl and Tori... Followed by Terrence in all of his Glory!!! They spoke not a word and went strait to their work... Noah prepping the food while doing his twerk! Not fame, not rewards or even a toy... they do what they do, to bring your family some joy! and when you come in, and eat everything in sight.... We hope you exclaim, “Merry Christmas to all, we had such a wonderful night"!!! Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah Everyone!!! This weeks special is "Pizza Mediterranean".... As always we start this amazing special with our hand made Italian 00 flour Dough...then we pile on the Shredded Mozzarella, Fresh Spinach, Marinated Artichoke hearts, Marinated Crushed Black Olives, Fresh Red Onion, Feta Cheese and pile on the Peppadew Peppers... This special is probably that most flavorful pizza we make and is truly, a taste of the Mediterranean! **if you are a person who feels like you must have a protein or its not a meal, our resident Mediterranean Experts suggest that you add our house-made pesto chicken to this pizza....it's amazing! Come try it out THIS WEEK ONLY at any of our 6 locations!!! - Gainesville: 115 SE 1st St., Gainesville - Jax Beach: 528 1st St. North, Jacksonville Beach - San Marco: 1406 Hendricks Ave Jacksonville - Mandarin: 12601 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville - Fleming Island: 1605 County Road 220, Ste 145, Fleming Island, FL - Palm Valley: 154 Canal Blvd, Ponte Vedra Beach **For Lunch come and get any one-topping 10” pizza or calzone or wood-fired wings for only 10.95! And for only $11.95 you can get any house pizza of your choice or this weeks "Pizza Mediterranean”! On top of all that, you can make any V lunch a combo and add a salad and drink for only $2.50 more!! ***Every time we do a special of the week post, I would like to remind everyone about our V for Victory charity!!! You can donate at any of our restaurants. Our employees are 100% behind this initiative but sometimes they may forget to ask...please always remember that you can tell them to add a donation to your order at any of our locations at any time. Every single day there are families newly diagnosed with cancer and we want to be able to keep helping them until the cancer is gone! Your donations will allow us to do that… so even if they forget to ask… please remember you can ask them to add to your bill!!!
Dive into the magical worlds of tori™ - tori
⭐️ Paquete Black Friday ⭐️ ➡️ ¡Sumérgete en los mundos mágicos de tori™ y disfruta de una aventura sin límites!
Dive into the magical worlds of tori™ - tori
⭐️ Black Friday Paket ⭐️ ➡️ Die magischen tori™ Welten erwarten dich. Die Mirror Play-Erfahrung hält endlose Abenteuer bereit.
Dive into the magical worlds of tori™ - tori
⭐️ Pack Black Friday ⭐️ ➡️ Plongez dans les mondes fantastiques de tori™ et profitez d’une aventure sans limite !
Dive into the magical worlds of tori™ - tori
⭐️ Pack Black Friday ⭐️ ➡️ Plongez dans les mondes fantastiques de tori™ et profitez d’une aventure sans limite !
Dive into the magical worlds of tori™ - tori
⭐️ Black Friday Pack ⭐️ ➡️ Dive into the magical worlds of tori™ and enjoy a limitless adventure!
Dive into the magical worlds of tori™ - tori
⭐️ Black Friday Pack ⭐️ ➡️ Dive into the magical worlds of tori™ and enjoy a limitless adventure!
Dive into the magical worlds of tori™ - tori
⭐️ Pack Black Friday ⭐️ ➡️ Plongez dans les mondes fantastiques de tori™ et profitez d’une aventure sans limite !
Dive into the magical worlds of tori™ - tori
⭐️ Black Friday Pack ⭐️ ➡️ Dive into the magical worlds of tori™ and enjoy a limitless adventure!
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האח הגדול
הכירו את נעם לוי, בת 22 מגני תקווה, סטודנטית לחינוך מיוחד ומורה מחליפה. רווקה מחפשת אהבה וברזומה שלה היסטוריה קצרה עם הדייר ליאור דואק.
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Monster Diary
✨✨ไม่ต้องกลัวโดนไล่ตีไปทั่วอีกแล้ว ปล่อยสกิลไร้จำกัดดาเมจสูงไม่แพ้ใคร ต่อสู้ต้องเน้นความเร็วในการควบคุม
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Soul Land:엘피스 전기
Popular, Fast-Paced, Immersive Road to Ascension, A Magister to Save the Day Explore Soul Land on the Go
✅ Cadou perfect pentru persoana dragă. ➡️Ceas, portmoneu, breloc, toate împreună la un preț accesibil! Livrare in toată Moldova Achiți după ce primești comanda. ✅ Pentru detalii lăsați un mesaj in privat sau sunați: 068609092 (Viber WatsApp)
Địa chỉ làm tròng kính siêu mỏng
StartEngine: Startup Investing via Equity Crowdfunding
UltraBox - Valigetta 399 Attrezzi
Con Ultrabox avrai 399 attrezzi da lavoro di alta qualità svizzera pagandoli solo € 0,32 l’uno. OGGI IN OFFERTA ⤵
Vitória Lar Lavras
Updated Instock Headbands Available for Immediate Delivery. Inbox for Further Inquiries or to place your order💞