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BOX'D by Paramount Fine Foods
BOX'D by Paramount Fine Foods
BOX'D by Paramount Fine Foods
BOX'D by Paramount Fine Foods
BOX'D by Paramount Fine Foods
BOX'D by Paramount Fine Foods
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mitzzy ph
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Angela Dimayuga shows how to turn black cherries into a savory vegan salad with charred scallions and creamy raw pistachios.
BOX'D by Paramount Fine Foods
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A very simple and very effective way to reduce plastic usage and CO2 emissions by doing nothing! We are programmed to want all our vegetables pristine and clean and shiny; A conditioning that supermarkets are responsible for. We are harvesting lots of beetroot now and importantly we are leaving dirt on the skin. This soil on the skin of the beets serves such an important function. Unwashed vegetables despite what we are told are healthy and very good for us, they are also very good for the produce and the planet. The soil protects the skin, it keeps moisture in, it keeps the produce fresher, it reduces food waste, it maintains nutrient levels and it removes the need for excess packaging and unnecessary water and resource use. “Good clean dirt” that is how Willie the farmer whom I spent most of my summer’s working with described it. I am not so sure I appreciated his philosophical outlook at the time, who as a young teenage boy was seeing a little too much dirt and not enough fun for his liking. Yet without the soil and the land there would be no food. The consistent weather warnings and non-stop downpours have meant we missed the last outdoor lettuce planting, the land is wet, very wet, and already the deep tractor ruts are forming as we enter and leave the fields daily. These lettuces may still get a shot at life, but it will be a tight turnaround. We want to eek the last bit of juicy goodness out of our tomato plants, but by end of September at the latest we will be clearing these plants, this ground that the tomatoes currently occupy will be turned over in double quick time to get the winter lettuce and salad sown up ideally by the end of September. The land is wet, but it is also translucent in it’s myriad of greens, there are so many, after all it is what our beautiful country is known for. The kales, Green, Red/Green, and black, the deep green broccoli, the green leeks and scallions and onions, the beautiful vibrancy of the celery, so very much different to the supermarket grown for shelf life stuff. The cabbage, pointed, the early savoy’s which we are harvesting now. We grow three types and they each take a different length of time to reach maturity, 90,120 and 160 days, they also vary in colour, the early being deep green, the mid one being greeny blue, and the final one a frosty winter bluey/green, they reflect the seasons. The courgette season is slowing and now because of the constant rain the plants have powdery mildew, not really much we can do about that unfortunately. They will keep producing but at a slower pace. But have a look at the courgettes in your boxes, compare them with the supermarket ones, ours have a dark green and a sheen of vitality that you will not find on the plastic wrapped supermarket shelves. The greens of the fennel, Romanesco, cauliflower, lettuce and salad. It is all green and lovely and vibrant and so good for you, and by the virtue of the way it is grown it is good for the land and nature too. I reckon in my more mature years that Willie was definitely on to something. We need to take good care of the precious dirt we rely on for our food. That which sustains a myriad of life on this planet deserves a lot more respect that it currently gets. As always thanks for your support. Kenneth
BOX'D by Paramount Fine Foods
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Fruits & vegetables you shouldn’t be refrigerating #2 Garlic, onions & shallots With the exception of spring onions and scallions, alliums shouldn’t be stored in the fridge. These bulbs benefit from being kept in a cool, dry, dark place. And make sure to avoid wrapping them in plastic bags. Your shallots, onions, and garlic want to breathe. And breathing in a plastic bag isn’t the easiest thing to do.
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This Chicken Fillet in a Waffle Sandwich recipe from MPOC will soon have you craving these for iftari instead of pakoras and samosas. This sandwich recipe by MPOC is guaranteed to delight your taste buds. Cheddar Pepperoni Waffles Ingredients • 2 cups all-purpose flour • 3/4 cup granulated sugar • 1 tsp salt • 1 tbsp baking powder • 3 eggs separated • 1.5 cups milk • 1 cup unsalted butter melted • 10-12 beef pepperoni cooked and crumbled • 5 tbsp grated cheddar cheese • 3 spring onion chopped Instructions 1. Preheat your waffle iron. 2. In a large bowl, whisk to combine the flour, sugar, salt and baking powder. Set aside. 3. In another bowl, whisk to combine the egg yolks, milk, and butter. Set aside. 4. In a large (and very clean) bowl, use a hand mixer to whip the egg whites to soft peaks. 5. Add the wet ingredients to the dry, and mix until they are almost combined. Add the egg whites, pepperoni, cheese, and scallions to the bowl, and gently fold them in until combined. 6. Portion the batter into your waffle, and cook for approximately 5 minutes, until golden brown. 7. When the waffle has finished cooking, place directly on the wire rack in the oven, to let the steam escape. Finish cooking the remaining waffles, and enjoy! #MalaysianPalmOil #LoveMyPalmOil #MPOCRecipes #MPOCPakistan #StayHomeStayHealthy
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Moo Sarong Chicken Recipe - Thai Food - OhTasty Another way of cooking Moo Sarong recipes with chicken, super delicious. Ingredients : A packet of spagetti noodles purple onion: 60g garlic bulbs: 40g Scallions: 20g Wood ear mushrooms: 22g Sugar: 1 tbs Salt: 1/2 tbs Pepper: 1/2 tbs Paprika: 1/2 tbs Preparation: Soak the wood ear mushroom with hot water for 5 minutes the chicken cut to small pieces Cut to small pieces: purple onion, Scallions, Wood ear mushrooms Mix the chicken with the above spices and puree Spaghetti noodles boil for 5 minutes Wrap spaghetti noodles outside the chicken mixture Fry for 3 minutes and enjoy it. Good luck! #MooSarong #Chicken #Recipe
Achieve mo ang Lemon Chicken with this simple and easy recipe! See the recipe below and visit www.maggi.ph for more Simply Good recipes. Lemon Chicken 4 servings Ingredients: ½ kg boneless chicken thigh, cut into 1-inch pieces 1 sachet 8g MAGGI® MAGIC SARAP® 1 tbsp MAGGI® Oyster Sauce 1 pc egg 2 tbsp all purpose flour 2 tbsp cornstarch 1 cup vegetable oil 1 cup water ¼ cup lemon juice ¼ cup honey 1 tsp sesame oil 2 tbsp cornstarch, dissolved in ¼ cup water 1 tsp toasted sesame seed 1 tbsp sliced spring onion/scallions Procedure: 1. Season chicken with ½ sachet of MAGGI® MAGIC SARAP® and MAGGI® Oyster Sauce. Mix in egg, flour, and cornstarch. 2. Fry in preheated oil until golden brown. Strain and set aside. 3. Simmer water and season with remaining ½ sachet of MAGGI® MAGIC SARAP®. Pour lemon juice, honey, sesame oil, and cornstarch mixture. Simmer until thick. 4. Toss in cooked chicken and cook for another minute. Transfer on a serving plate, top with sesame seeds and scallions. Serve immediately. Simply Good Tip: You may also use chicken breast for this recipe. Just make sure to cut your chicken into 1-inch cubes for faster cooking and crispier coating.
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Easy Cheesy Loaded Potato Soup has all your favorite potato toppings in a warm, satisfying bowl. Cheese, crisp bacon, scallions and of course hearty potatoes in a creamy savory sauce. A real cold weather favorite! https://www.favfamilyrecipes.com/easy-cheesy-loaded-potato-soup/
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她拿著孕檢報告,丈夫卻當著她的面跟別的女人親密…… 孕期:六周,看到B超報告的時候,我被這四個字驚愣在原地,才一次,怎麼就懷上了? 為什麼偏偏是我跟傅慎言要離婚的時候? 告訴傅慎言,他會因此不離婚嗎?不會,反而會覺得我卑鄙無恥,用孩子來要脅他。 壓下心中的鬱結,我將B超報告單塞入包中,隨後出了醫院。 醫院大樓外,耀黑色的邁巴赫裏,車窗開了三分之一,從外看隱隱能看見駕駛位上男人清雋冷冽的眉眼。 豪車美男,自然是吸引了不少路人的眼球。 有錢有顏,是傅慎言的標配,這麼多年,我已經見怪不怪了,忽視了路人的目光,我上了副駕駛。 原本閉目養神的男人察覺到動靜,只是微微蹙眉,並未睜眼只是聲音低沉道,“處理好了?” “嗯!”我點頭,將同醫院合作的合同遞給他,開口道,“陸院長讓我代他向你問好!”今天的合同,原本是我自己過來簽的,順便取自己的體檢報告。 沒想到途中遇到傅慎言,不知道出於什麼原因,他竟然開口順路送我過來。 “這個案子接下來你全程負責!”傅慎言向來話少,沒有接合同,只是淡淡交代了一句,便啟動了車子。 我點頭,不多言。 沉默久了,除了聽話和做事,其他的我似乎不會了。 車子開往市中心,此時已經是傍晚,他不回別墅,打算去哪?心裏雖疑惑,但我向來不會主動追問他的事,索性便沉默了。 想起那張B超單,我一時間不知道該如何向他開口,側目見他雙眸看著前方,目光淩厲,一如既往的冷冽。 “傅慎言!”我開了口,拽著包的手心有些潮濕,想來是緊張,所以出汗了。 “說吧!”冷冰冰的兩個字,沒有多餘的情緒。 他一向對我如此,時間久了,我也釋然了,壓下心中的忐忑,吸了口氣,我道,“我……”懷孕了。 最多不過三個字,但此時他的手機響了,這話硬生生被吞回去了。 “欣然,怎麼了?”有些人的溫柔,註定只會傾覆於一人,或深情,或歡愉,最後都是給予一人。 傅慎言的溫柔是為陸欣然準備的,聽他和陸欣然的對話便知。 不知道電話那頭的陸欣然說了什麼,傅慎言突然踩了刹車,對著電話安撫道,“好,我一會過去,你別亂跑。” 掛了電話,他恢復了滿臉的冷厲之氣,看向我道,“下車!” 毫無餘地的命令。 這不是第一次了,我點頭,將所有的話都吞回肚子裏,開了車門,下車。 我和傅慎言的婚姻,是意外,也是命定,但都與愛無關,傅慎言心裏放了陸欣然,我的存在只是擺設或者說是障礙。 兩年前傅老爺心肌梗塞,在病床上逼著傅慎言娶了我,傅慎言雖然不情願,但礙於老爺子,還是將我娶了回去,兩年來有老爺子在,傅慎言只是當我不存在,如今老爺子斷了氣,他便迫不及待找律師擬寫了離婚協議,就等我簽字了。 回到別墅,天色已暗,偌大的房子裏空蕩得像鬼屋一般,大概是懷孕的關係,沒有食欲,我便直接回了臥室,洗漱睡覺。 迷迷糊糊還未睡熟,便隱隱聽到院子來傳來車子熄火的聲音。 傅慎言回來了? 他不是去陪陸欣然了嗎? 未及多想,便見臥室門被打開,他一身濕意,未曾看我一眼便直接進了浴室,隨後便傳來嘩啦啦的水聲。 他這一來,我是沒辦法繼續睡了,起身將衣服穿好,從衣櫃裏將他的睡衣取出,放置在浴室門口,隨後我便去了陽臺。 已是梅雨季節,外面淅淅瀝瀝的下起了小雨,天色已暗,隱約能聽到雨水打在磚瓦上的滴答聲。 聽到身後有動靜,我回頭,見傅慎言已經出了浴室,下身披著浴巾,頭髮濕濕的,有水珠順著他健碩的身體滴落,男色惑人,莫不過如此了。 大約是察覺到我在看他,他瞧向我,俊眉微蹙,“過來!”毫無情緒的語調。 我習慣性對他服從,腳步走至他身邊,見他將手中的毛巾丟給我,聲音低沉,“幫我擦。” 我一愣,對他突然要求的親密不解。 不過還是依言爬上了床,他坐在床沿上,半跪在他身後給他擦著頭髮。 “明天是爺爺的葬禮,要早些過去老宅。”我開口,倒也不是故意和他扯話題,只是他一心都在陸欣然身上,若是不提,只怕他早已忘記。 “嗯!”應了我一聲,他便再無其他。 知道他不願意與我有過多交流,我也不多說,替他擦幹頭髮我便再次躺在床上,準備入睡。 興許是懷孕的緣故,總是覺得困得厲害,往常傅慎言洗完澡都會去書房待到半夜,不知今夜為何,換了睡衣,他便躺了下來。 雖然奇怪,但我也不多問,只是他突然將我摟住,拉入懷中,隨後細碎的吻落下。 身上的睡衣被他扯落,我一時慌了神,猛的按住他探向那裏的手,不明所以的抬眸看他。 “傅慎言,我……” “不願意?”他開口,一雙黑眸漆黑如夜,淩冽又帶著野性。 我垂眸,是不願意,可由不得我。 我也更加納悶,結婚三年,除了上一次喝醉酒他碰過我一次,期間都沒對我表示過一點欲望。 難道是食髓知味了? “可以輕一點嗎?”孩子雖然才六周,但我不想過激的反應引起他的揣測。 他斂眉,未語,只是翻身,隨後並不溫柔的開始這一切,我疼得卷了身子,只能盡可能的保護孩子不受傷害。 伴隨他的兇猛,窗外的雨也越下越猛,一時間竟打起了雷電,燈影起伏,許久他起身進了浴室。 我疼得直冒冷汗,原本想起身吃些止疼藥,顧忌到孩子,便也放棄了。 “嗚……”床頭櫃上的手機響了起來,是傅慎言的,我抬眸看了看牆上的時鐘,已經11點了。 這個點會給傅慎言打電話的,也只有陸欣然了。 浴室裏的水聲停下,傅慎言裹著浴巾出來,擦開手接起了電話,不知道電話那頭說了什麼。 見傅慎言微微蹙眉,開口道,“欣然,別胡鬧!” 說完,他便掛了電話,準備換衣服離開,若是以往,我可能會假裝視而不見,但此時我猛地拽住傅慎言,軟了聲求他道,“今晚不走可以嗎?” 傅慎言蹙眉,俊朗的臉上浮現出幾分冷冽和不悅,“剛吃到點甜頭,就開始放肆了?” 這話冰冷且諷刺。 我愣了神,一時間不由覺得好笑,仰頭看他道,“明天是爺爺的葬禮,你就算再放不下她,是不是也應該有個分寸?” “威脅?”他眯起黑眸,猛地掐住我的下頜,聲音低沉冷冽,“沈姝,你長本事了。” 我清楚的知道,想要留下他,根本不可能,但有些事總要試試,抬眸直視著他,我道,“我同意離婚,但我有條件,今晚你留下來,陪我參加完爺爺的葬禮,葬禮過後我立馬簽字。” 他眯起了眼,漆黑的眼睛裏噙著諷刺譏誚的笑意,唇角微動,“取,悅我。”他松了手,眯了眯眼睛,湊到我耳邊,“沈姝,任何事都要靠自己的本事,光靠嘴沒用。” 他的嗓音沙啞透了,帶著一絲撩饒低沉,我知道他的意思,抬手環住他的腰,仰頭去夠他的唇,兩個人的身高差距過大,這樣的動作,讓我顯得滑稽又可笑。 男女之事,我懂的不多,憑著直覺伸手去解他腰間的浴巾,耳邊有他的呼吸聲,我知道他有反應了,心裏說不出是什麼樣的滋味,用這樣的方式留住喜歡的人,還真是.....可憐。 浴巾落地,我將指尖緩緩下滑,猛的手被他按住,我抬眸,見他目光漆黑隱約帶著幾分不可窺探的撩繞,“行了!” 淡漠冷冽的兩個字,我愣了愣,有些不知道他是什麼意思,見他扯過床上的灰色休閒睡衣優雅的套在了身上。 一時間愣了愣,隨即便反應過來,他這是……留下了? 還未來及高興,便聽到窗外伴著雨聲隱約傳來的女子聲音,“慎言……” 我一愣,不及傅慎言反應快,見他幾步跨到陽臺上,隨後見他一臉陰沉的扯了大衣便出了臥室。 陽臺外,陸欣然站在大雨下,穿著單薄的衣裙,任由雨水肆意,原本就病嬌的美人,此時在雨中更加顯得楚楚可憐。 傅慎言將帶下去的大衣披在她身上,不及責怪她,陸欣然便猛的抱住了他,在他懷裏低聲啜泣。 看著這場景,我突然明白,為什麼我陪了傅慎言兩年,但依舊比不過陸欣然的一個電話了。 傅慎言擁著陸欣然進了別墅,帶著她上了樓,我站在樓梯口,垂眸看著被雨淋濕的兩人,擋住了他們的去路。 “讓開!”傅慎言開口,音色冷厲陰戾,一雙黑眸厭惡的看著我。 難過嗎? 我也不知道,但比心更疼的是眼,它親眼看著心愛的人是如何寶貝別人,踐踏自己的。 “傅慎言,當初結婚的時候,你答應過爺爺,只要我沈姝在這裏一天,你就不會帶她進這裏一步。”這裏是我和傅慎言僅有的共同生活的地方,我將他的無數個夜晚都讓給了陸欣然,為什麼最後還要污染這一步屬於我僅有的地盤。 “呵!”傅慎言突然冷笑,一把將我扯開,冷聲道,“沈姝,你太看得起你自己了。” 多麼諷刺的一句話,看著他擁著陸欣然進了客房,我終究只能當個旁觀者一樣看著。 這一夜,註定不安定。 陸欣然在外面淋了雨,原本身體就虛弱的她,一場大雨讓她發起了高燒,傅慎言寶貝她,一邊給她換了衣物,一邊用毛巾給她物理降溫。 可能看著我在一旁礙眼,冷冷看了我一眼道,“你回傅家老宅住吧!欣然這樣,今晚是回不去了。” 這個時間點讓我回傅家老宅?呵呵…… 是我礙眼了。 看著傅慎言良久,我居然不知道自己應該說點什麼來提醒他,老宅離這裏有多遠,現在多晚,我一個女人過去,有多麼不安全。 但,這些他根本不在乎,他在乎的,是我在這裏會不會妨礙到陸欣然休息。 壓下心中的酸澀,我終究還是平靜道,“我回臥室就行,現在過去老宅……不合適!” 他不愛惜我,我總不能也隨著他糟踐自己。 轉身離開客房,在走廊上遇到匆匆趕來的程雋毓,見他修長的身上還穿著黑色睡衣,可能來得急,沒有換鞋,衣服也濕了大半。 走廊並不寬敞,狹路相逢,他微微一愣,正了正衣襟開口道,“沈小姐,我過來給欣然看病。” 陳雋毓是傅慎言的生死之交,有人說,一個男人有沒有把你放在心上,你只要看看他身邊的兄弟對你的態度就知道了。 不用看態度,就聽聽稱呼就知道了,我沈姝似乎永遠都只有一個稱呼——沈小姐。 多麼禮貌又生疏的稱呼啊! 人不能摳太多細節,否則會心生鬱結,扯了抹笑,給他讓了條道,我開口道,“嗯,進去吧!” 有時候我是真的特別羡慕陸欣然,她只要掉幾滴淚,就可以擁有我花半生努力都得不到的溫暖。 回了臥室,我找了一身傅慎言沒有穿過的衣服,抱著出了臥室,下了客廳。 程雋毓給陸欣然看病很快,量了體溫,開了退燒的藥,便準備離開。 下樓見我站在客廳了,他疏離一笑,“時間不早了,沈小姐還不睡嗎?” “嗯,一會睡!”我將手中的衣服遞給
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DEV KAMPANYA - DÜĞÜN PAKETİ ALAN HER MÜŞTERİMİZE 3 GECE 4 GÜN TATİL HEDİYE ☑️ Herhangi bir çekiliş veya herhangi bir kura yok, ☑️ Fiyat kotası veya şu ürünleri alırsanız diye, bir zorunluluk yok, ☑️ Bizim belirlediğimiz, herhangi bir düğün paketini alanlar. ☑️ Kendi düğün paketini kendisi oluşturanlar ☑️ Firmamızda, düğün paketlerinde olduğu gibi, en az 3 ürün alan her müşterimiz. ☑️ Kütahya, Aydın (Kuşadası) veya Yalova'da anlaşmalı olduğumuz otellerden herhangi birinde, 3 gece 4 gün tatil yapma hakkı kazanmış demektir. ☑️ Bizden ürün aldıktan sonra 10 gün içinde otel yetkilileri tarafından, en yakın şubesine ziyaret için davet edileceksiniz. ☑️ Size verdiğimiz hediye kuponu, otel yetkililerine gösterdiğiniz takdirde, herhangi bir üçret ödemeden, 3 gece 4 gün hediye tatiliniz için rezervasyonunuzu direk yaptırabilirsiniz. ☑️ Tatil hakkını kazan müşterilerimiz en fazla 2 yetişkin + 2 çocuk için rezervasyon yaptırabilmektedir. ☑️ Bu tatil hakkınızı 1 yıl içerisinden herhangi bir zaman diliminde kullanabilirsiniz. ☑️ Detaylı bilgi için canlı destek ekibimizden veya 0 545 787 53 78 - 0 543 456 20 16 numaraları arayarak bilgi alabilirsiniz. ........................................................................................... #düğünpaketi #gelinlik #chester #chesterkoltuk #turkiyekazanacak #inegölmobilyası #evim #benimevim #inegöl #koltuk #koltuktakımı #yatakodası #köşetakımı #tvünitesi #masasandalye #inegölmobilya #mobilyum #mobilyumavm #dekorasyon #evdekorasyonu #mobilya #kadın #kadınca #kadınlarkulubü #home #homedecoration #tatil #englishhome #çeyiz #çeyizalışverişi
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Почитувани избирачи, Започнува финалната битка. Ова е нашата Платформа со ДЕСЕТ стратешки определби да си ја вратиме нашата земја, нашата татковина - Република Македонија со поништување на антимакедонските договoри со кои се брише се што е македонско, ▶️Да расчистиме со криминалот, корупцијата и грабежот и да го воспоставиме системот во кој ќе имаме држава со стандард на народот што сите го поскакуваме Систем во кој ќе има и ревизија и одземање на украденото од транзициските и постранзициските бандити кои од позиција на власт украдоа преку 15 милијарди евра во изминатите 30 години. Силно сме убедени дека определбите во Платформата се достижни, но, нивното остварување претпоставува една претходна ситуација - на изборите народот повеќе нема право на грешка. ❤️Сите внатрешни анкети на дпмне и сдс им покажуваат дека Единствена Македонија е најсилната партија од вистинскиот опозициски блок. Ова се определбите во кои веруваме и се заветуваме пред Природата, Господ, Македонскиот народ и државјаните на Република Македонија дека нема да отстапиме од нивното исполнување. 1️⃣1️⃣Ние ќе се бориме, од Вас и вашата волја зависи дали во тоа ќе успееме.На гласачкото ливче број 11 #ЕдинственаМакедонијаВоПарламентот Определба број 2:
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Ανακάλυψε λαμπερά κοσμήματα που θα αναβαθμίσουν την εμφάνιση σου!