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#OneFightAgainstCorona (Part 5) __Let’s talk #Solutions! As Africa’s new generation of entrepreneurs here on this platform, if you have other #Solutions to extend this discussion, please comment below. If not, go ahead and read and study, then come up with something to add. #We Study to Do! In my last post, I mentioned five key challenges: #1. Restarting our economies. #2. Getting children back to school. #3. Food security. #4. Creating jobs again. #5. Other neglected diseases. There’s a great deal to focus on, but as promised last week, here are some of the ideas being discussed: _#Debt relief We need relief of both international and domestic debts. I have commented on this a lot in the last few weeks. Bilateral and multilateral partners must give Africa debt relief, which will allow us to have more foreign exchange. My own favorite is #Domestic Debt Relief: governments and state-owned companies immediately pay their debts to businesses. This will pump liquidity into the productive sector overnight, and create real jobs! _#Stimulus plan America, Japan, China, and the EU have pumped over $5Tn into their economies to help their businesses, and to put cash into consumers’ hands to buy goods and services. African economies don’t have the financial resources to do similar things without pumping up inflation. There is, however, a clever way that economists have found to unlock this kind of stimulus: the big industrial countries (US, China, EU, Japan) can allow Africa to access what are known as Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) issued through the IMF. This would not be debt but is a clever financial instrument. I’m part of a group that has been advocating that SDRs of $100bn be released for Africa, unconditionally. The emergency we are in warrants such a measure, as these large nations have themselves shown in pumping so much stimulus into their own economies. I personally believe that the release of these SDRs should be directed at Africa’s domestic private sector: #Your businesses! It’s a complex subject, but your Finance Minister and Central Bank Governor know what I mean (and the smart ones like it!) _#Turn COVID-19 into a boon for manufacturing in Africa! Rahm Emanuel, President Obama’s first Chief of Staff, once famously said, “Don’t throw away a serious crisis.” Getting on top of COVID-19 requires millions of essential products like masks, protective equipment, disinfectants, chemicals, hospital supplies, and much more. We all know that our health care systems are mostly a mess, and now we have had a massive wake-up call! Why not turn into a “Marshall Plan on healthcare”?! We can begin a massive manufacturing capacity building, even as we build new hospitals for the future. African governments also need to liberalize the health sector, and call for more private investment. We are now calling for $15bn to be released by institutions like the World Bank and African Development Bank to support a major investment drive in public health. Extraordinary times call for extraordinary innovation, courage and vision. Let us not delay. To be continued. . .
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❤POSITION YOUR ACCOUNT NOW❤ Looking for Business na pwedeng pwede mo pa ding gawin sa bahay or kahit may ganitong Covid Situation? Good news! Maliit ang puhunan, CREDIT CARD ACCEPTED pa! Top 10 Reasons Why YOU need to JOIN iFERN 1. We are blessed with the best product that is being recommended by doctors worldwide to fight covid and many kinds of diseases. Super effective and yes we can CLAIM it (kahit iGOOGLE mo) We have Fern C and Fern D with the WORLD BRANDING AWARD. 2. We are blessed with a President who works around every situation just to serve the network. Pwede mo i-chat at di ka mag-iintay sa wala dahil sure na SASAGOT sya at hindi siya SEEN MODE 3. We are blessed with a dedicated network support team for our concerns during this quarantine. 4. We can do ONLINE transactions anytime anywhere: HASSLE FREE, STRESS FREE. 5. We can work from HOME literally kasi naka-set up ang E-commerce namen, walang halong poweran yan. We don’t just claim it, we deliver. 6. Yung may-ari namen nasa GoNegosyo Book kasama ang 49 Top Businessman in the country today. (take note hindi po iFERN ang nagpa-uso nyan kahit igoogle mo pa) 7. Our marketing plan is very lucrative. GENEROUS kame, habang lumalalim ang network lumalaki ang income hindi lumiliit (WALANG HANGGANAN ang P1,600 namen, hindi yung ipaparamdam lang sa umpisa na malaki ang income pero pag tumagal na masasabi mong pinaasa ka lang nya ) Dito kahit isa pa lang napasali mo pwede ka na kumita ng hanggang P3,500 agad agad san ka pa No MAINTENANCE needed makukuha mo yan kahit anong rank ka pa! 8. May-pa LV, Hermes, Gucci, Valentino, Rolex, Panerai, Japan, Korea, Europe at kung anu-ano pa - AND YES LAHAT LIBRE (wait lang pala, may pa-Benz, Mustang, Cooper and Jeep pa o di ba?) 9. Yung price ng product namen hindi bubutasin ang bulsa mo. Hindi mo kailangan mamili kung mag-maintain ka ba ng vitamins o mag-grocery ka na lang ng pagkain ng pamilya mo. Eto matinde: kahit customers namen hindi kailangan pumili. (E mura nga kasi) 10. KAHIT QUARANTINE KUMIKITA KAME!!! We promote transparency kahit magpakita po kame ng dashboard di ka namen papawerin. Totoo ang kitaan, hindi sabe sabe lang. Mas EASY dito promise!!! Gusto mo na din ba? Inaantay lang kita #OnlyInI-FERN For inquiries just send us a message
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