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✅ Stay Healthy this Flu Season! ✅ Fashion Reusable Comfortable. ✅ Face Mask with PM2.5 filter.
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Soft and breathe well. It is comfortable enough not to rub your face, suitable to wear in anytime. Suitable for wearing indoor household and outdoor travel, hospital, train, airport, street, and any other public places. Ideal for protecting you from Dust, Germs, Flu, Allergies, Fog, Smoke, Pollution, Ash, Pollen, Crafts, Gardening, Travel, Anonymity. Just enjoy a clean and healthy environment freely! Washable Reusable Mask.
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Doktorka Amanda Hess bila je u bolnici pripremajući se za rođenje svog drugog deteta kad je dreka iz druge prostorije prekinula njen porođaj. Ženi u susednoj prostoriji je bio potreban hitan porođaj, a njen doktor nije bio u bolnici. Doktorka Hess je ustala sa stola, prebacila mantil preko sebe, otišla u susednu prostoriju i porodila ženu, nakon čega se vratila na svoj porođajni sto i rodila devojčicu Ellen Joyce. Izvor fotografije: @DrHalaSabry.

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အားလပ်ရက်တွေရှိနေပေမယ့် ကိုယ့်အိမ်တွင်းမှာပဲနေထိုင်ရမယ်ဆိုတော့၊ အချိန်တွေကို အကျိုးရှိအောင် အကောင်းဆုံးအသုံးချနိုင်ဖို့ Aung Myin Learning App နဲ့ "Marketing, HR စတဲ့ စီးပွားရေးလုပ်ငန်း စီမံခန့်ခွဲမှုပညာရပ်တွေ" ကို လစဉ်ကြေးနဲ့လေ့လာနေလိုက်ပါ။ #AungMyin
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Sommerferie i Danmark? Få et OK Benzinkort, og vær klar til sommerferien – uanset om du skal over broen, tanke eller vaske bilen.
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Swedish Rangers Supporters Club
This picture is colourised by George Chilvers from the FB-group "Football Kits The World Over ". It's a picture from the 1945 friendly game between Rangers and the touring Dynamo Moscow team at Ibrox. This Dynamo side was top class, winning the Soviet Championship 1936, 1937, 1940 before the second world war interrupting all European football. Since back then there was no European Cups so the only way to test your strenghts against foreign opposition was to go on a tour of friendlies wich was exactly what Dynamo did in November of 1945. Dynamo had previously on the tour played 3-3 vs Chelsea, 10-1 vs Cardiff and 4-3 vs Arsenal showing that they indeed was a power in European/World football. The game had an historical element unheard of in British football at the time, a strange request from the Soviets: they demanded that substitutions be allowed Another bizarre thing at the time was that the Dynamo team came on to the pitch before kick-off for a pre-match warm-up! 95,000 fans turned up at Ibrox on 28th of November to see a thrilling 2-2 draw. The next time the two sides met again would be in the Final of the 1972 European Cup-Winners’ Cup with Rangers winning 3-2 at the Camp Nou in Barcelona. Den här bilden är färglagd av George Chilvers från FB-gruppen "Football Kits The World Over ". Det är en bild från en vänskapsmatch 1945 när Rangers mötte ett turnerande Dynamo Moskva på Ibrox. Detta Dynamolag var ett mycket bra lag, de hade vunnit Sovjetiska mästerskapet 1936, 1937 och 1940 innan andra världskriget satte stopp för all fotboll i Europa. Då det på den här tiden inte fanns några Europeiska cuper så var det enda sättet att mäta sina krafter med utländskt motstånd helt enkelt att ge sig ut på en egen turné av vänskapsmatcher, vilket var precis vad Dynamo gjorde i november 1945. Dynamo hade tidigare under denna turné spelat 3-3 mot Chelsea, 10-1 mot Cardiff och 4-3 mot Arsenal och därmed visat att de minsann var en stormakt inom Europeisk och därmed världsfotbollen. Matchen som sådan innehöll en historis