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Since taking the reins of WarnerMedia just two months ago, Jason Kilar has been shaking up one of the oldest entertainment companies in the U.S., which until 2018 was called Time Warner. Hired by the company’s new owner, AT&T, Kilar wants to turn WarnerMedia into a company that prioritizes consumers instead of one that sees its main customers as cable companies and advertisers... Read the full story at The Information.
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I'll never be done with transformation. In fact, if you think that you are like a caterpillar - that you are going to spin yourself into a cocoon and come out a beautiful butterfly within a few months, you couldn't be more wrong. I get it, though - you want a certain result. And you think that if you just focus a little bit more...just try a little harder, that you'll become who you need to be to make it happen. While life is always about self-improvement, there isn't one end goal, though. Sure, you make progress - with your finances, or with relationships, with health. If you follow what I show you, you will make progress in all these areas. You won't ever be done, though. I'm not done yet, and I've been doing transformational work since I was in my 20's. That's what separates us as humans from other beings. We, as human BEings, never stop being transformed, if we'll allow it.
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