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Ranch Hand Rescue
We see so many children who have suffered all kinds of horrendous traumas, primarily sexual abuse, physical abuse and sex trafficking. Most of our special needs animals have also suffered trauma and neglect. When our counselors partner animals in mental health to help these kids, the results are magical. Our team also encompasses EMDR, CPT, Play Therapy and many other modalities in addition to Animal Therapy. The hard part of what we do is the waiting list of children who need our services. We are adding additional counselors, but because we treat clients regardless of their ability to pay, we also need donations from you to get kids off this list. If you can help us, go to https://www.gifttool.com/donations/Donate?ID=2043&AID=2015 Or go to our website at www.ranchhandrescue.org In the notes just put SPONSOR A CHILD. Thank you for your support of our mission and God Bless!
Jesus paid it all
*THE SIN OF PORNOGRAPHY:* *Porn was not made for entertainment or fun it was made purposely to destroy both the actors and their viewers. It feeds man with lust and makes him hungry for more thus opening their souls for demonic possession. That is what result in masturbation, rape, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Sodomy, Pedophilia and all abominable sexual act.* 1 Corinthians 6:18-19 *Flee fornication. Every sin that a man does is without the body; but he that commits fornication (sexual immorality) sins against his own body*. 19. What? know you not that *your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost* which is in you, which you have of God, and you are not your own? *Ignorant (ungodly) men and women love to watch porn for fun not knowing that they are inviting demons of lust to themselves. Then you commit Masturbation with those demons and becoming a slave sex* *It is a great doorway for demonic entrance*. They don't need to have spare keys to be in your room. *They only need you to watch* their product and they will come in through the walls! If you sit down alone to watch something on the TV please have it in mind that you are not alone. *There are evil beings looking out for your* *weaknesses to attack or better possess you*. When demons get to know that you are weak in a particular area, they will make it difficult for you to overcome it. You will understand why people keep on falling back into the same sin over and over again! *The good news is, you can still win and* *overcome! in Jesus. Through discipline, prayer and fasting.* Otherwise, those demons will put stumbling blocks in your paths to trap you so we can't afford to be careless friends. James 4:7-10 *Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you*. 8. Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. *Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded.* 9. Be afflicted, and mourn, and weep: let your laughter be turned to mourning, and your joy to heaviness. 10. Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up. - *Sadly so many men and women, including some ministers are hooked to porn and are struggling to overcome it after seeing the damaging side of it*. Even some very spiritual pastors fall into it. We should know that the actors are being used by demons to go to that extreme to degrade their bodies because of the money involve and some say because the fleshy pleasure they receive. Frankly money and earthly pleasures are the biggest traps of the enemy to take souls to Hell. *Many Married men and women who get addicted to porn find it difficult to sleep with their own spouses, and when they do they never had enough satisfaction;* young men and young ladies who are not married will also masturbate and have sexual bouts in dreams mostly with spiritual husband and wife. Porn is very addictive, it is easy to watch but hard to walk away from. They have labelled it as *"adult channel"* it isn't so it is *abominable channel!!* A colleague of mine told me years back that it is alright to watch porn with your spouse if you are married, that was a lie! I disagreed with him. I wasn't as ignorant as he was. If Jesus wouldn't watch why should we? knowing that we are His bride and His temple. *People who watch porn end up having strong* *irresistible sexual urges, because they have invited the demon of lust to live in them.* Once the spirit brings up the desire you can't stand the pressure but do it with whoever you get, whether your close relative, a child or even animal . *This has landed many into prison.* The rate at which sex offenders are increasing is alarming in our society. Friends, close your eyes from watching obscene pictures before it destroys you. Some people have the nerves to post porns on Christian sites on Facebook and other social media. Please delete or block such people straight away! *They are sending people to hell! More than 90 percent of things you watch on TV and social media are produced by people who are not seeking to glorify God or help you*. Mostly t
"No, don't do it in front of my father! No! " Grace countless sleep with Charles,at toilet, office, corridor, in the wild. Every time she begged to Charles to give her more. But this time, she was also under Charles, but screamed, "No!" The hands that Charles used to rub all over the woman's body were flirtatious, but now they were heavier than ever, as if the woman had never had sex with her. "No? Oh! Do you forget that you usually unbutton two shirt buttons when you take a cup of coffee for me, and then coquettishly rub on me? " "Did you forget that if you got to the CEO's office early, you'd have to pull up your skirt and sit on my lap for a while?" "Now you say no? For your dead dad who can't move in a wheelchair? " Grace's hands were tied with his tie and she was dragged to a desk by Charles. The old man sitting in a wheelchair in front of the desk was leaning his head, shaking all over, and staring. The old man's mouth crooked, drooling. His face was all red and wanted to express, but the mouth can only make a "woo woo" sound. Grace wanted to run, but was pressed by Charles at the desk. He got into her strongly from behind. Grace wanted to jump off a building to die! This is in front of her father! Charles looked at the old man in the wheelchair, "Stephen, look at your daughter, the only daughter in your life. She is being f..ked by me, and not only that, she became my lover in her freshman year, and when I just gave her one call,.she should clean herself up and take off her clothes and Let me f..k her.” Stephen's mouth can only make the sound of "Woo". Grace has a hoarse throat. Why did the man who pressed her under his body yesterday and called her "baby" become the man today? She couldn't take it for a moment. "Charles! You can't do this to me! " "I can't?" Charles's hands on her boobs and squeeze hard, continue to hit the woman under the body, "Stephen, my mother was cheated by you. She abandoned her husband and son. How did you curse her? You said she was mean. You pushed her into the sea, but you said she took it too hard to kill herself for you! " "I made your company bankrupt, and I didn't even say I'd marry her. She just wants to die on me every day. Haha, if I want her to use her mouth, she'll use her mouth. She is the cheapest thing in the world!" Stephen tearfully tried to prop up his body but fell to the ground. Grace never knew that there was such a feud between Charles and her father! So what was the last decade? The Song family went downhill and went bankrupt when she was in the nineth grade. She knew Charles, who was four years older, when she was the freshman in senior high and he took good care of her. When she was the freshman in the university, she went to his bed. Since then, he almost spoiled her. But since her internship in Gu, he never said to marry her. But she knew the Song family went bankrupt, she had no backing for her. Charles’s woman must be excellent, so she constantly strengthened herself, hoping that one day she could match him. She had loved him for ten years! Ten years! Grace's heart trembles, "Charles!" Why are you lying to me?! Why? " The cry was so sad. "Why? Because Stephen, the animal that should go to hell, have only one precious daughter. He pushed my mother to the sea, and I let his live death. You are not losing. " Grace burst into tears with a smile. She loved a man for ten years, and in the end he only wanted her to feel the tear and break of love. It was not only like living death, it hurted more than going up and down in the oil pot. Grace did not realized that as soon as her strongly stimulated father had just been sent to ICU, she received a subpoena from the court. The crime of infringing commercial secrets! Grace has always loved Charles. She was his most competent secretary. How could she help outsiders reveal company secrets? Plaintiff.-Charles! Grace sat on the ground. Her hands and feet were cold. If Charles did this to her, she must be sent in the prison. Office of the President of Gu's Building. Grace opened the door and looked at the handsome man in the
______________________________ PLUȘICA Vârsta: 2 ani și cinci luni, născută 20.08.2017 Sex: Feminin Carnet de sanatate: deparazitată intern-extern, vaccinată, sterilizată TEST FIV - pozitiv, FELV - negativ ______________________________ POVESTE 01.02.2020: PLUȘICA, un nume unic pentru o experiență unică, o frumuseșe de roialitate tricoloră FIV+. Știți cum se întâmplă la copii, cei diagnosticați cu o anumită problemă de sănătate, cum ar fi cu autism sunt, de cele mai multe ori copiii extraordinar de frumoși? Așa e și experiența noastră cu pisicuțele FIV+, toate care au fost și sunt la noi au o frumusețe aparte, o privire deosebită, o expresie care comunică foarte multe. Suntem mândri să susținem și să promovăm adopția pisicuțelor FIV+, pentru că este o adevărată onoare să fii în prezența lor, să fii cel care are șansa să crească o astfel de pisică. Plușica nu se supără nici să fie crescută și de vreun cățel, i se par interesanți dacă sunt aproape de-o mărime cu ea. Pentru mai multe informații despre FIV și pentru a vedea ce viață normală au aceste pisici accesați pagina: https://www.facebook.com/EveFivAdvocate/ ^^^ SE OFERA SPRE ADOPTIE DOAR PRIN CONTRACT, UNOR PERSOANE RESPONSABILE, CARE ISI DORESC UN MEMBRU DE FAMILIE, NU DOAR UN ANIMAL DE COMPANIE! ^^^ UN ANIMAL ESTE O RESPONSABILITATE PE VIATA! ^^^ ADOPTA! ^^^ Va multumim tuturor pentru incredere, sustinere si ganduri bune! Va multumim pentru ca inca mai credeti in basme! <3 ************************************************* EN: ______________________________ PLUȘICA Age: 2 years and 5 months old, born 20.08.2017 Sex: Female Health book: dewormed, vaccinated, neutered TEST FIV - positive, FELV - negative ______________________________ STORY 01.02.2020: PLUȘICA, a unique name for a unique experience, a royal three-colored beauty FIV +. Do you know how it happens with children, those diagnosed with a certain health problem, such as with autism, are often the most beautiful children? So is our experience with the FIV + cats, all of whom have been and are with us have a special beauty, a special look, an expression that communicates a lot. We are proud to support and promote the adoption of FIV + cats, because it is a real honor to be in their presence, to be the one who has the chance to grow such a cat. Plușica is not even bothered to be raised by a dog, she finds them interesting if they are close to her size. For more information about FIV and to see what a normal life they have, access the following page: https://www.facebook.com/EveFivAdvocate/ ^^^ OFFERED FOR ADOPTION TO A RESPONSIBLE FAMILY, UNDER CONTRACT ONLY, WHO WANT A FAMILY MEMBER, NOT JUST A PET! ^^^ AN ANIMAL IS A LIFETIME RESPONSIBILITY! ^^^ ADOPT! ^^^ We thank all of you for your trust, support and good vibes! Thank you for still believing in fairy tales! <3 ************************************************** CONTACT: contactus.icare@gmail.com, Ramona - 0743779974 ************************************************** PENTRU DONATII / FOR DONATIONS: 1. Conturile bancare sunt / Our Bank Accounts are: Asociatia ICARE EURO: IBAN CODE: RO68BTRLEURCRT0267770301, SWIFT: BTRLRO22, Banca Transilvania, Str. G. Baritiu, nr. 8, Cluj-Napoca 400027, Romania LEI: IBAN CODE: RO21BTRLRONCRT0267770301 2. Paypal: contactus.icare@gmail.com ************************************************** #icare #rescue #adopt #kitten #family #love
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