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FILTER CHECK ✅ WASHABLE / REUSABLE / 100% STAINLESS AIR FILTER and AIR CABIN FILTER✅ These filters are washable and reusable and are custom designed to fit into your existing factory air box. We fabricate over a thousand different air and cabin filters for every vehicle on the road. THIS MAYBE THE LAST FILTER YOUR VEHICLE WILL EVER BE USING! FEATURES: ✨ Lifetime Use ✨ Washable and Easy to clean (water wash & Air Dry) ✨ Can Clean anytime and no need to wait for specific mileage. ✨ Designed to boost horsepower and acceleration ✨ high air flow with exceptional filtration ✨ Increase fuel efficiency ✨ Lets you save money ✨ Built for DURABILITY ✨ Made of layers of stainless screen wire mesh MATERIALS: ✅ 100% Ultra Fine Stainless Mesh ✅ Heat Resistant Plastic Moulding (Locally assembled , built for durability) HOW TO CLEAN: Just soak them in warm soapy water , rinse with a hose to clean particles from the filters. After sun/air drying, these filters are ready to be used again like having a BRAND NEW FILTER! 1500php for Cabin filter ⬛️ FOLLOW OUR PAGE: JJB AUTO studio automotive parts shop ⬛️ MODE OF PAYMENT: we encourage BPI online transfers & Gcash to avoid cash handling. Also: COD via lalamove/j&t express/ lbc / grab Gcash BPI money transfer We ship nationwide available filters: ✅ AIR CLEANER FORTUNER 2019 FORD RANGER/EVEREST Hi-ACE COMMUTER 2.5 HI-ACE GL 2019 HILUX REVO HONDA JAZZ/CITY HYUNDAI STAREX 2008 HYUNDAI ACCENT HYUNDAI TUCSON HYUNDAI ELANTRA ISUZU D-MAX ISUZU MU-X KIA PICANTO KIA SPORTAGE MITSUBISHI MIRAGE 2019 MITSUBISHI EXPANDER MITSUBISHI MONTERO NISSAN NAVARA SUZUKI SWIFT SUZUKI CELERIO TOYOTA AVANZA 2005-2015 TOYOYO AVANZA 2016 ⬆️ TOYOTA INNOVA 2016 ⬆️ VIOS LATEST MODEL ✅ AIRCABIN FILTER CHEVROLET COLORADO CHEVROLET TRAILBLAZER FORD EVERES
Formula Access Parts Co.
RUNSTOP Brake rotors (Made in Malaysia / Thailand ) ✅The most elegant street brake-rotors on the market that combines out-standing performance with aggressive and purposeful appearance. ✅Each rotor is analyzed for its specific application, vane structure, and construction to determine the ideal and optimum design and pattern appearance. ✅The Drill and Slot Patterns are designed using a 3D CAD system to insure all the design specifications are achieved. The programmed patterns are then run on several CNC machines. Price range: Php 6,500-19,975 ADVANTAGE ✅The bore holes deduce mass, radiate break temperatures, and help battle "out-gassing" or "de-gassing." ✅The special slots, which are non-directional and designed to work in combination with the cross-drilling, help dissipate water, dirt and dust, and further combat "out-gassing" or de-gassing." ✅Slot deglazes the pads, ensuring improved contact between pad and rotor. In combination, the cross-drilling and slotting functions give more stopping power and less fade during repeated heavy break application. ✅The Cross-drilled or Slotted rotors improved convection heat transfer, thereby lowering brake temperature. ✅40% better cooling, 20% better stopping, and improved web braking compared to standard OEM rotors. ✅Run Stop Rotors are engineered to keep the temperature of your brakes cool, which improves pad bite and reduces brake fade. This will enhance brake performance. KEY FUNCTIONS ✅Bring to affordable end of the "street" market the sort of technology until now seen only on exotic sports machines. ✅Bore holes reduces mass, radiate break temperatures and help battle out-gassing. ✅Special slots (which are non-directional and designed to work in combination with the cross-drilling) help dissipate water, dirt are dust and further combat out-gassing. ✅Slot deglaze the pads, ensuring improved contact between pad and rotor. In combination the cross-drilling and slotting functions give more stopping power and less fade during repeated heavy break applications.
Monara Dream Kitchen
#Modern_Kitchens - #Monara_Creations Get your kitchen pantry done by an experienced designing company, we give you the best service, with the experience of 15 years in the field of modern Kitchens & Pantries. We design & manufacture Kitchens & Pantries according to the client's requirements FREE Designing by our interior experts FREE Site visiting FREE Consultation -WORK TOP- # Staron Solid Surfaces Imported from Korea ( LOTTE Advanced Materials ) (Now available more than 50 colors) #Supreme_Colors #Tempest_Colors #Solid_Colors #Sanded_Colors #Aspen_Colors #Pebble_Colors #Properties_Specification_Of_Staron_Solid_surface @ Scratch Resistant @ Crack Resistance @ Higher Color Stability @ Stain Resistance @ Boiling Water Surface Resistance @ Abrasion Resistance @ High Temperature Resistance @ IZON Impact Resistance (Notched] @ Fungi and Bacterial Resistance @ Specific Gravity @ Solid Colors @ Patterened Colors @ Water Resistance @ Non Flammability @ Cigarette Burn Resistance @ Radiant Heat Resistance -KITCHEN CABINETS- # High Gloss & Matt Finished Laminated Boards Imported from Turkey # HMR highly moisture resistant Boards Imported from Malaysia (Now available more than 30 colors) #Specifications_of_Highly_Pressure_Laminated_Boards @ Water Resistant @ Scratch Resistant @ Abrasion Resistant @ Crack Resistant @ Dry Heat Resistant @ Cigarette Burn Resistant @ Steam Resistant @ Staining Resistant Appliances & Accessories by : #Blum , #Hafele ,#Hettich Come visit us at, #Showroom, Monara Creations (Pvt) Ltd 262 High-Level Rd, Nugegoda https://g.co/kgs/YLq3R9 #Factory, Monara Creations ( Pvt ) Ltd 21 Dolahena Govijanapadaya Road https://maps.app.goo.gl/SW7s9Tnjy8M8M5xV6 #web https://www.monaracreations.com/ Free Consultation Call & whatsapp us on +94769687807 +94706010062 +94706010077...☎️
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Looking to build an energy efficient house? Reserve your place at our FREE information evening and learn how you can achieve a healthier, quieter, more comfortable home that will save you money on energy costs! Only 30 seats available – get in quick. Robert from Energy Efficient Homes Ltd and Whitehouse Builders will tell you all you need to know about building an energy efficient house, including: • How a house loses its energy after the sun has gone down • Why you should build an energy efficient house • What a ‘passive house’ is, and the 5 principles to achieving a passive house: 1. Thermal insulation, 2. Windows, 3. Air tightness, 4. Adequate ventilation strategy, and 5. Thermal bridging • The health benefits of living in an energy efficient house • Different building methods to build an energy efficient house • The international passive house standards • The possible pitfalls of building an energy efficient house and how to avoid them Blair from Stiebel Eltron will discuss fresh air heat exchange units Ventilation • Why We Need to Ventilate our Homes • Types of Ventilation in NZ • How a Heat Exchanger Works • De Centralised vs Centralised • Design - CO2, Moisture, Fresh Air & Noise • Features and Benefits of Stiebel Eltron Ventilation Systems Heat Pump Hot Water • How a Hot Water Heat Pump Works • Energy Efficiency Comparison • What Size Do You Need • Solar PV Connection • Maintained Free • Quiet Operation • Installation Location You’ll be able to ask our presenters your specific home build questions at the end of the information evening during a Q&A session. Light refreshments will be provided. Tickets are limited (and free!!), so register now - click above on 'reserve a spot'! If you have any questions please feel free to message our Facebook page, email Robert@whitehousebuilders.co.nz, call our office 03 375 0000 or call Shona Chippindale (our friendly Sales Manager) on 027 443 0569. We look forward to seeing you there!!
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¡Lanzamiento en Catamarca! Esta semana renovamos el Plan #Fiat y te contamos como tener un 0km sencillamente: 1⃣ Características •Te subís a un 0KM hasta en 84 cuotas que van desde $5.000 dependiendo del modelo que elijas. • Inscripción telefónica a través de un Concesionario Oficial Líder estés donde estés • Lo empezás a abonar y a lo largo del plan tenes varias fechas para retirar el vehículo. • Descuentos en todas las unidades durante este mes. 2⃣¿QUÉ REQUISITOS TIENE ? • La financiación se realiza directamente con #Fiat, por lo que no hay bancos ni financieras de por medio. Es por eso que podés ingresar sólo con tu DNI, sin recibo de sueldo. 3⃣¿CÓMO RETIRO EL 0KM? • Olvidate de sorteos y licitaciones . Plan Fiat cuenta además con Entregas Programadas por CONTRATO, donde abonando un mínimo anticipo podés retirar el 0KM directamente. 4⃣TENGO UN USADO ¿LO PUEDO ENTREGAR? • Si. Tomamos usados de todas las marcas y al mejor precio para que no pierdas dinero en la transacción. Podés entregar tu usado como anticipo para retirar el 0KM. • Te invitamos a hacer click en la imagen, para recibir mas detalles sobre el modelo que buscás. ¡Nos renovamos! ¡No te quedes afuera!
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Få et testamente, som sikrer dig og din familie. ✅ Din arv bliver fordelt til dem, du ønsker. ✅ Din familie kan beholde samme levestil. ✅ Din familie kan blive boende i huset. ✅ Få 37,5% mere ud af arven, hvis I er gift. ✅ Arven til børnene kan gøres til særeje.
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Queretaro quieres ser maquilladora .? Mayo Nuevo modulo intesivo modulo de maquillaje Social con técnica tridimencional en ojos . Info inbox o WhatsApp 442 281 8563
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Nuevo Ingresó ♤• Modelos Exclusivos •♤ ✈Envíos a todo el pais✈ Efectivo o tarjeta de crédito Wsp ☎ 1136362406 ☎$3690
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ตรายาง ป้ายชื่อติดหน้าอก ตรายางด่วน ตรายางตู้น้ำ หมึกเติมตรายาง หมึกกันน้ำ
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המקצוענים אקספרס
צריכים צבעי מקצוען? הזמינו בעל מקצוע בפיקוח שלנו - בראש שקט ובקלות: סינון בעלי מקצוע - על סמך הדירוגים וחוות הדעת של אלפי לקוחותינו אנו בוחנים אם בעלי המקצוע עומדים בתנאי השירות עליהם הם חתומים. בעלי מקצוע שלא עומדים בתנאי השירות שלנו, מוסרים מהשירות. שירותי גישור בחינם - במקרה של מחלוקת מול בעל מקצוע, אנו נפעל מולו בשמך כדי להגיע לפתרון הרצוי. כל בעלי המקצוע מחויבים להחלטות מוקד הגישור. חוות דעת מאומתות - הדירוגים וחוות הדעת באתר מאומתים ונאספים על ידי נציגי בקרת שירות, ולא ניתנים לזיוף. חוות הדעת עוזרות לכם להחליט איזה בעל מקצוע להזמין. רוצים המלצה למקצוען באיזור שלכם? בחרו את העיר שלכם כאן >>
#19SS 엔비클로젯 봄 컬렉션 . 하나를 판매하더라도 완벽한 상품만 취급합니다   깔끔한 마감처리와 빠른배송 약속드리겠습니다 . -엔비클로젯의 모든 포장은 결벽에 가까운 직원들이 포장하고있습니다 #가끔저도소름이,,,,, . . #당신의옷장에부러움을 #남친룩만족도1위 #네이버에 #엔비클로젯
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Get creative these School Holidays at Plaster Painting Fun!
קלית יבגי – פיצוחים, קטניות, תבלינים, פירות יבשים
חנות פיצוחים תבלינים פירות יבשים קטניות והמון פינוקים שייכת לרשת קליית יבגי המונה כיום 15 סניפים ברחבי הארץ
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Faith & Money Revealed | Online Mentorship Series for Entrepreneurs
It's a challenging and unnerving time. EVERY DAY we see images of the heroes, the healthcare workers and first responders dealing with their new reality. The onslaught of a pandemic, millions relying on those who have chosen to serve. In my business, I am hearing from Entrepreneurs deeply impacted by this pandemic – frozen, quarantined – left to worry about an uncertain future. As entrepreneurs and business owners - we MUST stay strong and persevere. It’s time to PIVOT – be creative, change direction, follow the market, not compete with the headwinds. Let me help you turn fear into faith and panic into purpose. When I first began working on the Faith and Money Revealed (FREE) Mentorship Series over a year ago - I had no idea at the time how timely this would be today in this chaotic Coronavirus world we live in! Covid19 has literally shut down communities, states, and even countries. Today, we are so excited to present the Faith and Money Mentorship series to you – I am feeling so blessed by the participation of the incredible group of speakers my team and I have assembled. During this time, we are recommending you embrace change - embrace a PIVOT – and push through in growing your business. This online mentorship series offers 40 different FREE strategies to put the blessings back in your pocket and do it in FAITH! Join me now, enjoy the FREE Faith and Money Revealed Mentorship Series - turn fear into faith and panic into purpose.
Come on. Find more treasure in the water with the magic fishing magnet.
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Малорухливість, тривога, карантинні обмеження зараз стали справжнім синонімом нашого життя. Крім того, здоров'я твоєї родини як ніколи зараз є самим важливим Плавання, шум води допомагає зняти напругу і відволіктися Купуй картку зараз та обирай приємний подарунок:* • знижки до 50% • кешбек до 1000 грн Або • додатково до 3-х місяців Лише 3 дні Бронювання за телефоном 0445931515 Бронюй через Messenger У нас безпечно Ми допоможемо тобі з мотивувати себе на досягнення Щоб змінити твоє життя на краще *Подарунки обираються шляхом лотереї
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Spray Foam Insulation for Homes, Commercial Buildings, Roofing -- Lapolla
Free AIA/CES Credit Courses for Architects. Learn about the latest spray polyurethane foam technology, specifications, solutions, and other information. 4 Courses to choose from. -- Spray Foam: Contributions to High Performance Buildings -- Continuous Insulation: Spray Polyurethane Foam vs Rigid Foam Board -- Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation -- Continuous Insulation for Commercial Walls Easy & convenient online courses from AEC Daily and Icynene-Lapolla University.
宅家祛痘方法。 長痘堅持這樣做。 祛痘知識分享。
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Embrace freedom and follow your own rules. Join Bloody Roads and become an 【OUTLAW BIKER】
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Orange TX Granger Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram | New & Used Jeep, Ram, Dodge and Chrysler Cars
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¡Lidera la transformación Ágil en tu empresa! ►Aplica metodologías ágiles para la transformación organizacional. ►Conoce el proceso de transformación de un equipo ágil. ►Desarrolla productos desde la conceptualización hasta el lanzamiento bajo un enfoque ágil.
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Darmowa gra piłkarska Football Team! https://footballteam.pl/
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❤ Achizitioneaza produse pentru Manichiura si Pedichiura la preturi uimitoare! Profita acum de SUPER REDUCERI! ⤵
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We're all about helping you live easy...even in the midst of social distancing. With Guardian Life Online you can now pay your premiums in 3 simple steps. Call your Guardian Life agent for details and sign up at myguardianlife.myguardiangroup.com today!
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Research and innovation are essential elements here at Sunbell. Our products offer you the best solutions to manage your blind's movements and they guarantee reliability and durability over time.