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Thereminvox -
Thereminvox -
Signal 2020 Таймтейбл основных сцен: 4 дня — 4 арены ▣ MÖBIUS 20 августа, четверг MUSIC RESIDENCY 20:00 Community Live SLOWDANCE 23 Anushka 01 Symbol — live 02 Michael Dop 04 Andrey Pushkarev 06 Alexey Orlov b2b Tagir 21 августа, пятница MUSIC RESIDENCY 16 Вigital Moss — live 17 Kibosh — live / DJ 18 Igor Dyachenko — live 19 Resequence — live 20 Поташ — live SYSTEM 108 21 Chronic Preview 23 Errortica 01 Lipelis 03 Mashkov 05 Bejenec — live 07 Kovyazin D 09 Eostra 22 августа, суббота MUSIC RESIDENCY 15 R.Hz — live 16 Soft Blade 17 Heshumi 18 Petukhina Kristina — live / DJ 19 Unicorn Saliva — live THE VOLKS 20 Electric Blue 22 Lisokot — live 22:40 XAN 01 Sofia Rodina 03:30 P.R 07 Andrey Zots 10 D.A.L.I. 13 Cancelled 15 Denis Korablev 17 Stab9 19 Gevorg Simonyan ▣ SIGNAL 21 августа, пятница 22 INFX — live 23 Moa Pillar — live 00 Vladimir Ivkovic 03 Dr. Rubinstein 05 Poima 22 августа, суббота 22 ::vtol:: — live 23 Дeльфин / Механический пёс — live 00 PTU — live 01 Blawan 03 Bambounou 05 Abelle ▣ PRIZMA 21 августа, пятница ГОСТ ЗВУК 00 Lapti 01:30 Flaty 03:30 low808 05 OL 06:30 Vtgnike 22 августа, суббота RODNYA 08 Bvoice 10 Anrilov 12 Lega 14 Vetalz 16 Oid RADI MIRA I LUBVI 18 Amonita 20 Izhevski 22:30 Nikola Melnikov & Max Sorokin — live 00 Zakir POPOFF KITCHEN 02 Roma Ptashenko 04 Raumtester 06 Kirill Shapovalov 08 Séxstasy ▣ MEADOW 21 августа, пятница 21:30 Podval Capella — live 22:30 Bad Zu — live 23:30 k1k1 — live 00 Kedr Livanskiy — live 01 Glushkov & Miroliubov — live 02 Atariame + Symphocat — live 22 августа, суббота 21 Peter Theremin — live 22 Lucidvox — live 23 Marzahn — live 00 Shortparis — live 01 Mujuice — live 02 Sestrica — live 03 Dois Peixes — live 04 Klotho — live 23 августа, воскресенье 15 Symphocat — live 16 Dvory — live 17 Kymatic — live
Temple Athens
Mor Elian, Vii Circle, Rhyw, Jerm, Saniter & Theremin at the last Open Air of the Summer.
Temple Athens
Mor Elian, Vii Circle, Rhyw, Jerm, Saniter & Theremin at the last Open Air for the Summer.
Attack Magazine - Dance music production and culture
Welcome – Thomann United States
Ever wonder when and how electronic music started? This 3-part series of articles dives a little deeper to explain its origins. Check out the link below for part 1 #electronicmusic #techno #drummachine #theremin #synthesizer #innovation #musichistory
Lobster Theremin
Dutch legend Coco Bryce steps up to our LT White imprint with this extremely vibesy, playful EP. 'Ma Bae Be Luv' nods to the sound of the Netherlands Bryce was enamoured with in the 90’s - hardcore, gabber, breakbeat - and channels the spirit of the UK hardcore scene Listen: soundcloud.com/lobster-theremin/ltwht019-coco-bryce-ma-bae-be-luv-ep Buy: lobstertheremin.com/album/ma-bae-be-luv-ep
Scuola di Musica Theremin
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zpKDlYY8XU Aquí les dejamos el VIDEO OFICIAL de Astral Reflections, pueden verlo en 1080p, compartan
Saniter & Theremin
Lobster Records || A Vinyl Record Store in London
The new Handy Supply Co X Lobster Theremin collaboration capsule just landed! Techno-duplo bunny is here in limited quantity to brighten up your days. Taking you back to simpler times with a screen printed techno bunny tee, a 6 panel embroidered cap, and a customisable waist-bag, cop yours now
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RIP iNcontroL, you will be missed.
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Der flauschigste Animationsfilm aller Zeiten geht in die zweite Runde: Pets 2! Ab 27. Juni im Kino.
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