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After almost fifteen years, I still struggled to wrap my mind around why my family and pack turned on me. "Celina!" My father snarled, shoving my door wide open. I was just shy of being five when he had suddenly snapped, yelling at me that it’s my fault my mother left. He had told me I blurted out what he had done to her, but I didn’t know what he was talking about and I still don’t. I never said anything to my mother about my father, but he never thought of that possibility. I was still a pup and I was still learning to actually form most words in my speech classes. I was always being supervised by the nanny when my mother couldn’t watch me, how would I possibly discover whatever crime he had committed? It’s not my fault he did something awful and my mother found out, none of this was my fault. But no one would ever believe me, not even my older sister wanted to listen to me. Insults and abuses filled my past life. I didn’t stop to open the window, not wanting to give him more time to catch me. As his fingertips brushed against my ankles, I crashed through the glass and fell towards the ground below. I landed on the ground with a sickening crack as my body took the full impact, the pain immediately making itself known. Taking a deep, struggling breath I pulled myself up and took off towards the forest. I wanted to scream as each step sent a jolt of agony through me, but I managed to push through it. Glancing behind me, I shrieked a little when I saw the patrols gaining on me, their wolves looking anything but nice. I pushed myself harder, stepping across the border as I felt the bond to my pack break. I gasped and stumbled to the ground from the sudden force of it. "Celina!" Looking up, I saw my father stop just before the border ended, his eyes burning with rage. Swallowing my fear, I forced myself up again and took off, running deeper into the woods. I had no idea what territory I was in, but even if I’m captured, anything will be better than the suffering from my own father’s hands. A few miles in my body collapsed as I fell down a small hill, rolling into a clearing. I scanned the area around me, trying to figure out who’s territory I was in. Sniffing the air, I slowly began recognizing the scent, but couldn’t put a name to it. Laying my head on the ground, I closed my eyes as a wave of nausea washed over me, willing myself not to throw up before realizing, I have nothing to puke anyway. Releasing a breath, I attempted to move to a sitting position, but my spine wouldn’t allow it. "What do we have here?" I couldn't even look up since my spine was currently healing as well. I sighed, "An idiotic girl who decided to jump out a window." "Funny." "Why isn't she running?" Someone asked. "Get up." the same voice from before ordered. I sighed once again, "What part of, I jumped out of a window, don't you understand?" "I understand you jumped out a window, but that doesn't explain- "My bones are broken you idiot." I snapped, cutting him off. "Including some parts of my spine, it's a miracle I’m not paralyzed." I could hear someone laugh, "You totally had that coming," "Whatever, someone picks her up and brings her to the dungeons," the man hissed before his footsteps got quieter as he walked away. I kept in a cry of pain as someone picked me up, jostling me around a bit. As they carried me silently I figured I could study the territory. I pursed my lips and scanned the area that I could see from my position. "Lovely territory," I stated. I'm officially an idiot. They threw me into a cell, my body skidding a little across the cement flooring. The one man walked in and put my hands in silver cuffs before saying something to his partner. I didn’t bother to try and ask which territory I was in, I was too tired to care at this point. After a few hours of wallowing in self pity a door slammed somewhere as a man’s voice sounded, asking who the new rogue was. I sighed and closed my eyes, knowing I was most likely going to be interrogated until I give them what they want. When I heard someone unlock the door to my cell, I ope
The Charkorais Bird The fading sunlight turned the leaves and the sky pale gold, and three forms moved through the trees, ducking branches and brush. Fireflies dotted the dark spaces beneath the canopy, little specks, glowing merrily. In the distance, there were crickets chirping, the low song of birds bidding the day farewell, and far off, the howl of a wolf. A natural wolf, that is. "This way," called the figure in the lead, "This way... hurry..." Newt Scamander broke through the treeline, wiping twig and leaf from his hair, his old Hufflepuff scarf catching on a branch, and he tugged it free as Ned Veigler and Remus Lupin stepped through the trees as well, into a clearing that led up to a cliff that overhung a great valley that seemed to stretch off endlessly. Newt trotted toward the cliff edge with the two younger men, smiling up at the slowly rising crescent moon in the sky, the light of which was slowly pushing away the stretches of the gold fingers of the sun to replace it with silver. "Yes," he whispered, "Yes it's a lovely moon, we - uh - we should see the creature. Very soon, if my calculations are correct." He rolled up his oxford shirt sleeves and checked the time on his watch. "Any time now, really." He turned his chin up to look to the sky. Remus was nervous and excited at the same time. They sat on the grass and stared up into the sky, waiting... As the moonlight fell over him, Remus felt an aching in his bones, and he absently rubbed his knee caps as they sat there. Veigler reached over and nudged Remus, offering him a handful of aconite leaves, and Remus gratefully took them and put the minty-licorice flavored leaves into his mouth and chewed them like they were a gum, feeling a bit of relief rush through his . "There she is," said Newt suddenly, standing up. Remus quickly turned to look the direction Newt Scamander was looking, but there did not seem to be anything there. He squinted, wanting to see it, too. Veigler didn't seem to be able to, either, and Remus wondered if it was like the theatral back at Hogwarts, the winged death ponies that only those who had seen death could see... But then Remus saw... something... a shimmering in the dark sky, a shape moving... He leaned forward, nearly cross eyed he was staring so hard at the shimmering space before him. It was like trying to see the wind. And then the sun disappeared completely beneath the horizon... and the moon was officially the only entity in the sky... and there was a sort of sizzling sound - like the end of a firecracker - and suddenly there in the sky was the curling twisting silver form of the bird - her seeming to slowly shiver in view, "Incredible," breathed Remus as the bird coiled her way into the night...
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வீட்டுன் திருடன்..., அசத்தலான சிறுவனின் நடிப்பு Film by ; Anandh .K
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‼️NUEVA COLECCIÓN‼️ ⚠️ Con el mes de abril viene la nueva colección! La idea de los nuevos artículos es traer simplicidad con una relajación agradable a los ambientes. El refinamiento de los detalles gana una elegancia extra en todos los nuevos productos ⚠️ * MUEBLES - SOFÁS - COLCHONES* ✅Todo Para Amueblar Su Casa✅ ➡ La marca de confianza en la venta de sofás, colchones y mobiliario en España. Visite las tiendas FEIRA DOS SOFÁS y aproveche esta excelente oportunidad para comprar su nuevo sofá a un precio increíble!!! Calle Azuela 92 - local 10 (Polig. P-29) 28400 C.Villalba - Tel. 910667089 Calle Gorrión 14, 28946 Fuenlabrada - Tel. 915904786 Solo válido para las tiendas Feira dos Sofás España. Campaña no cubierta por la tienda Online. Limitado al stock existente en la exposición de las tiendas. Del 1 al 30 de Abril de 2019!
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The 2020 Red Bull Car Park Drift is coming to Oman on Feb 28th and #Dunlop, the official tyre of Red Bull Car Park Drift, is giving 1 lucky fan the chance to WIN an amazing drift experience & two other winners 2 Grandstand passes each! Simply answer the below question: Who won the Red Bull Car Park Drift World Final in 2019? #RedBullCarParkDrift #DunlopTyres سباق ريد بل درِفت 2020 سيُقام في عُمان بتاريخ 28 فبراير و#دنلوب - الإطار الرسمي لسباق ريد بل درفت - سوف تمنح الفرصة لواحد من متابعيها للفوز بتجربة حيّة لسباق درفت المثير، واثنين من متابعيها للفوز بتذكرتين جراند ستاند لكلٍ منهما. كل ما عليكم هو الإجابة على السؤال التالي: من هو الفائز بنهائي سباق ريد بل درِفت 2019؟
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FALTAM APENAS 4 DIAS! Estou passando para avisar que faltam apenas 4 dias para a Jornada da Startup. Neste evento 100% gratuito eu vou te mostrar o passo a passo para você escalar ou criar a sua startup do zero. Sem recursos próprios e garantindo uma renda desde o lançamento! Anote na sua agenda para que você não perca essa oportunidade. Te vejo na jornada...
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