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2018 Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 Sport AMG / Mercedes Benz Extended Warranty Cash: 109,000 AED Finance: 2,268 / month | 0% Down Payment • Including RMA CAR PROTECT & RMA SMART PROTECT!! 56,000kms ------ Contact Us ------ Book a Test Drive | Reserve | Purchase Online Michael | 058 198 0147 WhatsApp: https://wa.me/971581980147 Gordon | 054 708 0105 WhatsApp: https://wa.me/971547080105 Gavin | 056 858 0101 WhatsApp: https://wa.me/971568580101 Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/S3PCno6eua82 ------ Car Info ------ Spec: GCC / Gargash Mercedes Benz Service History: Full Mercedes Benz service history Warranty: Mercedes Benz Warranty until 05/06/2022 or 105,000 kms A stunning example of a 2018 Mercedes Benz CLA250 sport model in the Mountain Gray original metallic paint. Coming with one owner from new & also having the balance of Mercedes Benz excellent 5-year warranty package and a full Mercedes Benz service history for total peace of mind. With this being the Sport model you get the AMG Styling package - Front Spoiler/Side Skirts, AMG 5-Spoke 18" alloy wheels, Wider Wheel Arches For AMG Wheels, Exterior Chrome Package, AMG Sport Package, Collision Warning System with Active Brake Application FCW-Stop, Apple Car play/Android Auto Smartphone Integration, Rear View Camera & Blind Spot Assist. The CLA250 provides a strong yet economic performance from the 2.0L Turbo 4 Cylinder engine producing 208 Bhp & 350Nm of torque though a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. The CLA’s handling has tightly tuned steering, with a nicely weighted feel and quick response. With the 4 Matic all-wheel-drive system able to adjust torque from almost 100 percent front-biased under normal circumstances to as much as 50 percent to the rear, which gives a smoother launch and shifts. In silhouette, the CLA’s profile remains a somewhat shorter, scaled-down version of that of the handsome, executive CLS “four-door coupe.” It adds up to an audacious entry, one that makes the Audi A3, one of its closest rivals look extremely conse
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សួស្ដីអតិថិជនទាំងអស់គ្នា ឥវ៉ាន់ទើប ចូលស្តុកថ្មី វិស្សមកាលរបស់កូនៗលោកអ្នក គួរតែមានល្បែងល្បងប្រាជ្ញាដើម្បីបង្កើនចំណេះដឹង មានដូចជាចង្រ្កានឡុកឡម៉ូតថ្មី ជញ្ជីងគណិតវិទ្យាល្បងប្រាជ្ញា (balance)ចង្កូតឡានឆ្លាតវ័យ(car wheel) តុបែបតុលីហ្គូ អាចរៀបជាសង់ផ្ទះ អគារ ដើមឈើ ឡាន(construction block) សៀវភៅវ័យឆ្លាត ភាសាអង់គ្លេស ចិនកុកងឺនិងកាតាំង (my ebook En Ch) ក្តារឆ្នួនអេឡិចត្រូនិច (LCD writing tablet) សៀវភៅក្រណាត់សំរាប់ក្មេងតូចៗ (fabric book) តុបែបតុលីហ្គូ តំរៀបរូបបែបឆក់ (Magnetic Puzzle) មាន៦ប្រភេទ បង្រៀនពីរបៀនស្លៀកពាក់ខុសៗគ្នា ពីសួនសត្វ ពេលវេលា ចរាចរណ៏ ពីបាតសមុទ្រ មុខរបរ គំនូរ និងសៀវភៅទឹកឧបករណ៍ក្មេងរៀបរូបបែបដោតជាប់ក្តា (creative mushroom) អាចធ្វើ រូបរាងបានជាច្រើនម៉ូត និងរបស់ផ្សេងទៀតជាច្រើន។ តោះរួសរាន់ទាន់របស់មានស្តុក 070968536(smart)
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Fitoni një SMART Balance Wheel Hoverboard!!! Si ta bëni tuajën? Mjafton të shkruani më poshtë adresën tuaj të emailit për të marrë pjesë në garë! Gara përfundon më 31.03.2020, 23:59 GMT https://bit.ly/2TUkexa
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HALO TEMEN2!! . Buat yg mau cari Hadiah buat anak kesayangan, ini ada yg cocok Nih!! . New HOVERBOARD (SMART BALANCE WHEEL) 8INCH auto balance & BLUETOOH music . - Beban maksimal 100kg - Berat barang 13KG - Kecepatan 10KM/jam - Pengecasan 2-3 jam - Durasi main 5-6jam (kira2 25KM) . Barang lagi READY STOCK YA!! . Jangan ragu berbelanja di toko kami, karena kami ada toko yang beroperasi setiap hari di MEDAN, dan kami juga menerima servis maupun ganti sparepart untuk customer yg berbelanja di toko kami . Jangan lupa FOLLOW IG KAMI @tokoraiden untuk mendapatkan diskon 5% setiap berbelanja di toko kami . Kunjungi toko kami ( RAIDEN )di Plaza Medan Fair Lt 3 No 98 MEDAN WA : 087799549696 (CHAT AJA) ☎ 061 4140598 (CALL) . : Senin - minggu 11.00-21.00 . ✔Kami jg menyediakan jasa Service dan part khusus utk customer yg berbelanja di toko kami, jd udh pasti aman yah kak❤❤ . ✔Untuk yg takut tdk pandai main sesudah beli, ditempat kami akan kami ajari cara mainya, Ayo, kami tunggu kunjungan nya di toko kami ya... . ✔Kami juga menyediakan berbagai jenis mainan yg lg BEST SELLER lainnya seperti : Mobil2 Aki, Rc Drone, Rc Car, Robot, Squishy, Kitchen set, Jam tangan karakter, game watch dan masih byk lainya.. . ✔Tanya Harga melalui DM atau WA aja yah Kak . ✔Kami jg melayani pembeli yg ingin membungkus Kado sebagai Hadiah Ulang tahun (tahu beres & GRATIS....) . ✔Pengiriman utk medan sekitarnya akan kami kirim lgs hari itu jg melalui gosend utk paket kecil, Tp utk paket besar akan kita kirim melalui JNE . ✔Pengiriman utk di luar kota akan kami kirim melalui JNE atau untuk barang yg diatas 5kg dapat Kita pilih Indah Kargo atau sejenisnya yg lebih murah ongkir nya❤❤❤ . ✔Mohon tanya lebih dahulu utk ketersediaan Stok barang Ready!!! . #plazamedanfair#jualhoverboardmedan#jualhoverboard#hoverboardmedan#mainananakmedan#jualmainanmedan#jualmobilaki#mobilakimedan#jualmobilakimedan
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Smart Balance Wheel - Rs 5625 Only Drone Y20 with 3 speeds, one key return, one key flip over and more features - Rs 1575 Drone Y35 with 3 speeds, one key return, one key flip over and more features - Rs 1890 Drone Y33 with 3 speeds, one key return, one key flip over and more features - Rs 2190 For more details, call on 2420319/2170288 Address - 30, Louis Pasteur St, Port Louis Also available for wholesale at a lower price but minimum order quantity should be at least 6pcs per item
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Celebrate your birthday at Barter and get a free round of drinks for your group, register now!
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Ярмарка Мастеров – Главная платформа handmade товаров и дизайнерских вещей ручной работы.
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八十二銀行 - 長野県のトップバンクとして、皆さまに愛される銀行へ
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Conmemoramos los 50 años de Renault en Colombia y queremos que celebres con nosotros en este Festival de la leyenda vallenata, del 26 al 30 de abril y hagas parte de la familia Renault en Tayrona Automotriz en Valledupar!!
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MALUnya husben tegur ketiak dan celah2 berdaki Xperlu nak bimbang, xperlu nak pening2, beli terus je 1set gebuweh sekali dgn toner. Masalah2 dikawasan: Ketiak Leher Celah peha Hilang!! Dgn sekali penggunaan. Whatsapp sekarang akan dapat: ✔50% diskaun ✔Free postage ✔Free lotion pemutih ✔Free slim bag exclusive ✔Jaminan wang dikembalikan Tekan link wasap untuk dapatkan https://senang.la/nak/GebuWeh
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Ever wondered where the ampersand came from? Check out these fascinating stories behind 8 icons we see and use every day.
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Skewer,stirer, straw, cop stick bambu
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Profit Pro gratuito. Opere 200 minicontratos de dólar no mês e tenha tecnologia inovadora sem pagar nada por uma das melhores plataformas do mercado.
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إشتري التأمين الالزامي وضد الغير لسيارتك ب٨٥$ بس. حمل تطبيق Comin واشتري التأمين بأقل من ٩٠ ثانية. للمزيد من المعلومات زوروا موقعنا: https://bit.ly/2NiMt8y
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صن بايتس تقدّملك شكل جديد لشرائح الخبز المحمص بنكهة الزيتون والزعتر البري أو الجبنة والأعشاب الرائعة
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