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SENANG... ORDER DIRECT DARI CHINA JE.. IKUT WEBSITE JE.. . Jom Buka Barang.. Barang yang hot tu.. 1 minggu je order dari China Korang pun boleh beli . Beli pakai sendiri pun boleh Beli sikit2 pun boleh . Meh saya tunjuk step by step Order online je dari China . Tengok web ni >> https://tbcmall.my/product/panduan-taobao-1688/ . . Shipping boleh guna kapal terbang atau kapal laut. . Kapal terbang 1 minggu je Kapal laut dlm 3 minggu.. . Rate shipping ada dlm web sy Tengok sini >> https://tbcmall.my/product/panduan-taobao-1688/
Taobao/1688 agency system + logistics system website development. Including PC & APP development 淘宝 /1688 代购+转运系统网站开发 包括PC&APP开发(中文介绍在底部) This website system is suitable for Taobao agent buyers and freight companies. If you want to build a Taobao/1688 purchase website, please send me a message or add my WeChat: zzqss18838287851 If you are an agent purchaser of Taobao , you will usually import large quantities of Taobao 1688 products and wholesale them to local distributors.You need a website to manage orders. If you are a freight company, many Taobao agents will ask you to pay and ship the goods.You need a Taobao purchasing agent + freight agent website, the purchasing agent places orders and submits freight reports. We will build a shopping website for you. Your customers can purchase Chinese products directly on your website using local languages and local payments. If you don’t have an Alipay account, we can help you purchase.You will get huge profits from exchange rate differences and profit from buying services. APP program advantages: 1. Pure native APP development, fast response, stable and safe 2. Multiple login methods, support local social network login 3. Support local language, payment method, currency 4. Automatically identify Taobao product links 5. Display the Taobao product details page 6. After the customer's bank transfer, it supports the function of uploading the bank certificate, which can be viewed in the background 该网站系统,适用于淘宝代理采购商和货运公司 如果你是淘宝代购商,大量进口淘宝1688的商品,批发给当地经销商,你需要一个淘宝代购网站,为你管理订单,一件采购。 如果你是货物运输公司,很多淘宝代购找你代付货款,运输货物,你需要一个淘宝代购+转运的网站,代购下单,提交转运预报。 了解详情可添加微信:zzqss18838287851 ,给你发案例和演示站。 我们是专业的淘宝1688代购系统网站开发公司,提供代购网站开发服务。我们为您建立一个购物网站,这个网站会自动获取淘宝/1688产品,您的客户可以使用本地语言和本地支付方式直接在您的网站上购买中国产品。如果您没有支付宝账号,我们可以帮您采购。你将获取汇率差利润,采购服务利润,和国际运输费用。 此系统已内置淘宝、1688、天猫等电商品台抓取规则,实时获取商品价格、标题、属性(颜色&规格)、商品详情。 APP程序优势: 1.纯原生APP开发,响应迅速,稳定安全 2.多种登录方式,支持本地社交网络登录 3.支持当地语言,付款方式,货币 4.自动识别淘宝产品链接 5.显示淘宝产品详细信息页面 6.客户银行转账后,支持上传银行凭证的功能,可以在后台查看
Taobao/ 1688 South Africa agency system website development,Including PC & APP development 淘宝 /1688 南非代购系统网站开发 包括PC&APP开发 If you are a South Africa Taobao、1688 purchasing agent, we will build a shopping website for you. Your customers can buy Chinese products directly in your local language and local currency on your website. You will get huge profits from exchange rate differences and profit from buying services.Unlike other Taobao agent buyers, you will be more professional and systematic. If you want to build a Taobao/1688 purchasing website, please send me a message or add my WeChat :zzqss18838287851 This system has built-in taobao, 1688, Tmall and other electronic merchandise platform crawling rules, real-time access to product prices, titles, attributes (color & specifications), product details. If you are engaged in Taobao purchasing business, please take this opportunity to build a website that will increase your customers by 10 times. 我们是专业的淘宝1688代购系统网站开发公司,提供代购网站开发服务。我们为您建立一个购物网站,这个网站会自动获取淘宝/1688产品,您的客户可以使用本地语言和本地货币直接在您的网站上购买中国产品。你将获取汇率差利润和采购服务利润,区别于其他淘宝代购者,您会更加专业和系统化,稍加推广,便可增加超10倍的客户! 此系统已内置taobao、1688、Tmall等电商品台抓取规则,实时获取商品价格、标题、属性(颜色&规格)、商品详情。 有需求想了解请加我微信:zzqss18838287851 ,给您发送案例和演示站
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Have you been running out of gift ideasfor upcoming celebrations and special occasions? Are you looking to buy products in BULK from China to resell or business use? ✔️Clear out your wishlist ✔️Stock up your inventory ✅ #CariLAH with Asia5B.com Just fill in your information, upload pictures of what you’re looking for and other optional details! Our dedicated customer support specialists will assist you ASAP ! Finding product has never been easier with #Asia5B 1️⃣【Best Shopping Experience】Enjoy ONE-STOP service! Everything from buying products to customs clearance, and delivery, we will handle it. 2️⃣【Best Product Range】Source, find and buy products you need in BULK with our Find-For-Me (帮我找) service, or buy from the top 4 China online shopping sites: Taobao, 1688, Tmall & Jingdong with our Buy-For-Me (代购) service. 3️⃣【Best Price】With attractive MYR-RMB exchange rate, you can buy more! 4️⃣【Best Payment Methods】We accept FPX, Debit & Credit cards with NO bank charges! 5️⃣【Best Services】Our customer support specialists are always here to make sure you get the best support possible. Carilah sekarang! Click here to GET A QUOTE ➡️ https://bit.ly/2Y6gZVx #FindForMe #Marketplace #ChinaProducts #Wholesale #BuyForMe
WholesalecartBD ~ The alternative market of alibaba/1688 in Bangladesh
Wholesalecartbd.com is an online wholesale marketplace in Bangladesh based on chines alibaba/1688.com. You can purchase here any product of Alibaba/1688, taobao & Aliexpress in wholesale rate by Bangladeshi currency. Wholesalecartbd.com offers Nationwide free shipping and returns! For your convenience we have several payment options including credit/debit cards, mobile banking, internet banking.
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A teljes részt itt tudjátok megnézni: http://pontjezus.hu/reggeli/ Miért érezzük sokszor úgy, hogy egy kézilabda mérkőzés szurkólói között sokkal nagyobb az összetartás, mint egy istentiszteleten? Mit csinálunk, jól vagy rosszul? Hogyan tudjuk vonzóvá tenni a kereszténységet? Ezekről a témákról beszélgettünk:
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There's a playlist for that | Papa Ki Gaadi Sometimes life can be unpredictable yet interesting. For every time life changes tracks, there’s a playlist for that. Production House: Chrome Pictures Director- Hemant Bhandari Producer- Abhishek Notani Project Coordinator- Napolean Daniel Amanna DOP- Yash Khanna Production Designer – Niyoti Upadhye Costume Stylist – Maxima Basu Editor- Shahnawaz Mosani Client – Spotify Client Team MD, India- Amarjit Singh Batra Head of Marketing, India- Neha Ahuja Creative Agency – Leo Burnett India MD- India & CCO, Leo Burnett South Asia- Dheeraj Sinha National Creative Director- Vikram Pandey Creative Team- Brahmesh Tiwari, Alisha Sharma, Kiran Talegaonkar, Geo Joseph, Yogesh Malsekar, Aakansha Saxena, Anugrah Gopinath, Sanjeev Dal Chand Kumar, Vinayak Vijay Ghadigaonkar, Brijesh Joshi, Mihul Bhatt, Soumyadeep Purkayastha, Roshan Sunnil, Vishwa Khare COO West- Rakesh Hinduja VP- Aman Sheikh Business Head- Niharika Talwar Brand Services Director- Kunal Jhamb Casting Director - Sumit Bhavna & In House Cast- Divya Bhatia, Shalva Kinjawadekar, Nishant Bhavsar Chief AD- Edwin Quadros AD Team – Rishabh Jain, Bhavytavya Saklani, Vignesh Shivasubramaniam, Rishi Parinja, Abhishant Gupta Production Controller – Sandeep Gupta Line Producer (Chandigarh) - Vishal Bahl, Vikas Bahl & Bantu Khanna Art Director- Rahil Khan Makeup & Hairstylist - Anuradha Singh Asst. Producer – Sanchit Thukral, Drishti Goda Production Manager - Shashikant Singh Location Manager - Karan & Ravi Production Intern – Arjun Chudasama Focus Puller - Ramakrishna Bellam Jimmy Jib Operator– Subala Kishor Baboo Lights - Flamingo light Helium Light – A4 Light Helium Operator – Imran Shaikh Gaffer - Prafulla Camera - Java Motion Picture Storyboard –Mayur Saikia Costume Asst- Prarthana Ravikumar, Gangakishan Costume Interns - Priti Sangtani, Malavika Chauhan Dressman- Rajan Sound and Walkie – JK Sound Action Vehicle – Ravi – Bhele Cars Post Producer - Mithun R Shaw Colorist – Navin Shetty (Nube Studio) DIT- Sachin Recording Engineer & Mixing Engineer- Rishabh Bose Online Editor - Chetan & Mathew Online Editor Ast – Jigar VO- Aritro Rudraneil Banerjee Asst. Post Supervisor - Abhishek Singh Sr. Accountant – Kalpesh Darji Accountant – Vikas Tambe Marketing & PR – Ashish Gole Production Boys – Hari Gupta, Manish Singh, Ashok Gupta, Surendera Gaur, Virendera Singh, Narendera, Ashok Reddy and Jeetu Yadav #CHROMEPICTURES #AmitSharma #AleyaSen #HemantBhandari
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