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AUCTION LIQUIDATION: Vehicles - Tractor - Kitchen Cabinets - Flooring - Tools This Saturday, July 18th @ 10:00am On the premises of Collins Auction and Realty Co. 2400 Ralph Avenue Louisville, KY 40216 Tractors & Vehicles sell at 10:00am Cabinets, Flooring and Tools sell at approx. 10:30am Shop, Storage and Material Handing Items sell at approx. 12:00 Noon 10% buyer’s premium added to winning bids. Inspection: Friday from 10:00am – 2:00pm and 8:00am sale day. Collins Auction will only accept Absentee/Proxy Bids in-person during Friday or Saturday Pre-Auction Inspection Sessions. ------ For the safety of our Collins Auction team, as well as our live auction bidders, Collins Auction will follow the proscribed best-practice guidelines during this pandemic at our live auction events. To do our part in helping to control the spread of this virus, we will follow all state guidelines for social distancing and use of personal protective equipment during our auction events. Nothing is more important to us than the safety and well being of everyone in attendance at our auctions. Visit our website for more details: http://CollinsAuction.com •••• TRACTOR and VEHICLES Ford 801 Farm Tractor w/ Front Loader 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup 2004 Nissan Xterra 1996 Plymouth Voyager Mini-Van with 89,000 actual miles 2007 Nissan Altima 2003 Nissan Murano > > > BUILDING SUPPLY SUMMARY <<< (See complete list below) Cabinet Sets - 8 Laminate - 4834 Sq. Ft. Tile - 6264 Sq. Ft. Linoleum - 212 Yards Engineered Wood - 2868 Sq. Ft. Small Items - 115 Doors - 6 Trim - 17960 Linear Feet Shop Items and Tools Storage & Material Handling Items — •••• SHOP ITEMS AND TOOLS Do-All 24” x 24” x 3” Granite Surface Plate Engine Hoist 8 Ton Jack Torch Cart Misc. Torch and Welding Items Craftsman Bench Grinder Osborn Arch Punches Steel Shop Table w/ No. 2 Arbor Press (2) Joyce House Jacks Klein Hand Tools Channel Locks Vise Grips C-Clamps Welding Wire and Rods Miller Spoolmatic 150 “New” RIGID Aluminum 24” Pipe Wrench and others Large Welding Table w/Reed No. 3C Vise 4’ x 7’ Steel Welding Table w/Reed No. 2C Vise Blue M Kiln New Haws Eyewash Station Large Caster Wheels (8) Commercial Shop Fans 6 @ 28” and 2 @ 30” New Hard Hats Conduit Misc Hose Large Roll of Romex w/Wire Lock-Out Locks — •••• STORAGE & MATERIAL HANDLING Rubbermaid Commercial #1059 1 Cubic Yard Dump Hopper Rubbermaid Commercial #1054 1/2 Cubic Yard Dump Hopper Lista Commercial Sliding Door Storage Cabinet Dayton Industrial 2-Door Cabinet Model #6A579C Tennsco Ship Cabinet on Wheels Grainger Pigeon Hole Hardware Cabinet filled with Hardware! - Nice! Quick Tree Cantilever Rack - Nice! Equiprite Roll Stock Rack - Nice! 3’ x 6’ Cantilever Rack Dayton Manual Scissor Table / Cart 660Lb. Capacity (4) Pallet Jacks (3) 2-Wheel Dollies PVC Recycle Carts Flat Cart Shop Cart w/Welding Rack (2) Drum Dollies 10’ Platform Stairs 2’ Platform Stairs (2) 4’ Steel Stairs 3’ Platform Stairs (2) Outdoor Propane Cages (2)10’ Fiberglass Step Ladder 8’ Fiberglass Step Ladder 3+ 5’ Fiberglass Platform 1 Section of 6’ Pallet Racking (5) Foreman’s / Warehouse Desk — •••• TOOLS (New and Reconditioned) Arrow – House wrap Stapler – 1 Craftsman – 1/4" Crown Stapler – 18171 – 1 Craftsman – Finish Nailer – 18176 – 1 Craftsman – Roofing Nailer – Coil 18180 – 1 Dewalt – Screw Driving Set – 29 Pcs – 1 Freeman – Flooring Nailer – 3 in 1 – 1 Hitachi – Auger Bit Set – 1 Hitachi – Rotary Hammer Drill – 7'8" w Case – 1 Husqvarna – Weed Wacker – 2 Lufkin – 25' Tape Measure – 2 Makita – Hammer Drill – HP1640 – 1 Makita – Job Site Radio – XRM02W – 1 Misc – Hammers – 4 Porter Cable – Air Compressor Combo – 1 Empire – Level 2 – Aluminum Level and Ruler Skil – 1/4 Sheet Palm Sander – 1.8a – 4 Skil – 3/8" Drill – 4.0a – 4 Skil – Jig Saw – 3.2a – 4 Skil – Rear Handle Grinder – 6.5a – 2 Skil – Saw Blades – 7 1/4" – 10 Wiss – Snips – M2 – 2 Wiss – Snips – M3 – 2 — •••• Miscellaneous Items� Antique Eastlake Cupboard w/2 Glass Front Doors (2) 5 Drawer File Cabinets (2) 2 Door Metal Storage Cabinets GE Refrigerator Samsung Microwav
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY SALE! June 20-27, 2020 Great savings on great gifts for Dad! 25% discount on the following items: - Cordless tools (excluding COC) - Easy Aquatak Pressure Washer - Miter Saw - Accessories - Measuring Tools - Table Saw (Special Offer!!) Visit us at St. Jorge Traders, Gun.Ob Lapu-Lapu City
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Take the QUIZ! Are you looking in 'THE WORLD'S MIRROR' or 'GOD'S MIRROR'? Could a different perspective change everything? Two Mirrors – Two Kingdoms – Two Perspectives The World’s Mirror and God’s Mirror Is it possible to remain stable and fixed during a crisis just by looking in the Mirror? Yes it is!! Hi. I’m Deb. Years ago I got a revelation of two Mirrors. The World’s Mirror and God’s Mirror. The reflection in each Mirror revealed a different perspective… a different reality… and a different view of identity! So, the question for me was… "What Mirror was I looking in?" As I asked, a door opened into a completely new understanding of who I was. I began to see differently. I saw that there was much more to this life than I had imagined and that I had a decision to make about what Mirror I would live in. Investigating the two Mirrors changed my life! Eventually I began to feel an incredible pull to share what I knew about the Mirrors. Ideas and thoughts began to flow in my mind about a video project to talk about the Mirrors and teach how to turn from one Mirror to the other. The project was getting bigger in my mind daily. It was picking up speed. I remember grabbing my husband, asking him, “Do you think this project is something or is it nothing?” I had to be sure, as it felt so much bigger than me! He listened intently to all my ideas, smiled, then looked into my eyes and said, “This is DEFINITELY something.” As he said it, I felt a tremor deep in my spirit. I realized then that the project was more than something … it was everything! Let me paint a picture of the Mirrors for you … Last night I had a dream. In the dream I heard the words, “It’s going to be a Humdinger!” (A remarkable thing!) “Expect the unexpected. A new season is about to be birthed … for every one … in every way. Hold steady; stand firm. It’s a shaking, but you will not be shaken. For you will be like an expert surfer - feeling the exhilaration of riding on top of the wave, getting the perfect view. The unseen will be more real to you than the seen. Remain in the ‘Secret Place.’” The Secret Place is in God’s Mirror… Where you remain stable and fixed with a view high above your situation, safe, secure and fearless. Contrast that with what you see in the World’s Mirror – fear, uncertainty, and doubt. I call that stuff ‘Kryptonite’. It lies to you and steals your power. When you look into this Mirror expect confusion, depression and anxiety. The Truth is that we have more power than we think we do. I believe it is crucial in this season to have the proper perspective… The Video Course is called MIRROR MIRROR MASTERCLASS. http://bit.ly/TheMirrorMirrorMasterclass It’s a short, five module online Video Course that shows you step by step HOW to turn to God’s Mirror. It’s easy to say, “Look into God’s Mirror”, but HOW do you do that? I tell you how! Picture yourself sitting across the kitchen table from me. We look in the World’s Mirror together and then turn around to check out our reflection in God’s Mirror. It is simple and strategic. I believe the time is NOW. Just look around. It’s so important these days to have a healthy, empowered and truthful perspective. Start the Course anytime and go at your own speed. I’ve created a quiz to get you started. http://bit.ly/mirrormirrorquiz Take the Quiz and then jump into MIRROR MIRROR MASTERCLASS and we’ll check out the mirrors together. The Course is on sale for a limited time only at an unbelievably low price. See you inside the looking glass!
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19 Ultimate Woodworking Plans that have Inspired over 650,000+ Woodworking Enthusiasts… because our plans practically build themselves! We all know woodworking plans can be confusing and time consuming... ...but now woodworkers can easily build our projects with custom crafted step-by-step instructions. Not only do they work for Pros… Beginners are finding just as much success! Whether you are a master craftsman or a weekend warrior, The Ultimate Set of 19 Woodworking Plans will have you building your dream projects in no time. After you learn a few simple tips and tricks, just like our current members, you will be able to build almost any woodworking project possible. We have seen many of our members personally build “Jaw-Dropping” projects in just a few short weeks. There’s never been a better time to take advantage of this opportunity and to learn the Art of Craftsmanship. Get our Ultimate Set of 19 Woodworking Plans today (Regularly $97.95 but on Sale Now For $7.95) from this link below: http://launch.joinmakersmob.com/mm-get-your-ultimate-plans-bundle/ You Get: Live Edge Custom Bed Plans Heirloom Craftsman Tool Box Plans Hand-Built Tool Chest Plans Handcrafted Deck Furniture Plans Dining Room Table Plans Custom Saw Horse Bunk Bed Plans The Ultimate Workbench Bedroom Side Tables Custom Router Bit Shelf … and Many more Most people fail when trying to build from hard to use plans… Let these plans get you past that frustration and embarrassment, so you can start building new projects like never before. Pick up The 19 Ultimate Project Plans (Regularly $97.95 but on Sale Now For $4.95) from the link below: http://launch.joinmakersmob.com/mm-get-your-ultimate-plans-bundle/
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Học tiếng Anh trẻ em online, dạy Anh văn thiếu nhi trá»±c tuyến cho bé
MUA 1 ĐƯỢC 3, CHỈ VỚI 50.000 ĐỒNG/THÁNG, CON GIỎI TIẾNG ANH TOÀN DIỆN THEO CHUẨN QUỐC TẾ Alokiddy dành tặng cho bố mẹ #ưu_đãi cực kỳ hấp dẫn. Chỉ với 50.000 đồng/tháng, con được học 3 khóa tiếng Anh: 1. Học giỏi toàn diện 4 kỹ năng, rinh chứng chỉ Cambridge (160 quốc gia, hơn 15.000 trường học trên thế giới công nhận) nhờ khóa tiếng Anh quốc tế với 4 cấp độ Pre starter (Tiền đề), Starter (Dễ), Movers ( trung bình), Flyers ( nâng cao) và học phát âm tiếng Anh. 2. Nâng cao điểm số ở trường, nắm chắc kiến thức sách giáo khoa nhờ khóa học tiếng Anh bám sát chương trình Bộ Giáo dục. 3. Tăng khả năng tư duy logic, mở rộng kiến thức khoa học nhờ Toán - Khoa học bằng Tiếng Anh Bên cạnh đó, con được hỗ trợ bởi công nghệ 4.0: công nghệ nhận diện phát âm Izy Speak giúp con phát âm chính xác đến từng ký tự và giao tiếp với người nước ngoài nhờ phần mềm giao tiếp với robot. Tất tần tật 3 khóa học chỉ với 50.000 đồng/tháng. Alokiddy còn tặng thêm cho bé SÁCH TỪ VỰNG dành riêng cho học sinh và được học trực tuyến miễn phí trên page Alokiddy - Tiếng Anh cho trẻ em. Bố mẹ còn chần chừ gì nữa mà không đăng ký nhận tư vấn lộ trình học tiếng Anh phù hợp cho con và ưu đãi từ Alokiddy tại: https://bit.ly/2zfms3y ----------------------------------------- - Không giới hạn thời gian và lượng bài học trong ngày - Không giới hạn thiết bị học tập ( trên điện thoại, máy tính, ipad) - Không nhồi nhét từ vựng, không gò bò, ép buộc trẻ học mà để trẻ hứng thú và tự giác - Con học đầy đủ chương trình mà không mất thêm bất cứ chi phí nào! Giải pháp giúp con học giỏi tiếng Anh tại nhà. Bố mẹ đăng ký nhận tư vấn khóa học tiếng Anh cho con và ưu đãi cho duy nhất tại đây: https://bit.ly/2zfms3y
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Nightmare clients, and the constant churn, are the bane of of any agencies. But there’s a simple service that’s virtually untapped… ...and it’s waiting for the right people to jump on it. The best part about this is that lots of local businesses already want this service. It’s not going to be a hard sell. Most local businesses don’t even know how social media marketing works. Imagine being their ‘marketing superhero’. Which is probably the main reason why one of my clients is still with me ever since I started 5 long years ago! My name is Cory Long and I have a method called “DSF”. I won’t say it’s a unique model, but it’s definitely never been taught properly. I’ve perfected my DSF methods and showed it to a few private students. Many of them are doing this full-time - in fact, they’re getting much more than any of their previous jobs. And most of them are not even tech-savvy so agency owners has a good chance to crush this model Now I’m saying anyone can do this and I’m NOT promising any sort of results. We all know it depends on a lot of factors. However, I’d still love to show what I’m doing. It has allowed me to travel around in my RV with my wife doing missionary work around the US. I taught my daughter how to do this and she bought her very own Jeep. It’s really a no-brainer niche. I’ve recorded a quick video of how my DSF Method works. If you’d like to take a look, the link below will direct you to the page with the video. Please enter your best email to watch it. I’ll also send more information for a better understanding of how my method works. (opt-out anytime) https://go.digital-store-fronts.com/the-great-agency-alternative Sincerely, Cory Long Founder of DSF.
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Seara Sports Thailand
Seara Sports is the expert in sports solution and the provider of world-class fitness equipment. Like us to find out more!
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De todos os livros que já li sobre marketing digital, com certeza esse está entre as minhas MELHORES indicações para você. E o melhor, você pode baixar ele GRATUITAMENTE. Agora 3 coisas curiosas sobre esse livro... ➡ Essa versão online já bateu a incrível marca de mais de 1 milhão e meio de downloads. ➡ O conteúdo desse livro digital é tão bom que a editora decidiu publicar a versão física desse livro e vender nas maiores livrarias do Brasil, e ele entrou para lista dos mais vendidos da Veja e da Folha de São Paulo. ➡ O conteúdo do livro impresso é exatamente igual ao conteúdo do livro digital. Já baixou o seu?

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Your tour of South America begins with us! Are you planning to make a stop before your trip to #Galápagos, #Baños, #Montañita or #Cuenca? #Guayaquil is the city and Nazu House is the place! Come and enjoy an unforgettable experience of comfort in our hotel surrounded by nature. Enjoy the fusion between the rustic and modern of our architecture, live the experience of staying in a homelike - modern place with an avant-garde touch. You will have an amazing view of the city, your dinner will be organic because we have our own garden and your pet will be welcome thanks to our pet friendly policy! #AllYouNeedIsEcuador #GuayaquilCity #Travel #Tourism #Hospitality Ready to book? then contact us: Call us ➡️ +593 4462 2523 Send us an email ➡️ info@nazuhouse.com You can also book by going directly to our website ⬇️ http://nazuhouse.com/
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After The Storm Comes A Calm. After a few months, your waist is slim. Just 30 MINS/DAY WITH MAGIC RESISTANCE BAND ⛔[ ]⛔ Buy 1 magic resistance band get 1 pilate ring free here : https://bit.ly/2YLtDL1 After 1 month at home, you can: Get in perfect curve Do any exercise, anytime, anywhere Easier to do difficult YOGA Pose Have a appearance as desired Please repeat: This sale will finish soon. Order now if you don't want miss this chance ✅ Free Shipping during Quarantine ✅ Ship COD: Payment after receiving ✅ Warranty 1 years. Any trouble, please contact us" FREE SHIPPING TODAY AT: https://bit.ly/2YLtDL1
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Compra desde casa en Supermercado y Mundo Lider
Comenzó CyberDay y desde ya se lo llevan todo, ¿descubriste lo que hay para ti en Lider.cl?
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Huston-Tillotson University Adult Degree Program — Huston-Tillotson University Adult Degree Program
د.دينا عبد الوهاب Dr. Deena Abd Elwahab
مساء الخير عليكم حنتكلم النهاردة عن موضوع يهم كتير وهو الإجهاض المتكرر .. حنعرفه بانه الإجهاض ثلاث مرات او اكثر قبل بلوغ الاسبوع 24 من الحمل وبيحصل بنسبة 1% من المقبلين علي الحمل طب أسبابه ايه يا كتور ؟ حاجات كتير تسببه زي مثلا 1- عمر الأم كل ما زاد زادت نسبته وبتوصل ل 25% من السيدات فالعمر بين 40-45 وكذلك عمر الرجل الي فوق 40 بيزيد النسبة معاه 2- خلل جيني عند الأم أو الأب بيكون ظاهريا كلاهما سليم لكن علي مستوى الجينات فيه خلل يؤدي لجنين بيه خلل شديد ويسبب الإجهاض ودي نسبة مش قليلة بتتراوح من 2-5 % 3- الأسباب المناعية وخصوصا المناعية الفوسفوليبد antiphospholipid syndrome بتتسبب فنسبة 15% من حالات الإجهاض المتكرر وفالحالات دي بتزيد نسب بعض المضادات بالدم وبتحفز الجهاز المناعي للأم ضد الجنين وبتكون تجلطات فالمشيمة 4- تشوهات الرحم .. بتسبب إجهاض متكرر فالثلث الأول والثلث الثاني من الحمل مثل وجود حاجز رحمي والرحم ذو القرنين 5- ضعف عنق الرحم .. وده تشخيصه صعب لانه مش بنقدر نتوقعه قبل الحمل وغالبا بيظهر بإجهاض فالثلث الثاني من الحمل وفتح الرحم فجأة و في غير ألم 6- تغيرات هرمونية ومشاكل بالغدد مثل المرض السكري واضطرابات الغدة الدرقية .. كما اثبتت بعض الابحاث صلة تكيسات المبايض بالإجهاض المتكرر 7- العدوى .. كان شائع من فترة صلة داء القطط والهربس والحصبة الالمانية بالإجهاض المتكرر لكن حاليا تم اثبات برائتهم ... ممكن يسببوا اجهاض عشوائي لكن مش متكرر 8- الميل الوراثي او المكتسب للتلجط وده بنعرفه بتحاليل كتير زي protein C and S defeciency, hyperhonocystinemia اتمني نكون استفدنا واستنونا فبوست جديد
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Ví Điện Tử MoMo - Siêu Ứng Dụng Thanh Toán số 1 Việt Nam
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Personalized Baby Gifts - Audrey & Bear
Our personalized baby gifts are completely customizable and unique to the baby in your in life.
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Eventbrite - Geweldige evenementen ontdekken of organiseren en tickets verkopen
Koop 1 ticket en krijg er 1 cadeau met de code "2FOR1" voor onze bloemenworkshop in Dokkum op woensdag 17 april. In anderhalf uur leer je hoe je de mooiste bossen maakt. Je krijgt professionele tips, een hapje en een drankje en een prachtige bos bloemen mee naar huis. Klik hier voor meer informatie over deze workshop - blo.mn/DokkumB1704
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LET ME SPONSOR YOUR PASSPORT I mentioned that I would sponsor a passport for one entrepreneur each month for the rest of the year! The reason behind this is because as an entrepreneur I understand that freedom is a major “why” that you desire to go into business yourself. I am picking the person from the Genius Cafe Community each month so be sure to join and answer each question provided. JOIN HERE: www.GeniusCafe.co
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Dr. Márcio Moraes - Psicologia e Hipnose
Обучение интернет профессиям, подготовка digital-специалистов — Московская Диджитал Академия (Moscow Digital Academy)
Remodelaciones y reparaciones de todo tipo.
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Ensure your safety while cycling or riding your motorized vehicle with these convenient gloves! Check It Out https://survivalassetspro.com/products/bicycle-mirror-gloves