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Royal Brothers - Bike Rentals
There are almost 20 long weekends in 2020 – why spend them indoors when you can explore the outdoors Let wanderlust take you places. Start ☑ places off your bucket list and visit dream destinations without about how to get there. At Royal Brothers, we fuel your passion for travel. Rent a bike from Royal Brothers and experience the best of Indian landscapes. Escape the concrete jungle and become one with nature. Explore the vast reaches of the undulating Indian terrain. Go off-course where trampling feet have not yet disturbed nature. Awaken your wanderlust with the rising sun and chase the sunset to the edge of the earth. Make a list of all the places you want to visit across the Indian sub-continent, then start ticking them off one by one! When you rent a bike from Royal Brothers, you get the best view from every angle. And there is no better feeling than the swell of freedom with each kilometer you cross. Reach out to an unpredictable life, the one where there are no rules and adventure stretches out in front of you like the Deccan plateau. Explore the length and breadth of the motherland. Ride down the Malabar coast or find nirvana at a snowclad basecamp. Make sure you stop for a break and taste Indian cultures on a plate. The world is an exciting place with so many breath-taking experiences that you can’t afford to miss out on. Don’t let crowded tourist hotspots slow you down when you can travel at your own pace and leisure, guided by the perfect itinerary. Make the most of 24 hours. You never know where a little detour might take you. Ride out to meet your destiny and seek inspiration from the canvas of nature. It’s the call of the wild. Are you answering? Don’t let your everyday routine hold you back. Meet your destiny at the fork in the road. We promise you, you won’t come home the same way you left. There is so much to discover with every turn in the road. Open your eyes to life with a panoramic view. Life is waiting for you. Get out and experience it. Escape the ordinary and experience the extraordinary. Hit the refresh button and get a new perspective on your outlook when you rent a bike and travel to destinations unknown. The world is your oyster and you can get so much inspiration when you travel and get to meet new people and discover different cultures. WHY RENT A BIKE? Ever wondered what it feels like riding a Harley Davidson Street Rod 750 along the NH4? How about taking a ride on Royal Enfield Bullet 350 along India’s Southern routes, with its picturesque landscapes and pristine skies? Go off-road atop a Royal Enfield Himalayan for one-on-one time with wildlife. Renting a bike means that you get to take a spontaneous trip whenever you want, without wondering when you should get back. Rent per the hour, for short-term or long-term rentals starting at less than Rs. 50 per hour. ⏲ Getting delayed? Extend your rent time and continue to explore, free of worries. When you think of Royal Brothers, think of TRUST You’re not just renting a bike with us – you’re becoming a part of an international biking brotherhood that stretches across borders, ethnicities and orientations. Our community of bikers are known for their penchant to rule the road and treat their bikes like members of their own family. With us, you’re always welcome. Royal Brothers kick-started business in 2015, and today we are present in 40+ cities across India, with no intention of slowing down. Our fleet includes scooters for local commute, as well as bikes and superbikes that will make travelling across India such a breeze. We’ve so far serviced over 2.5 lakh customers and covered 20.5 million kilometres (and counting). We are the single largest owner of Royal Enfield motorcycles in the country. When you rent a bike from us, we take care of the paperwork. Rent serviced bikes from our fleet that lets you go places. Experience riding a bike like it’s your own, without the liability of ownership. All our bikes go through a rigorous vehicle health check-up with every use, so you can be
Shivneri School
Looking for the best boarding school for your kid? Enroll your kid with Shivneri school, a CBSE Residential Co-Educational School for Nursery and Grade I to Grade XII. Apply now!
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NHẸ BẪNG NHƯ LỤA TẰM - SANG TRỌNG NHƯ LỤA TẰM - NGỌT NGÀO NHƯ LỤA TẰM Bộ sưu tập “Lụa tằm” mới nhất của KB Fashion đã ra mắt với những items xinh đẹp nhất, chất liệu mát mẻ nhất giúp các nàng thơ luôn rạng rỡ, nhiều năng lượng và tươi mới trong những ngày hè. Tơ tằm luôn toát lên vẻ đẹp sang trọng, quý phái và tao nhã. Lớp vải tằm mỏng mịn, thoáng mát được xử lý chống nhăn tuyệt đối Với độ co giãn nhẹ, vải lụa tằm cho người mặc vận động thoải mái, dễ chịu, giữ form trang phục tốt nhất. Những chiếc váy lụa tơ tằm được cắt xếp tinh tế, những thiết kế Puff sleeves (tay phồng) hay những chiếc áo với phần đai eo cách điệu thanh lịch, những dáng váy suông dài. Nhẹ nhàng ôm lấy cơ thể, BST lụa tằm của KB làm nên một cơn gió mùa hạ tươi mát, ngập tràn nguồn năng lượng tích cực Với những ưu điểm đó, trang phục từ lụa tằm luôn là lựa chọn số 1 của những cô nàng sành mặc. Bạn đã sở hữu cho mình những items hot nhất trong BST lụa tằm mới của KB chưa nhỉ? ✨✨ ĐẶC BIỆT, TITI ĐANG CÓ ƯU ĐÃI FREESHIP TRÊN TOÀN QUỐC Inbox ngay cho chúng mình để được tư vấn chi tiết hơn nhé ^^ ☎ Hotline: 039.538.4141 Địa chỉ: 22C Thành Công, Ba Đình, Hà Nội
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Mazda à En Beauce, à St-Georges-de-Beauce. Concessionnaire Mazda à En Beauce, à St-Georges-de-Beauce - Sittelle Mazda
, ̀ Sittelle Mazda! Venez nous voir en concession pour profiter de nombreuses offres exceptionnelles. 1-866-928-4815 www.sittellemazda.ca/details-promotion/Ce+9_10_11+Avril+chez+Sittelle+Mazda-new-id17.html
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FDP offerts dès 49€ ⋄ Retour Gratuit •●• Soutient des marques indépendantes ♡
J. Nicole Boutique
Apply To Become An Ambassador Would you like to receive 50% off sitewide for a month? All you have to do is apply to be an ambassador! We will be accepting 2 ambassadors each month, applications may be turned in at any time during the month for the following month. What you will receive: 50% off site wide for the entire month that you are chosen for the ambassador position. First looks at new arrivals before they go live on the website. You might be featured on our Instagram, Facebook or even our website. HOW TO APPLY: Send an application to jnicoleboutique@outlook.com APPLICATION MUST INCLUDE: 1 head shot photo. 1 full body photo (no group photos, single only) Facebook and Instagram handles Tell me why you would be a good ambassador and what type of influence you could create. Your full name, age and state you live in. REQUIREMENTS: You must be active on social media You must present a positive influence on social media. You MUST post a photo in J. Nicole Boutique clothing each week and tag our social media pages. You must be following all of the J. Nicole Boutique social media accounts. Good luck ladies!
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Astral Fable is coming out, try for 5 minutes! Begin your fantasy journey, play free now!
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กลับมาแล้ว สินค้ายอดนิยมของเรา!! THE MAGICIAN (ดำ) & THE LOVERS (ขาว) ✓ ส่งฟรีทั่วประเทศไทย ✓ รับประกันนาน 6 เดือน ✓ กันน้ำสาด Splash Proof IPX5 Shop ด้วยบัตร http://zaceworld.com/bracelets โอนเงินผ่านไลน์ http://bit.ly/ZaceLine สาขาในไทย http://zaceworld.com/store-th *ห้างสรรพสินค้าจะพร้อมขายทุกสาขาภายในอาทิตย์หน้า
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BOSTHLM - Mäklare Södermalm, Kungsholmen och Älvsjö i Stockholm
Vänligen kontakta fastighetsmäklaren för bäst service Mvh Kalle Borgström, 070-820 60 03, kalle@bosthlm.se Drömbostad i populära Blåsut med två balkonger Inflyttningsklart i slutet av maj. Kontakta mäklaren redan idag för mer information.
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A Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Últimos Dias em Portugal
Independentemente do lugar onde vive, o que pode fazer para ajudar outros nesta época Natalícia? Saiba mais sobre #IlumineOMundo em https://www.igreja-jesus-cristo.pt/ilumineomundo2019
Bridal Spectacular
LAS VEGAS CONVENTION CENTER JULY 19 & 20 Wedding planning at Vegas' largest bridal expo. July 19 & 20 at Las Vegas Convention Center South Hall Facing Swenson. Park in the Platinum Lot. Everything you need in a festive and fun filled wedding shopping day. From photographers to wedding venues we have it all! Helping engaged couples plan their weddings since 1991! Image by Ella Gagiano Studios
Főoldal - Új-Ház Centrum Budapest Zrt.
▶ Új-Ház Falazóhabarcs HF-30 | 1.150 Ft/zsák | 40kg | 28,75 Ft/kg Az újHÁZ Centrum saját márkás építőanyagai a magas minőség mellett gazdaságos megoldásként szolgálnak 1 liter készhabarcs=1,6kg porhabarcs https://bit.ly/2Grtouo *Az ár minimum egy raklap vásárlása esetén érvényes. Kisebb mennyiség vásárlása esetén, a termékek ára 1.250 Ft/ zsák. Ajánlatkérés: https://ujhazbudapest.hu/kerjen-arajanlatot www.ujhazbudapest.hu ÚjHáz Centrum Budapest Zrt. Diósd, Balatoni út 10, Tel: 06-23-888-788 Budapest, XXI. kerület II. Rákóczi Ferenc út 372/B, Tel: 06-1-300-2500 #újház #újházcentrum #falazóhabarcs #tégla *Az árváltozás jogát fenntartjuk! Az aktuális árakról érdeklődjön értékesítőinknél!
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Portal do Ó - Freguesia do Ó e Região
TEM PAIXÃO POR AÇAÍ? AGORA VOCÊ TEM MAIS UM MOTIVO PARA SE DELICIAR! PEÇA POR DELIVERY. A La Fruta Açaí, no Bairro do Limão, oferece diferenciais e um deles está na qualidade do produto. O creme tem consistência homogênea - você não encontra pedrinhas de gelo e nem grãos do açaí ou de açúcar. No cardápio opções como copos, tigelas, barcas, taças com mais de 40 tipos de acompanhamentos escolhidos pelo cliente. Lanches naturais, sucos e até aquela "geladinha" para matar a sede estão no cardápio. Além do atendimento presencial, a loja conta também com o sistema 'Delivery'. Peça agora! (11) 9-9010-2963 Av. Casa Verde, 3527 - trav. da Celestino Bourrol Funcionamento: 2ª a 6ª feira, das 12h às 22h; aos Sábados, das 13h às 22h; aos Domingos, das 14h às 21h Estacionamento próprio gratuito. Aceitam cartões de débito, crédito, Sodexo, VR, Alelo Refeição.
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