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The Boeing Center
ለማስተርስም ለዲግሪም ሙሉ መረጃ ከዚህ በታች ይገኛል የ2013 ዓ.ም የማስተርስ ትምህርት ምዝገባ ጀምረናል! **** MASTERS Full information **** =በወር 1,375 ብር ነው =አጠቃላይ የ2 ዓመት ክፍያ ሪሰርች ጨምሮ 43,000 ብር ነው ሁሉም ትምህርቶች በፕሮፌሰር እና ረዳት ፕሮፌሰሮች የሚሰጥ ይሆናል። በቀን ፤ በማታ እንዲሁም በቅዳሜና እሁድ አለን ወርሃዊ ክፍያ=1375 x 24(2 ዓመት)=33,000 ብር ቴሲስ 6 ክሬዲት = 10,000 ብር አጠቃላይ 36 ክሬዲት = 43,000 ብር ለምዝገባ የሚያስፈልጉ ነገሮች = 2 ጉርድ ፎቶ = የመጀመሪያ ዲግሪ ቴምፖ ኮፒ = የመመዝገቢያ አንድ ጊዜ ክፍያ - 550 ብር የመጨረሻ የምዝገባ ዴድላይን = ጥቅምት 10 (ለማስተርስ) = የምዝገባ አድራሻ:- ላምበረት መናሃሪያ ማራቶን ሞተርስ ህንጻ 4ተኛ ፎቅ ላይ። = ትምህርቱ የሚፈጀው ጊዜ:- 2 ዓመት = ለምዝገባ ስትመጡ ማስክ ማድረጎን አይርሱ። = ለበለጠ መረጃ በኢንቦክስ(ውስጥ መስመር)ጻፉልን። ************************************************ **********DEGREE full information*********** For any question call 0907 50 50 50 =〉 መደበኛ እና በርቀት አለን =〉 በመደበኛ አዲስ አበባ ላምበረት መናሃሪያው ፊትለፊት ሃዩንዳይ ህንጻ ላይ ነው የሚሰጠው =〉 በርቀት አዲስ አበባን ጨምሮ 80 ቅርንጫፎች በመላው የሃገሪቷ ክፍል አለን። · REGULAR DEGREE PROGRAMS 1. Management 2. Accounting and finance 3. Computer science 4. Marketing management · DISTANCE DEGREE PROGRAMS 1. accounting and finance 2. pure management 3. agribusiness management and development 4. educational planning and management 5. agriculture economics 6. tourism management 7. disaster risk management and sustainable development 8. agriculture extension 9. cooperatives 10. development studies 11. pure economics 12. rural development 13. Marketing 14. Logistics and supply chain management ...................................................................................... የክፍያ ሁኔታ ለመደበኛ ዲግሪ ፕሮግራም በወር 500 ብር ለርቀት ዲግሪ ፕሮግራም በወር 270 ብር ....................................................................................... ለምዝገባ የሚያስፈልጉ ነገሮች ለርቀት ዲግሪ ፕሮግራም = የትምህርት ማስረጃ (ሌቭል 4 ዲፕሎማ ወይም 12 ዩኒቨርስቲ መግቢያ ነጥብ) = 1080 ብር የ1 ተርም ክፍያ = መመዝገቢያ 200 ብር = 2 ጉርድ ፎቶ ለመደበኛ ዲግሪ ፕሮግራም = የትምህርት ማስረጃ (ሌቭል 4 ዲፕሎማ ወይም 12 ዩኒቨርስቲ መግቢያ ነጥብ ) = 550 ብር የ1 ወር ክፍያ = መመዝገቢያ 150 ብር = 2 ጉርድ ፎቶ ........................................................
VR Global
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The significant role that technology plays in improving business efficiency and minimising risk is undebatable. Businesses have been rapidly leveraging on automation in tackling operation challenges to increase productivity. How can SMEs keep up with the ever changing business landscape from a supply chain perspective? Join us at the free live webinar on 26 August to learn more about industry insights, risk management and supply chain best practices backed by a survey done on over 1,000 businesses. Visit bit.ly/starprivasiafb to register.
Attrex Academy
International Online Business - 1st Day Free නුගේගොඩදී - පළමු දිනය නොමිලේ!! More info: https://bit.ly/2FeJLxf මෙම වැඩමුළුව සදහා ඔබේ අසුන කලින් වෙන් කර ගැනීම අනිවාර්ය වේ. ලියාපදිංචි වීමට අමතන්න : 011795 2020, 077 878 2220 , 077 305 2320 Knowledge + 100% Results + Recognized Certification Course Outline ✅ Introduction to Business ✅ Business Vs Online Business ✅ Business Models and Evolution ✅ Consumer Science ✅ Target Markets and Niche Markets ✅ Consumer Market Places ✅ eBay, Amazon and Shopify Stores and Listing Optimization ✅ Online Business Strategies ✅ Direct Shipping ✅ Drop-Shipping ✅ Arbitrage Trading ✅ Intellectual Property Rights and Intangible goods ✅ Product Obtaining Strategies ✅ Wholesale Supplier Sources ✅ Evaluation and Supplier Relations ✅ Identification of Demanding and Profitable Products ✅ Identification of High Risk, Restricted and Prohibited Items ✅ Supply chain and logistics Management ✅ Consumer Marketing ✅ Cross Interest marketing ✅ Product Pricing Strategies ✅ Product Presenting Strategies ✅ Product life Cycle and Strategy Application ✅ Digital Marketing Strategies Including Social Media Marketing ✅ Working Capital Management ✅ Post Transaction Management ✅ Business Plan Development and Sales Growing Strategies Conducted By: Asanka Chandranath (Bsc Finance(SP) USJP, PGEDip Bank Management(IBSL),PGDIT(UK),MBA) Asanka Chandranath is the founder of Attrex who possesses more than 10 years of experience with up to date knowledge in the industry. He is a professional analyst in the foreign exchange and derivatives market with a track record of research and advisory work across the globe. He also has held managerial positions in the financial institutions in Sri Lanka and currently holds director positions in the corporate sector. He also works as a visiting lecturer for two private universities in Sri Lanka. He was graduated from University of Sri Jayawardenepura Bsc Finance (SP) specializing in Finance management and did the postgraduate specializing in Bank Management (PGEDBM – IBSL). He is a past finalist of CIMA-UK and Currently reading for Masters in Business Administration.
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COVID-19's impact on the global economy is climbing as industries across the world rush to adapt. But by deploying risk management processes, supply chain leaders can mitigate the effects this pandemic will have on their businesses. Download our latest white paper for a view of the road ahead and the proven strategies you need to weather this storm. https://bit.ly/3dJEpG5
LEAD Development Training Center Qatar
www.ldtc-edu.com | E-learning Call Or WhatsApp +974 3308 8844 | +974 5557 8844 ✔ PMP: Project Management Professional (Arabic Batch) Course Fee: QAR 2,500 (BONUS: Certified Associate In Project Management CAPM + Diploma In Project Management UK) ✔ CCP: Certified Cost Professional Course Fee: QAR 2,500 (BONUS: Diploma In Construction Management Cost Estimation From UK) ✔ CPCM: Certified Professional Contract Manager Course Fee: QAR 2,500 (BONUS: CCCM + Contract Management/Contract Law Course From UK) ✔ CQA: ASQ Certified Quality Auditor Course Fee: QAR 2,500 (BONUS: Project Management - Quality Management From UK) ✔ CSCP: Certified Supply Chain Professional Course Fee: QAR 2,500 (BONUS: Diploma In Supply Chain Management From UK) ✔ CSSBB: ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt Course Fee: QAR 2,500 (BONUS: Certified Six Sigma Green Belt & Yellow Belt + Diploma In Six Sigma From UK) ✔ LEED AP BD+C/ LEED AP O+M Course Fee: QAR 2,500 (BONUS: Diploma In Sustainable Energy Or Renewable Energy From UK) ✔ LEED Green Associate Course Fee: QAR 1,500 (BONUS: Diploma In Sustainable Energy Or Renewable Energy From UK) ✔ ProFM Certification Course Fee: QAR 6,000 (BONUS: FREE ProFM Instructor-Led Course + Certified Facility Manager Course + Diploma in Facility Management) ✔ PSP: Project And Scheduling Professional Course Fee: QAR 2,500 (BONUS: Effective Planning And Scheduling Course From UK) ✔ RMP: Risk Management Professional Course Fee: QAR 2,000 (BONUS: Diploma In Risk Management from UK) Note: Bonus Courses Are Self-Pace, Distance Learning Program From UK And Are subject To Availability. Training + Certifications From Management And Strategy Institute (MSI, USA) With Distance Online Learning Program From Spain And The UK, You Can Study Anytime, Anywhere. Message Us Now! MASTER’S DEGREE PROGRAM MBA - Master of Business Administration ✔ Master in Human Resources Management ✔ Master in Commerce Management and Marketing ✔ Master in Digital Marketing and eCommerce ✔ Master in Business and Corporate Communication ✔ Master in Hotel Management and Tourism ✔ Master in International Trade ✔ Master in Project Management ✔ Master in Supply Chain Management ✔ Master in Management and Team Management ✔ Master in Big Data and Business Intelligence ✔ MBA & Master in Human Resources Management ✔ MBA & Master in Commerce Management and Marketing ✔ MBA & Master in Digital Marketing and eCommerce ✔ MBA & Master in Business and Corporate Communication ✔ MBA & Master in Hotel Management and Tourism ✔ MBA & Master in International Trade ✔ MBA & Master in Project Management ✔ MBA & Master in Supply Chain Management ✔ MBA & Master in Management and Team Management ✔ MBA & Master in Big Data and Business Intelligence ✔ Postgraduate in Coaching, NLP and Team Leadership ✔ Postgraduate in Management, EI and Coaching ✔ Postgraduate in Advertising, Marketing and SM ✔ Postgraduate in Financial Management and Accounting ✔ Postgraduate in Advertising and Public Relations ✔ Postgraduate in Human Resources ✔ postgraduate in Logistics and Supply Chain ✔ Postgraduate in Project Management ✔ Postgraduate in Personnel Selection, Training and POH ✔ Postgraduate in Corporate Social Responsibility CERTIFICATE/DIPLOMA COURSES Administration Advertising / Marketing Akashic Records Alchemy Animal Care Animal Communication Animal Management Animal Psychology Animal Welfare Applied Behavior Analysis Archaeology Aromatherapy Art Therapy Autism Awareness Aviation Safety Ayurveda Baby Massage Balloon Modelling Banking Basic Chemistry Basic Concrete Beauty Therapy Salon Management Behavior and Training Bereavement and Grief Counselling Birth Doula Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Brow Lamination Business Administration Business Economics + Macroeconomics Business Law Business Studies Cake Decorating Calligraphy Candle Making Business Canine Business Canine Nutrition Care Diploma Chemical Handling Child Attachment Childcare Childcare (Nanny) Children Mental Health Chlorination CCNA And CCNP - Routing And Switching Classroom Management Cleaning Business Coaching & Mentoring Com
Global E2C provides security training programs that specialises in the area of security, risk and crisis management. We focus onto bringing highly insightful expertise and providing enhancements of skill sets, experiences and knowledge to the security industry. As one of the leading security providers in Asia, we have trained over 6,000 security professionals for the past 10 years. Come embark on our online trainings in: 1) Security First Responder 2) Anti-Counter Terrorism 3) Supply Chain Security 4) Corporate Security Management.
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نقدم اليكم الشهادة الاقوي فى مجال #الهندسة #الصناعية شهادة الـ #CIE Certified Industrial Engineer و المعتمدة من جامعة #ميزوري بالولايات المتحدة الامريكية Missouri State University و الهندسة الصناعية تتمثل فى الاستخدام الامثل للموارد و حاملي #الشهادة تشمل دراستهم فى مجالات (ادارة… 展开 الموارد – الامن الصناعي – ادارة الجودة - ادارة سلاسل الامداد – عمليات الصيانة الدورية). لتشمل أربع دورات متكاملة متمثلة فى أربع كتب و هي: 1- Project Management 2- Quality Management 3- Supply Chain, Maintenance, Safety 4- Strategic Management, Value Management, Risk Management, Production Planning and Control الكورس عندنا بيتمثل فى الـ Industrial Engineer Tool Kit و المعتمد من IBDL المعتمدة لأكاديميتنا Engineering… 展开
Engineering Tracks
نقدم اليكم الشهادة الاقوي فى مجال #الهندسة #الصناعية شهادة الـ #CIE Certified Industrial Engineer و المعتمدة من جامعة #ميزوري بالولايات المتحدة الامريكية Missouri State University و الهندسة الصناعية تتمثل فى الاستخدام الامثل للموارد و حاملي #الشهادة تشمل دراستهم فى مجالات (ادارة… 展开 الموارد – الامن الصناعي – ادارة الجودة - ادارة سلاسل الامداد – عمليات الصيانة الدورية). لتشمل أربع دورات متكاملة متمثلة فى أربع كتب و هي: 1- Project Management 2- Quality Management 3- Supply Chain, Maintenance, Safety 4- Strategic Management, Value Management, Risk Management, Production Planning and Control الكورس عندنا بيتمثل فى الـ Industrial Engineer Tool Kit و المعتمد من IBDL المعتمدة لأكاديميتنا Engineering… 展开
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Help businesses widen margins through efficient manufacturing and distribution. Earn a top-ranked supply chain master’s online. Bachelor's required.
Syracuse University - Syracuse.edu
Help businesses widen margins through efficient manufacturing and distribution. Earn a top-ranked supply chain master’s online. Bachelor's required.
Regent Business School - Top Business Management Courses
Prepare for the new normal with our versatile Bachelor of Commerce general degree. Your study programme will include online lectures, webinars and tutorials for best practice in distance education, that will ensure you are supported every step of the way. You will have the opportunity to choose a focus area in the following career paths: Economics, Accounting, Marketing, Project Management, Health Management, Information Technology, Supply Chain Management, Human Resource Management, Risk Management, Retail Management Apply now through our easy online application: https://bit.ly/3bJHwwE Stay the Course. Global Leaders do. #EducationforImpact #BusinessSchool #Study2020
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Today’s businesses face challenges on a massive scale. Many of these have the potential to impact the continuity of a business, by disrupting the supply chain. The immediate focus of most businesses is on cost-cutting as the goal is protecting profitability, and in many cases just staying in business. Organizations around the world are reconfiguring their supply chains to remain competitive. Most decision-makers see supply chain disruption reaching crisis point; but it could also be an opportunity for change and transforming supply chains to thrive. Crisis can be a catalyst for change then; and our approach to improving Supply Chain resilience is by anticipating and mitigating risks early. There is a growing recognition that the supply chain begins on the drawing board. Meaning that design decisions can significantly impact the risk profile of a business. In fact, around 80% of the total life cost of a product are locked-in at the design stage. This means that mitigating these risks early in the supply chain should be vital in any firms’ supply chain risk management. Businesses are becoming more customer-driven and the requirement for more sustainable products and supply chains becomes compulsory. As the world retracts from global to more local, there is a strong case for businesses to become ‘design-centric’. In this webinar Professor Omera Khan will share her perspectives and guide you through the steps to building resilience by integrating product design with the supply chain. Drawing examples from her latest book ‘Product Design and the Supply chain’ Omera aims to inspire and encourage delegates to develop a design-centric approach to achieve resilience and competitiveness. The presentation and interactive discussions will specifically cover the following issues: • Key trends in the supply chain • The changing risk profile of supply chains • Customer-driven supply chains • Triple ‘A’ supply chains • Creating resilient supply chains • A roadmap to the ‘Design Centric Business’
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The pressure of choosing a qualification and career path when you've only just completed high school can be daunting. Our 3-year Bachelor of Commerce Degree offers you the freedom to choose modules in the 2nd year of the programme, when you have more insight into your career goals. Choose electives for your 2nd and 3rd year in: - Economics - Accounting - Marketing - Project Management - Health Management - Information Technology - Supply Chain Management - Human Resource Management - Risk Management - Retail Management Registration is still open. Apply online today: https://regent.ac.za/apply/ #EducationforImpact #21stcenturyskills #4IR #Commerce #study2020
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LOGISTICS & SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT UK QUALIFICATION | GLOBAL RECOGNITION LONDON INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE • NO INTEREST PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE • FULL-TIME AND PART-TIME • STUDY LIVE ONLINE & ON CAMPUS • NO REQUIREMENTS NECESSARY TO JOIN This course is designed to introduce students to the dynamic and diverse world of LSCM so that they may develop a solid understanding of integral concepts such as– Competitive Strategy and Customer value; Matching Supply and Demand, Strategic Lead Time Management; Managing Risk, and Managing the Global Pipeline. Topics Include: • Logistics, the supply chain and competitive strategy • Logistics and customer value • Measuring logistics costs and performance • Matching supply and demand • Creating the responsive supply chain • Strategic lead Time-based management • Overcoming barriers to supply chain integration • Creating a sustainable supply chain for the future ***REGISTRATIONS ON NOW*** COST: $1895.00 | $200 REGISTRATION FEE AWARD:CERTIFICATE BODY : LONDON INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE DURATION: 1O WEEKS NO EXAM FEES SCHEDULE: Chaguanas Sunday 2-Feb-20 12:30pm San Fernando Tuesday 28-Jan-20 5:30pm San Juan Sunday 2-Feb-20 3:30pm Tobago Saturday 1-Feb-20 12:30pm ------------------------------- VIEW SCHEDULE & APPLY HERE: https://tinyurl.com/y8uldym8 ------------------------------- Call or Visit our qualified staff at: SAN FERNANDO: Suite # 205-207 Cathay House ,Carlton Centre High Street,San Fernando 235-4SPA(4772) SAN JUAN: #12 Eastern Main Road, San Juan. 235-4SPA(4772) | 675-8673 CHAGUANAS: Campus Plaza, Next to Kfc/Scotiabank Chaguanas Main Road, Chaguanas. 235-4SPA(4772) | 665-6105 TOBAGO : Scarborough 235-4SPA(4772) Also, contact us on on WhatsApp at 288-5185 or email us at info@spa.edu.tt..
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STUDY IN CANADA....!!! Are you willing to Study Bachelor / Post Graduate and Masters? ~ Merit Base Scholarship available for DESERVING STUDENTS. Don't Miss the Deadline. Apply for May / Sept. 2020 Intake. ➡️ Undergraduate Studies: Nursing Engineering Computer Science BBA Computing and Information Systems Environmental Science Global Business Management Forensic Science Accounting Marketing Biotechnology International Development Studies Human Resource Management Sociology Biology Community Development Environmental and Sustainability Studies Environmental Geo Science Kinesiology Nutrition and Dietetics Women's and Gender Studies ➡️ Post Graduate Studies: >> Business: Business management-international business Financial planning and wealth management Global business management Hospitality management Human resource management Marketing management & professional sales Project management Public relations Supply chain management and more programs >> Engineering: Construction management Embedded systems engineering design Quality Engineering management Project Management >> Technology: Computer application development Information technology network security Information technology business analysis Mobile solution development Environmental monitoring and impact assessment Big data Cloud for big data Wireless networking Wireless telecommunications Web design and development Robotics and industrial automation Computer software and database development Cyber security and computer forensics >> Heath: Advanced health care leadership Critical and clinical care nursing Practical nursing Advanced care paramedic Magnetic resonance imaging ( MRI) Chemical laboratory analysis Mental health and substance abuse Social worker Food safety and quality assurance-food processing ➡️ Graduate Studies: MBA (CPA Stream) Master of Business Administration International Masters in Teaching English Master of Finance Master of Applied Economics Master of Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation Master of Management - Co-operatives and Credit Unions Master of Global business Management Master of Business Administration Master of Tourism Management Master of Human Resource Management Master of Management - Intl Accounting & Finance M.Sc. in Computing & Data Analytics Msc,civil,mechanical, electrical and electronics, computer, software, environmental, Masters of Health Information Management (MHIM) Master of Data Science Master of science in environmental science Master of forestry M.Sc. environmental system engineering and management M.Sc. computer science Master of cyber security MASc safety and risk engineering Energy system engineering Master of Instrumental Chemical Analysis M.ICA Master of Science in Big Data Analytics: Applied Modelling and Quantitative Methods M.Sc. Master of Science in Financial Analytics: Applied Modelling and Quantitative Methods M.Sc Master of Science in Forensic Science M.Sc.F.S. Master of Bioenvironmental Monitoring & Assessment M.BEMA Master of Arts in Sustainability Studies M.A. and more programs REQUIREMENTS: ➨ Academic: 1st Division ➨ IELTS: 6.5 not less than 6.0 ➨ TOEFL: 88 not less than 20 ➨ GRE/GMAT: Not mandatory Think Canada, Think Maple. For more details, please contact: Maple International Education Laxmi Plaza, Putalisadak (In front of Podmodaya School), Kathmandu Tel: 01-4438348 / 014427746 M: 9851158440 (Viber & Whats-app) E: info@maple.edu.np or directly message us through our face book page.
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Descubra a nova coleção #OutonoInvernoDaiane
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Amici siete pronti per vedere un posto unico al mondo? Il 1° maggio non prenderti impegni e sali a bordo in un bellissimo viaggio di gruppo per visitare le CINQUE TERRE. Dovrai solo salire in bus alla fermata più comoda per te, al resto ci penseremo noi di Conmigo
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ISA investing from £10/mth or £100/mth. Chance to win 1 of 20 £1,000 cash prizes! No purchase necessary. Capital at risk.