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صاحب السيارة و الدراجة قرر انه يميزهم بلون واحد! The Beauty & the Beast got a new sexy look! Check what these two pieces of art got: • PPS on the bike • PPS on the BMW 4 series • Bike rims paint to black • Color transfer for both the car & bike to And now Raslan Iseed’s beauty and it’s beast are ready to hit the Jordanian streets with this legendary transformation!
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News Break: Local News & Breaking News
News Break: Local News & Breaking News
Sexy Beast Dog Collars
We promised you guys some leather Fi pics tonight - so here you go! These won't be on the website until tomorrow - I'm sorry - we just ran out of steam! Anyhow, the descriptions re: each collar will be posted in the individual photo captions. There's also a chain martingale version (half-check collar) that I don't have a picture of just yet - but it's coming. All of these collars are lined in our signature chap leather padding - and yes, you can pick colors for everything. Every Fi collar currently going out has the end pieces from Fi already attached - you'll just need to attach your tracker when you receive your collar. There's a link on the website to a video that details this procedure. With our bracket mount, you can remove the whole device for charging, or just detach one side. With the in-line mount, your tracker can be charged without any removal from the collar. A few words on leather vs. Biothane - in general, not just related to our Fi collars... If you and your pup engage in water activities, go with the Biothane. We do use latigo leather in all of our leather collars, and while that stuff is high in stuffed fats and is somewhat water-resistant, leather, as a general rule doesn't love the water. It is also harder to clean - but not impossible. We can recommend some good stuff for that. It's up to you to determine what best suits the daily abuse your collar is going to take. When we were first approached several years ago with Biothane, my first reaction was EWWWWWWWW - NO - it's fake leather. Icky. I am a leather girl through and through (horses and all that). But we bowed to the demand, and brought in some Biothane. And that was an eye-opener - for me, anyway. So I guess what I'm saying is that I am a Biothane convert. LOL. I LOVE the stuff - lots of colors to choose from, and it's pretty hardcore as far as durability. Leather can be as well, but it DOES absolutely require more maintenance. I can't put leather in the dishwasher - Biothane is a solid yes. (Don't judge me, y'all...) That being said, speaking for myself, this household has become a mixed camp - our boys have both - and each has its time and place. So ultimately, the choice is yours. We hope you guys love these as much as we do - please feel free to ask lots of questions! Happy Monday, y'all! ✌️❤️
Sexy Beast Dog Collars
These little pretties will in the shop shortly - as well as a leather Fi collection... we've tried and tested the Fi, and we are a little bit in love - and now, you don't even have to send us your trackers! Fi is providing the end pieces for easy collar swap out! SO COOL. Hope you are as excited as we are! HAPPY THURSDAY, y'all! ✌️❤️
"Old Judas, I'm here!" Berkeley Ye dashed into the cabin and his eyes instantly lit up. He rushed to his grandpa, Judas Ye, and asked, "Hey, what you got in your hands?" "Nothing." Judas’ eyes were twinkling, and he sounded rather guilty. "Why are you looking for me?" Berkeley sat down on a wooden bench, crossing his legs as he asked this. Seeing that Berkeley had stopped asking about what was in his arms, Judas heaved a sigh of relief and said, "I would like you to go to Midsea. One of my old friends is dying of an illness. I hope you can find a way to save him." He pulled out a bench and sat down. Then he took a tobacco pipe from his waist pocket, lit the pipe, and started smoking. "I won't go. You know that I won't go anywhere more than ten kilometers away from Lamb Village. Midsea is too far away! I would have to take the train!" Berkeley gestured while speaking. "This old friend of mine has a granddaughter who started her own company. Most importantly, she is a very beautiful girl... Are you interested?" "Hmph, how do I know if you're telling the truth?" Berkeley pursed his lips. "Of course, it's true. This is a photo of that girl from last year, and there is a message with her address on the back. I'm counting on you to bring back that girl, so I can have my great-grandchildren as soon as possible," Judas said seriously. Berkeley took the photo and his eyes suddenly lit up. "Wow! I’m falling in love with her!" The girl in the photo looked like in her early twenties. She was tall and slim. Her proportions were excellent, exactly at the golden ratio. Her face was so delicate, with white skin, thin eyebrows, and big eyes. She looked charming and elegant. "Since you refuse to go, just stay at home! I'll go instead." Judas took back the photo from Berkeley. "I changed my mind. For you having great-grandchildren, I have decided to make a great sacrifice and leave my hometown. Well, let's not discuss further this matter. We have decided on this." Berkeley said this as he grabbed the photo from him. "Well, alright! And in ten days, there will be a convention for traditional Chinese Medicine in Midsea City. You can take my place there." Judas was secretly pleased. "The Little Devil of Chaos from Lamb Village is finally willing to leave the nest. If he doesn't go now, my life would be meaningless," he thought. When Berkeley completely disappeared from his sight, Judas smirked. "I've finally sent him away. I'm finally free. I don't have to worry about all those pranks anymore. Haha... I'll go to Widow Wang's house tonight, haha!" While feeling happy, Judas touched his chest. Suddenly the smile on his face froze. He rushed out of the door and shouted, "Brat, how could you have taken my stuff away?" Running along the mountain road, Berkeley slowed down until he was sure that the old man couldn't catch up with him. Then he took out a bag sewn with Oxford cloth from his pocket and laughed. "Let me see what good things are hidden in your bag. It feels very thick! Haha!" When he opened the bag, there were only a few pieces of toilet paper. Inside the toilet paper, there was a... a... um, a condom. Berkeley couldn’t help but swear, "How could you… ?” … A white bullet train with the name "Peace" was traveling quickly through the mountains. Berkeley sat in his chair, and his eyes swept over the stewardesses' bodies, with their slender hips and milk-white legs. He gulped and thought, "Oh, my God, the girls on the train wear such short skirts. This is much better than Lamb Village!" "Hey, hey... miss waitress..." Berkeley blinked. He seemed to recall something and shouted at the stewardess, who had just walked past him. His voice attracted the attention of many people. Someone frowned and whispered when seeing that he was a country boy, "This country bumpkin has no manners!" "Are you calling me?" The girl in the short purple skirt turned around and looked at Berkeley. Her voice was very gentle. "Yes, yes, that's right. I'm calling you." He cast a glance at her legs of the black silk stockings. "She's a stewardess, not a waitress! What
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“Do you need the glasses, Prim?” “Ah… yeah.” Her brisk nod doubles the assurance in her eyes. “Unless you want me groping the other contestants as I hunt for the pig? They smell about the same.” I laugh as if my gut isn’t aching from how many times I’ve laughed the past five hours. “They’d probably let you win if you gave them a quick feel-up.” My laughter halts when she says, “Then remove my glasses and point me in the direction of contestant number six. He has sexy bedroom eyes.” Jealousy roars through me like a big, hot beast. “Prim…” She pokes her tongue out when the buzzer announces the start of this round, and even faster than that, she’s chasing a pig almost as big as her around a sloshy pit. I nearly fall off my seat laughing when she dives headfirst into a massive puddle. She slipped straight off the hindquarter of the pig, revealing the oil they lathered him in is doing its job. “You won’t catch him down there. Come on, Prim. I’m craving some bacon.” That jumps her into action. “That’s why I’m going to win. So I can set him free.” With a grunt like she’s double her size, she shoves the contestant she said had dreamy eyes onto his backside before elbowing another opponent in the ribs. When she jumps onto the pig’s back, she holds on like he’s a bull, and she’s striving for the clock to reach eight seconds. “I’m trying to help you,” she screams at the pig, sending laughter across the pavilion. “I won’t let anyone eat you. I promise.” — Colby, The Drop Zone Available NOW!
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A business that stretches itself thin loses focus. And businesses without focus... don’t make money. If you find yourself struggling to get to the next level and find yourself working WAY too hard for your money, I’ve got news for you: “Working HARDER does not make your business WORK.” The best businesses solve 1 major problem for their audience. And that solution is their signature offer, an undeniable, sexy offer that delivers straight to their ideal customer. Developing that offer can be difficult and full of trial and error (and lost dollars). Or you could just take OfferLab. In my 12-month, in-depth program: I cut out all the superfluous ‘ins and outs’ of marketing strategy, and leave you with powerful tools that streamline and increase your revenue stream with a signature offer. Plus, we create your signature funnel FOR you! (So you don’t have to!) If you want a year of in-depth, LIVE coaching support, 22+ hours of trainings, weekly LIVE audibles + Q&A’s, access to our PRIVATE OfferLab community, a 3-day intensive with ME and MORE -- it’s time to join OfferLab and see how you can take your business into BEAST mode. Once you apply for OfferLab, we speak with you to make sure you’re a good fit for the program. So stop stretching yourself thin, and apply today! >>> https://myofferlab.com/application1
SHEFIT® | Rethink Your Sports Bra, Rule Your World.
Shefit Sisters - can your current bra do this? Does your current Sports Bra: ✅: Customize to your unique and insanely amazing body type, in laymen’s terms: are you fitting your bra or is fitting you? Think about that. ✅: In less then 10 seconds can you literally set your level of lift and support? (Who the F wants saggy boobs?) only shefit.com patented technology gives you over 15” of custom vertical lift! ✅: Give you amazing shape with support? Not give you the dreaded UNIBOOB? ✅: Keep you from falling out the bottom? ‍♀️ patented technology gives you over 8” of rib customization so this doesn’t happen again! And oh yeah, ✅: An elastic band that doesn’t actually stretch out after one wear! ✅: Make you feel like the sexy, confident, strong BADASS woman you know you are deep down inside, without having to wear something that looks like it was made for your grandma? (Love you grandma)! ✅: Actually do what a SPORTS BRA is supposed to do? So you can unleash the beast inside of you? ✅: Easy on and off without feeling like you’re a contortionist ✅: Never leave you worrying about a peekaboo show ‍♀️ cause other zippers fail to meet the mark? Not this zipper, fully encased magnetic locking head pull, which will never split or unzip leaving you exposed! 1.ZIP 2.CINCH 3.LIFT -otches! YOU got this!
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***FREE*** “You can’t imagine the things I’ve done in my past. I’m not a good guy; I won’t ever be. I will never be someone who will bring flowers or candy or meet the parents. I don’t do anything else normal guys do for girls. I’m not like them, not even close. There is no white horse and certainly no knight in shining armor in this story.” His tone was ardent. “Does it make you want to run?”
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“Whoever made this tune is a sexy beast”. Jay Pryor “By Now”, out now!
צעצועי מורן | צעצועים לילדים | רשת חנויות צעצועים ו אופניים חשמליים | צעצועים
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Mazda Dealer Brisbane | Mazda For Sale Brisbane, QLD | Grand Prix Mazda Aspley
Lone Pine Brewing Company
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Earn 60,000 bonus miles - and enjoy $0 intro annual fee for the first year, then $99.
Esquire(エスクァイア 日本版)
本革の質感をしっかりと味わえるソファが、20万円以下で急増中! そこで編集長・戸賀が、自らの眼鏡にかなったモデルだけを厳選してご紹介。しかも、こちらで購入も可能なんです!!
ИВ РОШЕ Россия
Happy Baby Club
Westhill | Solid gold & sterling silver rings and chains
University of Waikato
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RNK ผลิตภัณฑ์ดูแลผิว
RNK ขอขอบคุณลูกค้าทุกท่านที่ให้การไว้วางใจสินค้าคุณภาพจากเรา #ยืนยันคุณภาพ ชุดเข้มข้นหน้าใส
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Blaxland Veterinary Clinic
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ОТКРИВАМЕ ЛЕТНИЯ СЕЗОН С ГОЛЯМО ЗАРЕЖДАНЕ И ОТСТЪПКА ДО -20% В МАНИЯ ЯМБОЛ И МАНИЯ СЛИВЕН ТЕАТЪР. ПЕТЪК 15 МАЙ. ОЧАКВАМЕ ТЕ! Виж повече за магазин МАНИЯ ЯМБОЛ тук: https://bit.ly/3dAvBCu Виж повече за магазин МАНИЯ СЛИВЕН ТЕАТЪР тук: https://bit.ly/2LjBzvK Повече информация за отстъпката можеш да намериш тук: https://bit.ly/2SE8RJZ
La Casa Del Mueblero
Barbearia do Galito - Containers
Ivan Moraes
Postani deo letnjeg izazova i osvoji Canon EOS M50 i DJI Mavic Mini dron. Kroz kadar našeg fotoaparata prilagođavamo se sceni koju želimo da zabeležimo. Prethodnih par meseci naučilo nas je koliko je važno prilagoditi se svakom izazovu, pa tako ponašajući se odgovorno, letnje dane provodimo u našem najbližem okruženju upoznavajući se sa svim lepotama koje ono poseduje. ☺️ Do 30. avgusta uz hashtag #GIGArazglednica, podelite sa nama fotografiju ili video zapis i pokažite nam koje su to do sada bile neistražene lepote vašeg okruženja u kojima uživate. Odgovori na naš zahtev fotografijom svoje letnje oaze uz hashtag #GIGArazglednica u opisu fotografije, na svom Facebook ili Instagram profilu i možda baš ti osvojiš Canon EOS M50 fotoaparat. Dok uz hashtag #GIGArazglednica i fotografiju ili video zapis na temu „Iz ptičije perspektive“ stičeš mogućnost da osvojiš DJI Mavic Mini dron. Zaključno sa 30. avgustom, stručni žiri, formiran od strane Gigatron, Canon i DJI kompanije, odabraće 5 fotografija iz svake kategorije koje prema njihovom izboru zaslužuju da uđu u drugi krug. Odabrane fotografije ulaze u drugi krug u kojem svako ima pravo da da svoj glas lajkom fotografije koju smatra pobedničkom. Fotografija sa najvećim brojem lajkova, iz svake kategorije, osvaja vredne nagrade.
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Lind Jensen - Produkter af høj kvalitet med lang levetid
Acceptance Insurance - Insurance Agency for Car, Motorcycles & More
Bestie - Bạn Thân Phái Đẹp | bestie.vn
Claro - Personas | Teléfono celular, teléfono fijo e Internet
Academy of Pastry and Culinary Arts Philippines - Pastry Art course baking
12123 • Barbara Panseri
M'as tu dis bon plan ?
Онлайн-Практикум: Как сделать бизнес системным
Каждый предприниматель проходит 3 стадии развития навыков собственника. ⠀⠀ СТАДИЯ 1: «ВСЕ СДЕЛАЮ САМ – ЛУЧШЕ МЕНЯ НИКТО НЕ СПРАВИТСЯ» ⠀⠀ На начальной стадии бизнесмен руководствуется именно этим принципом. Действительно, вы отлично выполняете одну из функций: – отвечать на звонки клиентов; – выписывать счета; – вести финансовый учет; – заниматься производством продукции; – лично оказывать услугу; – заниматься маркетингом. ⠀⠀ Всегда, когда вы этим занимаетесь, Вы участвуете в основном процессе компании и попадаете в зависимость от бизнеса. Чем больше на Вас текучки, тем больше времени требует бизнес. ⠀⠀ Мысль о перестройке процессов появляется когда вам надоедает приходить на работу раньше всех и уходить позже всех. ⠀⠀ СТАДИЯ 2: ЛИЧНОЕ УПРАВЛЕНИЕ БИЗНЕСОМ ⠀⠀ На второй стадии вы все меньше времени тратите на «текучку» и больше заняты управлением и контролем своих сотрудников. А они в это время: – выполняют работу хуже вас; – делают не то, что им говорят; – всегда знают, какого числа у них зарплата; – срывают сроки и саботируют ваши решения; – не работают без постоянных «пинков». ⠀⠀ Когда вам окончательно это надоедает, Вы либо разгоняете бездельников и возвращаетесь к первой модели, – либо понимаете новый принцип управления бизнесом через систему. ⠀⠀ СТАДИЯ 3: УПРАВЛЕНИЕ БИЗНЕСОМ ЧЕРЕЗ СИСТЕМУ ⠀⠀ Вам не нужно управлять людьми: всеми процессами управляет система, вы лишь работаете над ее совершенствованием. Управление бизнесом через систему - третья стадия развития навыков собственника. Вы передаете сотрудникам свой опыт во всех процессах не в устной форме, а через регламент работы. Вы определяете шаблоны ответов, возражений – и сотрудники начинают работать более эффективно. В регламентах прописываются сроки прохождения заказа, порядок сбора отзывов клиентов и т.д. ⠀⠀ Именно на этом этапе Вы сокращаете свое персональное участие в бизнесе и переходите от личного к инструктивному управлению бизнесом на основе регламентов, должностных инструкций и других элементов системы. ⠀⠀ Если Вы владелец со штатом от 15 до 700 сотрудников и хотите узнать принципы управления бизнесом через систему, регистрируйтесь на практикум «Системный бизнес за 3 дня»! ⠀⠀ Подробная программа и даты проведения — на сайте. ⠀⠀ Жмите "Подробнее"!
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BOX Rosolém / Academia de Funcional Cross Training - Hortolândia
A partir da semana que vem Novidades no @boxrosolem *Cross Kids* Ficamos muito felizes em saber que os pais estão preocupados com a saúde de seus filhos ! Então decidimos ter dois horários específicos para as crianças Idade: 6 a 12 anos 2x na semana de Terça e Quinta Das 17:15 às 18:00 Mais informações: 19 97416-7724