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News Break: Local News & Breaking News
News Break: Local News & Breaking News
News Break: Local News & Breaking News
Cardiology Journals, Reviews, Education, Guidelines and News | Radcliffecardiology
Join this world-class faculty in a practical studio-based broadcast, that will combine discussions, presentations, and a live case, led by Prof Lurz, which will demonstrate the PASCAL repair system for the treatment of Mitral Regurgitation
Cardiology Journals, Reviews, Education, Guidelines and News | Radcliffecardiology
Join this world-class faculty in a practical studio-based broadcast, that will combine discussions, presentations, and a live case, led by Prof Lurz, which will demonstrate the PASCAL repair system for the treatment of Mitral Regurgitation
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STOP Creating Content That You THINK Your Audience Wants To Hear... Online course creators, service providers and coaches spend so much time wondering "what does my audience want from me, that'll get them to engage with my content?" Asking that question is one of the biggest mistakes online business owners can make with their content. If you want to grow a following where your audience is CONNECTED, ENGAGED, and CANNOT WAIT to buy your product or service you need to be focusing on THREE main content pieces. These three categories that I teach you in my FREE Content That Influences Training are the three main types all leaders in our industry use, and you may not even realize it. Click the link around this video to learn how to create content that is consistent instead of scattered, authoritative instead of invisible, and valuable instead of a regurgitation of what everyone else is teaching in your niche.
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Regurgitation of long, descriptive phrases is a common technique many students apply in composition exams to score additional marks. However, stress and anxiety during exams can often cause them to have trouble focusing. At The Learning Lab, we believe in helping our students expand their vocabulary bank organically with consistency. Our curriculum and learning materials are focused on helping your child build strong vocabulary skills, in contrast to blunt rote learning and memorisation. Find out how our English programmes can support your child through his or her learning journey.
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[Complimentary for 1st 10 signups only] Sharing session by our ex-Raffles Institution team. Learn how to score 20 more marks (for each subject) and finally achieve A* for PSLE Math & Science in just 2 hours with us. Finally, a thinking process driven approach to tackle PSLE Math & Science! Most students tend to overly focus on memorisation of concepts and drilling through practices. Does this work? Only to some extent. Is it a long term solution? No! As you’ve already seen, PSLE is changing. The Old PSLE we ourselves took dozens of years ago involved mostly memorisation and regurgitation. But the New PSLE tests thinking processes. Memorisation and regurgitation works if you are aiming to score up to a B, or if you are lucky, an A. That’s exactly why in recent years, students are consistently stumped by “tricky” questions that go viral online with lots of complaints from parents. Actually, all that has to be done is to nurture their thinking process. Nurturing a child’s thinking process consists of simple steps which don’t require additional effort on top of what they’re already putting in for homework and revision, but it’s exactly these very steps that make the difference between B and A*. When your child is equipped with the right thinking process, it doesn’t matter what questions the exams throw at you. Plus, kids find classes more enjoyable too. (Who loves memorising anyway?) Best of all, this approach is long term. It helps your child when they go to Secondary School and beyond. Having a sharper thinking process also plants seeds of leadership, problem solving and creative thinking within them. Here at Paideia Learning Academy, we focus on the thinking process, not the memorisation. Our ex-Raffles Institution team ALWAYS teaches the thinking process… and the reason why, behind each and every concept learnt. And this simple difference in our teaching has allowed our students to achieve incredible results. On average, our teachers have at least taught over 2,500 students over 15-20 years of teaching, with above 80% scoring A & A* year on year. We strongly believe that every child should have an equal opportunity to have everything they need to score A*. Learn to score 20 more marks for PSLE Math & Science in 1 session with us. We’ve set aside time for our PSLE Math & Science teachers to share our thinking process that can be applied for each subject: PSLE Math - The I.D.E.A.S. thinking process to score 20 more marks for problem sums and achieve A or A*. PSLE Science - The BANKING thinking process to score 20 more marks using a system to “bank” key concepts to approach questions. IDEAS and BANKING are proprietary techniques you can only find in Paideia, developed in house by our ex-Raffles Institution team. We’re confident that applying these thinking processes will help your child jump 20 marks or more, moving most students from B to A or A*. The PSLE Thinking Process Workshop is designed for both parents and children to attend and learn together. Who is this for? - Best for students currently scoring ‘B’, looking to achieve Distinction. - It also works for students who are A going to A*, or A* looking to maintain their grades. Who is this not for? - If you do not intend to put in the effort to apply what we teach into school work to see results transform, this workshop may not be the most effective for you. Terms & Conditions to qualify for the complimentary workshop: *Techniques are meant for self-application only. No filming or audio recording allowed. **Parents of students from Primary 4 to 6 only. We regret to inform that we cannot allow tutors or tuition centre owners to attend this session. Our room allows for up to 10 families to attend. We aim to keep numbers small keeping in view the current COVID situation so slots are highly limited. Date & Time: 28 Mar (Sat), 6pm-730pm Venue: 587 Bukit Timah Road, #02-16 Coronation Shopping Plaza, Singapore 269707 This workshop is scheduled to be a one-time workshop before our schedule is full due to PSLE preparation for our students.
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Did you know that the urban population in Indonesia suffers from gastro-oesophageal reflux disease, more commonly known as GERD? Sufferers of GERD often experience frequent heartburns, difficulty in swallowing and a regurgitation of food or sour liquid. If symptoms continue to persist and worsen, one might consider going for a gastroscopy to screen for stomach problems. Enquire more: bit.ly/36aS713. - For more information on the treatments, enquire more at our Patient Assistance Centres in Indonesia: bit.ly/2Yt2R8l. #mountelizabethhospitals
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من بعد كثرة الطلب عليها الشواية القابلة للطي رجعات من جديد وبمناسبة عيد الأضحى...عندنا ليك ثمن خيالي ☑️ سهلة الاستعمال و مصنوعة من مواد مقاومة للتآكل ☑️ لاتحتاج مساحة كبيرة ☑️ مضادة للإنزلاق في جميع الأرضيات عرض خاص هدية مقدمة من طرفنا ل 100 زبون ( كون واحد منهم ) للطلب سهل جدا اتصل بنا على 0669582007 ☎️ التوصيل بالمجان و فوري الدفع نقدا عند التسليم
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Dwie opaski w cenie 17 zł- dostawa darmowa Opaski są mocno elastyczne i nadają się zarówno dla niemowlaka jak i osoby dorosłej https://www.dybcia.pl/pl/p/Zestaw-dwoch-opasek-z-suplem-miekkie/4261
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Mothers Against Police Brutality – MAPB is a multi-racial coalition uniting mothers nationwide to fight for civil rights, police accountability, and policy reform.
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If you’re a peak performer and are 100% committed to an epic life of excellence this program is for you. If you are a big thinker, doer and dreamer then you’ve most certainly found your tribe. If not, then need not apply as this group was created for the select elite who walk their walks & talk.
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[ PROJEK INFAQ PROGRAM IMARAH RAMADHAN & PEMBANGUNAN MASJID ] Tawaran Saham Akhirat ! Tawaran berganda untuk Ramadhan yang kunjung tiba beberapa hari lagi. Insya Allah suka pihak masjid kongsikan peluang dan ruang untuk kita sumbangkan saham akhirat kita. Ramadhan beberapa hari sahaja lagi, Insya Allah menjelang Ramadhan ini, antara usaha yang kita boleh lakukan adalah menyediakan keperluan ibadah bagi para Tetamu Ramadhan ini. Antara program yang dilaksanakan pada saban tahun di Masjid Al-Fateh Kuala Pegang adalah :- - iftar (RM 300/ sehari) - Tadarus Al-Quran ( RM 50 x 50 orang = RM 2500) - Edaran bubur lambuk (RM 800.00) - Tazkirah Ramadhan (RM 200 x 4 kali = RM 800) - Sumbangan asnaf (RM 100 x 50 orang = RM 5000) - Baju raya anak yatim & miskin (RM 100 x 20 orang = RM 2000) - Qiamullail 10 malam akhir Ramadhan. Antara pembangunan masjid yang akan dirancang :- - Pembinaan tandas baru untuk kegunaan jemaah dan musafir yang singgah menyegarkan diri: RM 40 K. Bayangkan pahala dan kebaikan yang akan kita perolehi bilamana program & perancangan pembangunan masjid ini dapat dijalankan. Masya Allah. Pahala akan berterusan mengalir. Inilah pelaburan yang takkan pernah rugi buat selamanya. Cuma hasilnya kita tak pernah nampak di dunia. Jika ingin bersama dengan inisiatif dan peluang ini, pihak masjid sangat alu-alukan sumbangan daripada tuan puan. Boleh hulurkan 'saham akhirat' anda pada nombor akaun yang tertera. Sumbangan boleh dilakukan pada akaun ini : BANK ISLAM JAWATANKUASA KHARIAH KUALA PEGANG 0204 8010 0039 21 Moga tercapai hajat dan impian ini. Jika ada sebarang persoalan, boleh hubungi Imam Masjid Al-Fateh Kuala Pegang ditalian : 0195718608 Sebar-sebarkan ruang pahala dan pelaburan akhirat ini pada semua rakan-rakan, keluarga, sahabat handai. Insya Allah, pahala anda akan turut perolehi
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Black Friday Teaser 22 Personalised Canvas Prints for only R975 A5 X 14 | A4 X 4 | A3 X 3 | A2 X 1 - all 100% complete & ready-to-hang! Order here> https://canvasandmore.co.za/products/22-piece-black-friday-teaser Don’t wait weeks or months for your canvas order, we dispatch in just a few days! Nationwide delivery for only R99! **OFFER ENDS SUN 17 NOV MIDNIGHT**
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We reupholstered this couch and gave it new life. Send pictures of your couches for a quote.
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