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The story starts with Darryl Tanner, CEO of King Memory. Darryl was in Tokyo and Taipei in the middle of January meeting new suppliers. Darryl saw first hand that everyone was wearing face masks. Absolutely everyone in public, places of business, on mass transit, everywhere. Japan and Taiwan never had a nationwide shut down, and as of April 4th, Taiwan has 355 cases, Japan 3,139, with effectively a trickle of new cases compared to the US. Since March 16th, Darryl has been spending considerable time and personal money tapping recommendations from King Memory’s existing supply chain network in Asia along with scouring every place possible to get an unlimited mask pipeline flowing asap. No desire to make money but to just get masks in everyone’s hands asap. Darryl currently has over 50,000 non medical grade surgical masks as of 4-4-20, and will have another 165,000 not accounted for in the next several days. Darryl was able to get in touch with leadership at Mount Carmel Health, and they are now well stocked to continuously supply all of their non patient facing workers with non medical grade surgical masks with the agreement that was completed. Darryl is looking for large organizations to immediately start distributing to within literally hours. The rate of infections is increasing alarmingly. The most dangerous things to do are going to the supermarket, ordering takeout, or going anywhere where social distance is forced to be broken. This is really bad for the employees of these establishments who are not protected at all. Nearly every establishment is constantly violating CDC guidelines on social distance based on the reality of the situation. The only protection in those situations is mutual participation of facemask wearing. This will not be over until everyone is wearing a facemask. Period. Darryl has the ability to get a non medical grade surgical face mask for every worker in Columbus within days, and all of Ohio within about a week. The only things that are currently preventing this is financing on the purchasing side and cooperation on the distribution side. The only reason the CDC was not recommending from the beginning was a perceived shortage of Non medical grade surgical masks as opposed to the actual shortage of N95 masks. The CDC has since changed their opinion, and as of Friday now recommending the use of face masks. If any hospital networks are having trouble sourcing non medical grade surgical masks, they should contact me immediately. No one should be going in public without ANY kind of protection, including scarves, home made masks, etc. You are putting others at risk when you are not wearing protection because you can be infected, and contagious with absolutely no symptoms for many days. The CDC also admitted that they were not initially aware of the number of infections that were occurring from asymptomatic transmitters. Darryl has already used considerable personal funds to get a working pipeline that is ready to supply all of Columbus workers immediately. Darryl started a go fund me campaign so that he can scale to all of Ohio and beyond as quickly as possible. Welcome any support on this mission to get face masks to wear on as many people as possible, as quickly as we can until this pandemic is over. Personally, Darryl just wants to get back to normal, grow his business, travel, go to dinner, have drinks with friends, and live life. He believes this is the best way he can contribute to make this happen faster. The paperwork for the non profit Facemasks for All was filed March 23rd, and Darryl has been trying to collaborate with as many leaders as possible in government, business, and healthcare at the local, state, and federal levels. Mission Focus on getting face masks to wear on as many people as possible as quickly as we can until this pandemic is over Vision A trade deal being struck with China for medical supplies at the national level combined with a lot of individualized approaches at the state and local level in unison with rapidly evolving best practice protocols. Governors lea
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TÒ MÒ VỀ CÔNG THỨC LÀM LƯƠN BUNG HOA CHUỐI ? ✨Chắc hẳn, các chị em đều biết rằng thịt lươn có hàm lượng dinh dưỡng rất cao nên rất tốt cho sức khỏe con người. Đương nhiên, hoa chuối luôn là một trong những nguyên liệu giàu chất xơ, tốt cho cơ thể. Tuy nhiên, để hai nguyên liệu này kết hợp với nhau sao cho #NGON, #MỚI_LẠ thì hẳn nhiều người sẽ tò mò đây. ❗️Cách làm món lươn nấu hoa chuối – Làm sạch nhớt ở lươn bằng cách rửa với nước muối và giấm. Lọc để riêng thịt và xương, phần thịt cắt thành từng khúc vừa ăn khoảng 10cm. Phần xương cho vào máy xay xay nhỏ và lọc lấy nước, đun sôi cùng chút muối. – Hoa chuối thái thật mỏng, ngâm với nước giấm pha loãng để không bị thâm và loại bỏ hết nhựa. – Ướp thịt lươn với nước mắn, hạt tiêu, hạt nêm và hành khô băm nhuyễn. Để khoảng 30 phút cho thịt lươn ngấm đều gia vị thì cho vào chảo xào chín. – Phi thơm hành rồi cho hoa chuối vào xào xơ qua cho ngấm gia vị. Tiếp tục đổ nước xương cá cùng 1 thìa cà phê bột nghệ vào và om cho đến khi hoa chuối chín mềm. Cuối cùng cho thêm mẻ vào và đun sôi, sau đó rắc lá lốt, mùi tàu và rau răm thái nhỏ, chút tiêu lên trên món ăn lươn nấu hoa chuối. Các chị em có thể tham khảo cách thức làm món #LƯƠNG_BUNG_HOA_CHUỐI trên đây, một quy trình được Bếp Trưởng tư vấn. Nếu thành công, nhớ để lại ảnh ở phần comment khoe với chúng mình nhaaaa! --------------------------------------- Nhà hàng Làng Niêu & Nướng Địa chỉ: Số 4, TT4, khu đô thị Mỹ đình - Sông Đà, Hà Nội. Hotline: 02437876969
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