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Anticipation surged through me as I stepped into the darkened hallway. I smelled him before I saw him—a spicy, whiskey-and-fireside scent. And the connection…that strange fizzing in my chest, a lightness I’d never felt before. The wire that connected us. The Devil of Darkvale was here. I squinted into the dark, barely able to make out the shadow of a man. He was huge, towering over me with a leonine grace that was all threat. My heart leapt into my throat as my hand flashed out and miraculously collided with a light switch. I flipped it on, and a faint golden glow gleamed from the ceiling. It cast the Devil in a fiery light that only seemed to emphasize his icy hardness. He leaned casually against the wall, every muscle perfectly still but ready to pounce. If I tried to run, he’d be on me in a heartbeat. Shadows flickered over his eerily perfect features, making his cheekbones look sharp as glass and his lips full and kissable. They didn’t fit with the rest of his hard face, and the contrast made something in my belly flutter. He was still dressed in an impeccable suit, but it didn’t make him look staid or boring or even like a businessman. No, he looked like a spy. If spies had fangs. I couldn’t see his now, but the memory of them flickered in my mind. “Why are you here?” I was glad that my voice sounded stable. I could still feel the wooziness that came with the drink I’d had earlier, but the sight of him sobered me up some. His gaze traveled down my body, and I remembered with a start that I was still dressed in the blue bikini. My hair was wet. We were a good two meters apart, but it was too close. I stepped back. “Nervous?” he asked. “When you look at me like I’m a piece of steak, yeah.” “Not steak.” “No?” “Cake.” I scowled at him. “I am not food.” I pointed to his mouth. “And considering the fact that you do eat people, I’m finding that comparison a bit too close for comfort.” Something unidentifiable crossed his handsome face. “I don’t eat people.” “Hmm, I feel like you’re splitting hairs.” I kept my distance. “Why are you here?” “I followed you.” “Yeah, that’s what I was worried about. Why?” “You froze me in my own office.” “You scared me.” “I did?” He raised an eyebrow. “Yeah.” I shifted, wishing I had a weapon on me. It was weird to be attracted to someone I was terrified of. “Do you scare easily?” “Only when it’s wise.” “Is it wise now?” Something tingled down my spine, and I wondered. “Undetermined. Why are you here?” “I’m interested in you.” You. Not the murder, but you. Maybe because he was the murderer. I couldn’t rule it out, even though it seemed less likely. At least, it felt less likely. I hoped my attraction wasn’t driving me off the scent. Nerves shivered up my spine. “Oh?” An unseen force seemed to tug me toward him, and I resisted it. I wanted to get close enough to touch him, but I also wanted to walk out of here with all my fingers intact. Not to mention my throat. I reached for the vial hanging around my neck, unscrewed it from the chain., and held it up. “This is a truth serum from Eve. Drink it and tell me you didn’t commit this murder or the murder of a woman killed on Fleet Street on the twentieth of June last year.” His gaze moved between the little bottle and me. “Fine.” My heart thundered. He took the vial from me, his touch avoiding mine. In the flash of an eye, the potion was gone. “I didn’t murder either of those people.” The words flowed easily from his lips, and the slightest bit of tension left my body. “Who was the woman.”?” he asked. “A similar victim.” “With a necromancer’s mark?” “Yes.” I looked to the left of him. “Why won’t you look me in the eye?” he asked. “I’ve heard about your power to control people.” “I don’t need eye contact for it to work.” I frowned. “You haven't tried it on me, then?” “In fact, I have.” His hand moved toward my face, and I froze solid. Gently, his fingertips rested against my chin. The slightest pressure moved my head. Suddenly, I was looking right at him, unable to drag my gaze away from his icy eyes
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