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TIME CENTER ROTARY WATCHES تايم سنتر الوكيل المعتمد لشركة ROTARY في ليبيا. للاستفسار 0918684868 #time_center #watches #Rotary #تايم_سنتر
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Battery so large that you forget to recharge & Fast Charging ensures your phone is ready when you are! #BuiltForTheEraOfLive #GalaxyA50 #GalaxyA70 #SamsungPakistan
これでファンになっていただいた方も多かったんですよね!ご要望の多かった字幕を入れてみました。 Esta es una versión completa de la canción "月光 (luz de la luna / luz da lua / moonlight)" que se reprodujo en la película "Play Samba Alone". ¡Por favor, disfruta! Esta é uma versão completa da música "月光 (luz da lua / luz da lua)" que foi reproduzida no filme "Play Samba Alone". Por favor aproveite! Это полная версия песни «月光 (лунный свет / луз да луа / лунный свет)», сыгранной в фильме «Играй самбу». Пожалуйста, наслаждайтесь! នេះជាបទចំរៀងពេញលេញនៃបទចម្រៀង "月光 (ពន្លឺព្រះច័ន្ទ / លូហ្សូឡា / ពន្លឺព្រះច័ន្ទ)" ដែលត្រូវបានចាក់នៅក្នុងខ្សែភាពយន្តរឿង "លេងសាំបាម្នាក់ឯង" ។ សូមរីករាយ! This is a full version of the song "月光 (moonlight / luz da lua / moonlight)" that was played in the movie "Play Samba Alone". Please enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z49qzFfwp3M
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❤️ ! ❤️ Dames dames, niet duwen en trekken bij de ingang sil vous plait! Johnny 500 moet namelijk ook nog kunnen performen op onze outdoor Mainstage! Het gaat een verleidelijk uurtje worden met deze champ on-stage, dus oefen je twerk-skills maar vast! Kijk voor kaartjes op www.beetjedansen.nl. #BeetjeDansen Mainstage Johnny 500 - Yung Felix - PURI - BIGGI - The Boy Next Door - Vunzige Deuntjes Soundsystem - REWIND Soundsystem - Team Rush Hour - DAISY - JeMatthy - Lanx & Bruxelles Disco Snolly Hosting! Team Disco Snolly - Keezus Christus - Diskopogo - De Manager INFO Tijd: 14.00 - 01.00 Locatie: Oisterwijksedreef, Haaren Leeftijd: 17+, ID verplicht NIX18
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Só a Samsung tem 13 anos de liderança em vendas de TVs no mundo, controle remoto único, conexão Bluetooth e Wi-Fi, design com cabos escondidos, TV 4K mais fina da categoria e tela sem pixel branco. Descubra tudo isso na nova TV 4K 2019 RU7100. #SoASamsungTem.
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Coaches : Why I stopped posting social media trying to become well known in my industry as it stopped me getting clients...In fact, I’ll show why any coaching business is doomed to fail…. unless they grasp this concept to get clients….. Another day, another article, after spending 67 mins hammering at the keyboard giving my heart and soul in this ‘breakthrough article’ that would finally, get me clients (bearing in mind this was the 15th this month and so far a few nice comments but not a sniff of a sale so far the odds were like going to Vegas and putting my life savings on ‘red’)…it was ready to unleash to the world…. But… first I had to remember all the marketing steps that the ‘marketing experts’ told me to actually now get the thing our there, now what was it… oh yes, take the article, turn it into a blog post, then record the audio of it and turn it into a podcast, then take the article and create a powerpoint and record it as a video… .the list just went on and on… Heck I haven’t even got the ‘lead magnet thingy’ (is that what they called it?) out there as I had just wasted another 2 hours transforming it into a ‘marketing tsunami’ that apparently would consistently get me clients day in day out… Oh yes I forgot, then there was the social media platforms to post it to, all five of those…. great another hour wasted! Still need to do it to actually get me and my brand out there… right? After doing this cycle over and other for months, I got one thing.... yes one client, just the one and they didn’t pay me fully and messed me around. Enough was enough there had to be a better, and most importantly simpler and quicker way to get me out there WITHOUT having to master all the marketing platforms …. all just to get a client. What if I could get it to get me not just any client but, high paying, high quality clients that bought my highest priced program without me trying to convince them that I was the logical choice to help them? So I spent the next 6 months, testing, tracking and tweaking to come up w
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🟢 MÁS vendido en Latinoamérica 🟢 🔥 Multifuncional🔥 🎯Potente picador de mano de 3 velocidades😮, ideal para verduras, frutas, carne, nueces y alimentos nuestros bebés💖 Ordénalo aquí👉 http://bit.ly/Cutting1 Ordénalo aquí👉 http://bit.ly/Cutting1
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Ρεύμα Φθηνότερο και απο το Νυχτερινό όλη την ημέρα από την Φυσικό Αέριο Ελληνική Εταιρεία Ενέργειας. ⚡ Έκπτωση Ρεύματος έως 45% ⚡ Μόνο με 0,0659€ / kWh Δείτε Εδώ → bit.ly/31kjhQm Μοναδικά Δώρα ↓ ✓ Ασφάλιση Περιεχομένου έως 3.000€ ✓ Επείγουσα Τεχνική Βοήθεια στο Σπίτι
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