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The Lich is an unparalleled existence born from anguished souls fused to a skeleton. Their innate mana capacity and control is equivalent to even the strongest human mages. They usually dwell in decrepit castles, isolated from the world. One Lich, Doevm, was sitting on his grand throne. The blue flames that served as his eyes went left to right, scanning the book in his skeletal hands. This was his usual routine. Without human desires he was free to study magic at every hour of every day for the rest of his immortal life. His eyes stopped and looked up. Echoing off his stone walls were footsteps from an intruder. His golden crown and many magic rings reflected the light emanating from the magic crystals set in the weathered ceiling. Under his black robe was his bones and nothing else. This dim room was where Doevm liked to spend his spare time and either read or cultivate. He longed for one thing and one thing only. "I suppose it's time to fight," Doevm said as the intruder walked in. Everyone in the land knew the identity of the intruder. He was the famous hero. His legendary dragon bone and mithril armor clinked against the sheath of his holy sword. The hero removed his helmet. Underneath was a boy of the age of twenty. His many scars did not make his figure ugly. In fact, they highlighted his chiseled bone structure. His bright blue eyes stared at his opponent, and his blue hair stood on end. He took the sword off his belt. "I'm sorry I kept you waiting. Now to beat the crap out of you." The hero cracked his knuckles. Doevm shook his head: "Arthur…do you always have to crack your knuckles like that? Don't you know how much that scares me?" he yelped. Arthur scratched the back of his head: "I'm sorry, old habits." He threw his sword in its sheath to the floor and got ready for their weekly sparring session. Doevm got up from his throne and mirrored Arthur's fighting stance. "I see you've been practicing." Arthur smiled and ran forward. The two exchanged blows - that was according to Arthur. According to Doevm it was a one-sided beat-down. Doevm had no stamina as an Undead but he could still take damage. Even though Arthur was holding back, each punch felt was able to crack bone. With Doevm's light body he was able to dodge but was never able to land a hit. The hero was like a phantom. Doevm stretched his bony fist out and only met blue hair. In return, he heard all his bones creaking. After five minutes, Arthur stopped the spar. He hadn't sweat a single drop. "You're at your limit. Go heal up," Arthur said. Doevm sat down, crossed his legs and pulled out his mana. Dark ribbons of magic flooded from around the castle and covered his damaged bones. When the magic dispersed, the bones were back to their original state. Arthur shook his head: "I would usually tell you to push past your limits but it's strange fighting an Undead. You can't gain muscle mass, go faster, or be better. Technique is the only thing you can learn, so why are you learning martial arts?" "I can go faster and hit stronger." Doevm huffed. "It would just be too easy. I learned how to enhance my body long ago by stealing magic from the war monks." The other party's stare invalidated his excuse. "Because…" Doevm looked away and mumbled, "I think it's cool." "Say that again?" Arthur leaned in closer and put a hand to his ear. Doevm was grateful to be an Undead or else Arthur would see him blush. He glared at him with the flames in his eyes: "Because it's awesome ok! Are you happy now?" "No." Arthur sat next to his friend. "When we first met years ago, you could have killed me and my party. You almost did." "Well duh." Doevm pouted. "You guys broke into my home and started killing my minions for no reason! You didn't even knock." "I already told you that I'm sorry," Arthur apologized for the thousandth time. "But the villagers a mile from here mislead us. They told us you were abducting people to make Undead. They were nervous because you were practicing your magic so close to their village." "I've been here for over a thousand years." Doevm
The Book of English Magic
My first "Real" experience of #magic. I now have a lot of time on my hands, and decided to read back through the almost 3 years of research and interviews, which created TBOEM. I soon realised that I had collected over twice as much material as ever passed editorial scrutiny and got published, yet within this was documented much of my own extraordinary journey into understanding magic. Becoming a magician starts with experiences which cannot be explained by natural means. Once you have encountered one, you can ignore it or pursue further. This will again give you a choice as to whether you become a student in the underlying magic, or just a bystander. My own experience started when Philip and I were planning the Chapter on Saxons. Unfortunately there are almost no visible evidence of the Saxons or their magical runic symbols, as they disliked stone (they ignored all the beautiful stone villa's built by the Roman and rebuilt in wood). Yet surely there must be at least one stone carving in England, as there are several in Saxon homelands. I had been experimenting with "Map Dowsing" - see TBOEM Chapter 1, but had no great faith in how it might be used, so decided to give it a whirl with my Saxon puzzle. Getting out a map of England, I wondered where I could pick up the Saxons. The answer was obvious - the famous Sutton Hoo ship burial in Suffolk. I aligned my pendulum by the spot and asked it to show me Runic carvings. Without hesitation it skipped across the map and ended up in a small Sussex village called Steyning. I knew Steyning well as I was married near there, but was this some weird memory, nothing to do with Saxons or Runes. I tried the dowsing over and over again and always got the same answer so mentioned this to Philip and suggested a visit. He was pretty sceptical but agreed on one condition - namely that on the way we should have lunch with Brian Bates, the Sussex Professor with the greatest experience of the Saxons and "Middle Earth". We could interview him and kill two birds with one stone. It was a splendid sunny day for a lunch on Brighton Beach. Brian is a fascinating man and his book "The way of the Wyrd" a must. In it, a young missionary is sent to convert the local Saxon King to Christianity. The king agrees on the condition that he converts his Shaman first. Of course, the opposite happens. As we got round to coffee, Brian asked where we were going next. I nervously mentioned Steyning and his reply bowled me over. "You mean you are going to see the Runes", he said. You won't find anything in the tourist literature, but try the church porch". So we did and this is what we found (see pics of stone plus Runes). Looking carefully at the carving, I could make out at least 3 Runes and a sword, but what did they mean. I asked the vicar and got a dirty look. Luckily, I had planned to visit Hamish Miller, the Uk's top Dowser and expert in English mysteries in Cornwall, so well armed with a bottle of Famous Grouse, I ended up in Hamish's cozy kitchen in the Wee Small Hours talking about the book. He listened to my bragging about Dowsing and gave me a test. "Where is the nearest Energy Cross" he asked. My pendulum showed me a spot in the next room, where Hamish lifted the carpet to disclose a painted cross exactly where I predicted. I had clearly made the grade in the Dowsing world. Hamish asked me about my recent experience and I told him about the Saxon map dowsing and visit to Steyning. He was gob smacked to say the least. This is his story "One of the earliest of my magical experiences came when I became intrigued by an old stone, which was propped in the doorway of the Church in Steyning, where my factory was located. Every time I passed the stone, I was tempted to touch it and, each time felt a jolt of energy and meaning. One day, vicar and congregation being absent, I took my courage in my hands and hugged the stone across the full length of my body. Suddenly I was flying with no limit to time, and space. It was a vivid experience almost impossible to describe, but so real that, 25 years later, I
Rise of Kingdoms
"He who pulls the sword from the stone shall be named king!" Do you have it in you to be king? Rule a civilization at your fingertips with RoK today
Rise of Kingdoms
"He who pulls the sword from the stone shall be named king!" Do you have it in you to be king? Rule a civilization at your fingertips with RoK today
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