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Skulpta – SKULPTA
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HBO España
Steven Knight (Taboo) y los productores ejecutivos Tom Hardy y Ridley Scott nos traen su versión de la obra de Charles Dickens con Guy Pearce como Ebenezer Scrooge. Todos los episodios ya disponibles en hboespana.com
Not sure how many of you are still interested in it, but Panini Italy finally managed to send over the additional stock of calendars. So those of you who missed out on the first batch in November and still want to get one, now's your final chance. Calendars will be shipped out to you in the second half of next week. -- Jano https://gum.co/AUfsQ
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Nova minissérie: Um Conto de Natal Do escritor Steven Knight, e dos produtores executivos Tom Hardy e Ridley Scott, chega-nos uma nova adaptação da história icónica de Charles Dickens. Guy Pearce é Ebenezer Scrooge e Andy Serkis é a voz do Fantasma do Natal passado. Vê todos os três episódios de Um Conto de Natal na hboportugal.com.
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Ny miniserie: A Christmas Carol Fra manusforfatter Steven Knight (Taboo), og produsenter Tom Hardy og Ridley Scott, kommer en ny skrekkelig vri på Charles Dickens' ikoniske fortelling. Guy Pearce spiller Ebenezer Scrooge, mens Andy Serkis gir stemme til Fortidens ånd. Se alle tre episoder av A Christmas Carol nå på hbonordic.com.
HBO Nordic
Ny miniserie: A Christmas Carol Från manusförfattaren Steven Knight (Taboo) samt producenterna Tom Hardy och Ridley Scott, kommer en skräckinjagande nytolkning av Charles Dickens klassiska berättelse. Guy Pearce spelar Ebenezer Scrooge och Andy Serkis gör rösten som det förflutnas ande. Se alla tre avsnitt av A Christmas Carol nu på hbonordic.com.
HBO Nordic
Ny miniserie: A Christmas Carol Skaberen bag Taboo, Steven Knight, har skrevet en ny, hårrejsende fortolkning af Charles Dickens’ ikoniske spøgelseshistorie. Tom Hardy og Ridley Scott er executive producers på serien, mens Guy Pearce spiller Ebenezer Scrooge og Andy Serkis ligger stemme til Fortidens ånd (Ghost of Christmas Past). Se alle tre episoder af A Christmas Carol nu hbonordic.com.
HBO Nordic
Uusi minisarja saatavilla: A Christmas Carol Käsikirjoittaja Steven Knight (Taboo) sekä tuottajat Tom Hardy ja Ridley Scott tuovat eloon selkäpiitä karmivalla tavalla Charles Dickensin legendaarisen kummitustarinan. Guy Pearce on varakas mutta saita Ebenezer Scrooge, ja Andy Serkis näyttelee hänen luonaan vierailevaa Menneiden joulujen henkeä. Katso A Christmas Carol -minisarjan kaikki 3 jaksoa nyt osoitteessa hbonordic.com.

Karácsonyi ajándékként egy új minisorozatot hoztunk el nektek. Ezúttal a Tabu írója gondolta újra Charles Dickens hátborzongató szellemtörténetét. A rémmese gerincbizsergető utazás Ebenezer Scrooge (Guy Pearce) lelkének sötét bugyraiba, akit meglátogatnak a múlt, a jelen és a jövő karácsonyának szellemei. A sorozat produceri feladatait Tom Hardy és Ridley Scott látta el. Nézd meg az összes részt az #HBO GO-n! http://hbogo.hu/
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Tres fantasmas de Navidad visitarán al avaro Scrooge para intentar ablandar su duro corazón ¡No te pierdas esta clásica historia en Claro video! http://bit.ly/363kY7O
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Don't be a Scrooge this Christmas - bring the festive cheer with Maker's Mark Limited Edition jumper bottle. #Brrrbon Available in store at ASDA, Morrisons, Saisnbury's, TESCO, Waitrose
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Bag everything on their wish lists for less.
Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles & More | eBay
Bag everything on their wish lists for less.
Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles & More | eBay
Bag everything on their wish lists for less.
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"It's like something Scrooge would do..."
Santa knows we love Christmas here at Rehab Squared - it really is the most wonderful time of the year. To suitably mark this festive season, we wanted to get as festive as we possibly could.... Behold the wonder that is our ‘Festive AF’ snow globe! Considered to be the perfect gift as it suits both the die-hard lovers of Xmas just as much as it appeals to all the miserable Bah-humbuggers out there. Santa and Scrooge equally happy - imagine that?! Our talented elves here at Rehab Squared have been very busy creating a limited number of these snow globes, so why not sleigh on down to Rehab Squared at 9-11 Duke Street to collect your own or even place your order with us via FB if you really can’t be bothered to leave the centrally-heated comfort of your home or office. £24 (inc vat) Worldwide delivery for Xmas also available. Christmas isn’t a season, it’s a feeling. www.Rehab2.co.uk
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Ebenezer Scrooge is back and his "Bah, humbug" won't stop this show! Reserve tickets to A Christmas Carol today!
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Step inside the rehearsal room for A Christmas Carol. Scrooge is back, folks, so get ready for a whole load of humbug in Tom Morris' magical adaptation of Dickens' classic Christmas tale. #ScroogeReturns
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KHOE MÀU TÓC CHẤT, TRỌN TUẦN CÁ TÍNH Hè đến cũng là thời điểm các tín đồ làm đẹp rục rịch chọn cho mình những màu tóc nhuộm rực rỡ và “chất chơi” nhất! Còn bạn thì sao? Bạn đã sẵn sàng F5 diện mạo, cháy hết mình mùa hè này cùng kem nhuộm tóc 2 tuần Colorista từ kinh đô Pháp chưa? Chỉ với vài bước đơn giản, bạn đã có thể dễ dàng sở hữu màu tóc nổi bật, trendy, giữ màu đến trọn 2 tuần: 1⃣: Vuốt màu lần lượt từng phần tóc 2⃣: Đợi 20 phút 3⃣: Gội lại 4⃣: Sấy khô và tạo kiểu tùy theo sở thích Đợi gì không “dậy sóng” Facebook, Instagram ngay với màu tóc cá tính này! “Rinh” ngay tại Lazada’s Birthday với nhiều khuyến mãi: https://bit.ly/2FdzAXy
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¡Conquistá todos tus gustitos con Tarjeta Cencosud! Pedila y accedé a los mejores beneficios para tu hogar.