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✨ Santa Clause Hanging LED String Lights Free Shipping and Cash on Delivery! To order: https://bit.ly/2HUJtNr Simple yet elegant design. ✨ 5 hanging decorative pendants. ✅ Easy to assemble. Durable LED string lights. ☔ Waterproof as shown on the video. USB plug as an option. Also comes with a battery case with remote. To order, go to our website here: Order here: https://bit.ly/2HUJtNr or send us a message to learn more!
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“Online courses wont’ work for my business.” “I tried doing an online course and nobody bought it” “I’m no good at webinars, they don’t work for me” I probably hear these 3 more than any other from business owners. Sound familiar? Well, I am here to prove you, and the little voices in your head telling you “you can’t” dead WRONG. Let me use one of my lovely clients as an example. It went something like this. First time we met, she wanted to create a course but was sure it wouldn’t work for her (didn’t matter how much people told her it would!). A little while later, she had finally created her first course, it hadn’t sold very well, she said it was because she wasn’t good enough and her list was too small (I just smiled to myself and suggested to make just a few teeny changes). A few months later, her course is selling well, but now she’s convinced it will only sell when she’s doing a live launch or promotion, evergreen will never work she said, but she's starting to get burnt out already. A few months later again, she has her own evergreen funnel up and running, and she’s on track to make over $400K just from that in the next year. Then we celebrated with some bubbles - woohoo! So, do you see a pattern here? Just because you believe something… doesn’t mean it’s true (you believed in Santa Clause for 8 years, and look how that turned out!) ...and sometimes you just need a little help from someone who is NOT in your head to help you see that! You can do this!
PARRIS Injury Lawyers | Los Angeles, CA
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"Christmas is here or as we like to call it, the most wonderful time of the year. To help you get in the spirit, we have few setups set for this Christmas only @ Civil Mall Christmas Celebration with " Nabin K Bhattarai And Atripta Band " performing 'Live' in Civil Mall, also get a chance to " Meet & Greet ". Other Attractions : Magic Shows, Carol Songs, Santa Clause and many more. ⚪ Spot us at Civil Mall ⚪ 2nd floor ⚪ 2pm onward ⚪ Wednesday | 25th Dec #civilmall #christmas
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The jingle bells have started to ring and reindeers are ready with Santa Clause to slide into the windows. Lets celebrate Christmas Eve at the Cabana Avenue as this party is being hosted with all fun, food and surprises.
This will change how you watch Christmas movies.
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My 7 year old son's face lit up with pure excitement when he received his package...He couldn't believe that Santa wrote a letter specifically for him! It's funny -- he liked Santa's letter more than any of his expensive toys! Here's what Santa Clause sent him: 1. He got a written letter from Santa. Santa told him all about how he's getting ready for Christmas, and that he'll be visiting our home with presents soon. 2. A map with Santa's directions to get from the North Pole to our town. This was great because I got to have a mini-geography lesson with him explaining how far it is to the North Pole! 3. A "Nice List" with his name on it! The Nice List looks like it was taken out of a much larger collection, with TONS of children's names on it. Hers was circled in red. He jumped all around the room when he found it haha! 4. A small bottle of snow from the North Pole! We live in California, so he'd never seen snow before. (It's not real snow of course, it's some kind of toy snow). Parenting Tip!:My son was so proud of being on the 'Nice List' that he behaved better for months!
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HoHOHo! It’s CHRISTMAS Time !! and because we believe that Christmas isn’t just a season❄ ⛄ It’s a FEELING.... and the one who hasn’t Christmas in his heart ❤ will never find it under a tree Come on ! ‍♂ and let the Christmas spirit grow up in your heart❤ by celebrating with us our Christmas festival . please join us ! Friday 6 December from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm at Le Passage hotel Cairo airport. You will be amazed by our awesome Drum line shows and also singing and clapping with : Almes Edena choir, Love&peace team, far7t alb team , M3 yaso3- 3elt yaso3 and Nabret Fara7 and kawalis theater team . And boom our BIG SURPRISE. We are having live Disney shows performing by fantastic real characters... they’re going to perform beauty and the beast, snow white and the seven dwarfs and OF COURSE we don’t forget our favorite SANTA CLAUSE . And we’re also providing a photo booth to take some memorable photos with your favorite Disney character and santa clause .. Not to mention that we are also having valuable tombola gifts for all ages , bazaar ,games , kids corner program ‍‍ and food and beverage corner . Finally our ticket price is only for : 60 LE. So, Silver bells about to ring on a day so special lets rejoice and sing Your presence and blessings are the best gifts we can receive for Christmas . For reservation and more information please call: 01118999039. 01152961717. 0220824157. يلا تعالوا شاركونا ! يوم الجمعة ٦ ديسمبر ٢٠١٩ من ١٠:٠٠ ص الى ١٠:٠٠ مساءا فى فندق لو باساج المطار . هننبسط سوا مع عروض الطبول وهنرنم ونصقف مع: فريق المس ايدينا ، فريق الحب والسلام ، فريق فرحة قلب ، فريق مع يسوع- عيلة يسوع ،وفريق نبرة فرح و فريق كواليس المسرحى . بوم بوم بوم والمفاجئتنا الكبيرة عروض ديزنى حية بشخصيات حقيقية .. هيقدمولنا مسرحية الأميرة والوحش، سنو وايت والاقزام السابعة ، وطبعا مانسيناش سانتا كلوز . وكمان عندنا احلى مكان تصوير عشان تاخد احلى صور مع سانتا و شخصيات ديزنى الى هتكون معانا فى الحفلة طول اليوم . معانا اجمد هدايا للطمبوله تناسب كل الاعمار ، وكمان البزار ، والعاب ، وعندنا برنامج مخصص لركن الأطفال ‍‍ و مكان مخصص للاكل والمشروبات . وأخيراً سعر تذكرة الحفل: ٦٠ جنية للفرد . الاجراس تدق لهذا اليوم عشان ننبسط ونغنى حضوركم معانا احلى هدية لينا فى الكريسماس . للحجز و الاستفسار برجاء الاتصال على: 01118999039. 01152961717. 0220824157.
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¿Todavía no viste ese programa que todos te recomiendan? Ya es hora. Ve gratis el episodio 1 de Stranger Things.
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