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Dreame - Read Best Romance
I was woken up with a punch in my stomach. Ow! I quickly sat up in bed to see what was happening. There were four naked men standing in front of me. ''Who wants to go first?'' one of them asked They whispered amongst themselves before three of them left. The remaining guy pulled the covers from me throwing them to the corner of the room ''Get up'' he hissed I had no choice but to stand up. He roughly pulled me to the bathroom. I always slept naked because the unmated pack men were horny all night. It was my duty to please them...according to my parents He dragged me into the tub. He detached the hand shower from its position and turned the knob as the water flowed. He then put it inside my clit I screamed in pain, the water was very hot. He covered my mouth with his hand ''Shut up'' he said. I nodded crying He dropped the hand shower on the floor before inserting his dick into me pushing me against the wall. I silently prayed that morning would come fast **** I woke up very sore. I entered the bathroom , brushed my teeth and took a shower. When I was done I put on a pair of blue skinny jeans, a black sweatshirt and a pair of old red & white sneakers. I quickly went downstairs into the kitchen. When I entered I saw my parents with the rest of the pack ''Good morning alpha, good morning luna'' I said bowing my head. They refused me calling them mum or dad because they saw me as a disgrace. I was 17 and I still hadn't found my mate yet. I was also born with a rare werewolf disorder which made me weak and unable to fight so they preferred my sister to me since she was so outspoken and strong ''You're late'' my dad growled ''I'm sorry, it wont happen again sir'' I whimpered ''It better not'' I brought out lasagne from the cupboard and started making breakfast. When I was done I served everyone a plate then waited for them to finish A while later, they started going out one by one. Immediately the last person left my stomach rumbled. I took the pot and used my hand to pack the leftover lasagne. I w
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Sharp Electronics Indonesia
Little Bites crinkles - Marikina
You need happiness, we have it. Try our best seller crinkles with cream cheese filling. Red Velvet Crinkles (R-Php175) PREMUIM FLAVORS (R-Php195) 1. Oreo Milkshake Crinkles 2. Chocolate Chip Crinkles 3. Choco Malt Crinkles ✅20 pcs per tub ✅freshly baked ✅chewy ✅with the right amount of sweetness Available for PickUp &Delivery You can also pay Via Gcash, BPI & COD. We also ship outside Metro Manila Wholesaler & Retailer are welcome with lower price guarantee! Send us a message for more details. Buy, eat and enjoy the number one crinkles in the Metro!
Come join us as we paint "Starfish on the seashore" ONLINE Acrylic Painting Workshop When: Sat Aug 15, 2020 02:00 PM Kuala Lumpur Register in advance for this workshop: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJUpdeytrz4qEt10sTXd2DqwnQJ2spvFx84L After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.778023 This is a paid workshop. RM48 only Please show proof of payment, ideally a day before event, so you can be admitted.This being an online workshop, If you are not from Malaysia, please state in the chat the city/country you are from so we know which part of the world our audience lives. Starfish on Sea shore - refer to painting below We will attempt to paint this with some modification/simplification. Print this out or have it on another screen as the Zoom interface will spotlight the piece I am painting as guide for you.You may ask questions via chat or put your hands up. To make things easier, make sure you have the following items. 1) Acrylics. If you can buy Plaka good. If not any brand can be used. Long as they have the following colours.Sky blue, Vermillion Red, Lemon Yellow, White.We will teach you how to mix these 4 colours to get all the colours that you would need.These PLAKA packs are 1kg packs. You don not need so much. I - 2 big teaspoons per colour. Can buy other brands. Most paints comes in tube form. 2) Canvas 16 in x 20 in- some participants use bigger canvasses. 3) Flat brushes no 1,no 3, no 5. and a thin brush pallette or paper plate. Standby paper towels and a small tub of water to wash. Please note, this is not water colour. We will not use much water in the painting. Mostly to wash the brushes. Acrylic paint, unlike watercolour is opaque, fast drying and can be painted over previous layers. Ideal for corrections or changeOr whatsapp KULit at 60123778023 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) To see KULit's works go to Instagram.com/kulitbaru, Facebook.com/stancreative.co Those who attended our free Online workshops (Acrylic Painting and Perspective Drawing) can post their works here. https://www.facebook.com/groups/brushupmygroup/requests/…
Home - Experiments on Battling Gout
My name’s Mike Rushevski. I'm a 6'4 husky security guard. A walking mountain of a man, and not the type to cry 'UNKLE!' at a little toe pain. But sure as hell, that all changed when I got a buildup of uric acid. A buildup that made my toe swell up like an evil clown’s nose, and throb like it was being jabbed with a red hot poker. Not to mention the crystals in my ankles, knees, and wrists, which grated like sandpaper. It was PURE torture. Many times I’d be sat weeping in my chair, praying to God to have mercy and drain the uric acid away. I did my best to soldier on, believe me. But I don’t know what hurt MORE. The pain in my big toe... ….or the smirks of my work buddies when a flare up would leave me limping like a geriatric. Eventually, my uric acid levels got so bad I couldn’t even pull my boots on, no matter how much I gritted my teeth. But when I texted my boss and he brushed it off as 'just a little toe pain'… ...I wanted to reach through the phone, grab him in a Vulcan death grip and hiss in his ear “Listen bud, you ain’t got no darn clue!” Because NOBODY can understand how uric acid robs people of their mobility, sanity, and self respect until they’ve experienced it. Which is sadly far too many folks these days. I always thought uric acid was what happened to old men. But turns out, rates have EXPLODED in recent years, and even among people in their thirties. Well, it didn’t take MacGyver to work out why I fell victim. Years of sugar loaded energy drinks to get through long shifts… Too many beers with the boys on Friday nights… And too many juicey rib eyes on weekends. All of them combined had WRECKED my liver and kidneys. Causing uric acid to spread like wildfire from my toe to my ankles, knees, and wrists. It got to the point where I could barely do up my shirt or walk to the bathroom, let alone go chasing young hoodlums round the mall. And a security guard who can’t run ain’t no use to nobody. So uric acid cost me my job too, and made me a prisoner in my own home. A recluse. A wretched shell of a man, living in dread of flare ups. But just when I thought my shame couldn't get any worse, there came a moment when my joints hurt so bad I couldn't even get out of the bath. Believe me, there’s NOTHING more humiliating than being lifted out of the tub naked as the day you were born by your neighbour’s teenage sons. The good news is that this final shaming gave me the butt kicking I needed. Soon as I'd got dressed and made my apologies, I got busy Googling to understand more about uric acid buildups and how they can be stopped. But finding a solution wasn’t easy, I can tell you. I tried apple cider vinegar, celery juice, yogurt, cherries, you name it. ALL of them did SQUAT. But I’ve never been a quitter. So I kept on digging into the causes of uric acid buildup and how it could be stopped. Until during one of my bleary eyed search sessions, I FINALLY found the answer. I discovered my kidneys and liver were suffering from severely low levels of key nutrients. Key nutrients that are VITAL to managing uric acid and flushing it from the body. Yet are almost impossible to get enough of through diet, no matter how much kale and broccoli you choke down. But that’s not ALL I found out. I also discovered a way of topping up on these key nutrients in seconds each morning. And without swallowing fistfulls of pills with possible side effects. Now, if you’ve already tried countless pills, supplements, and alternative health cures, I understand if you’re skeptical such a solution exists. I was too before I gave it a try. But I’ll be straight, it takes time. My big toe didn’t suddenly deflate overnight or the crystals in my joints suddenly melt away. But as my liver and kidneys regained their former strength, the throbbing in my toe slowly faded... ….while the grating in my knees and elbows started to wash away. Until I could move around without hobbling like a cripple. I could get to sleep for 7 hours straight without tearing off the bed sheets or dreading a flare up in the middle of the nigh
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Scarlet's Sweet Treats
Let us put a smile on your face with these yummy treats! Available premium crinkles: ❤️ Red velvet Lemon Coffee Ube Yesss! Our UBE crinkles is back! Get yours for only P135 per tub. We are also accepting orders for our MINI FRUIT TARTS with lemon custard filling and topped with fresh fruits Available for 7 pcs (P180) and 14 pcs (P350). ❤️ LIMITED tubs only!! Reserve yours until Wednesday, July 15. Send us a message on our page or text 09264451068. For meet-up, pick up, and delivery on July 16. Like our page for updates
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NEW &FRESH EVERYDAY CASH ON DELIVERY. Looking for Resellers [ ] Talong 40kilo (Big size) [ ] Kalamansi 25 (250g) [ ] Red onion(med) - 90/kg [ ] Garlic 100/kg [ ] Tomato- 40/kg [ ] Okra 20 balot (250g) [ ] Yellow Corn 70Kilo (3pcs )(1.2-1.4kg) [ ] Dragon Fruit 160kl (Fresh fr.FARM) [ ] Australian Seedless grapes- 250/bag (Exact 1kg) [ ] Kiat kiat (Murcot) 100 kilo (Guaranteed na Matamis) [ ] Pears 35 each or 3 for 100 [ ] Lychee- 180/kg [ ] Lakatan 100kl [ ] Honeydew 90kl (1pc) [ ] Avocado Large size 120 kilo [ ] Santol Bangkok 40kilo [ ] Avocado in TUB para SHAKE at Pang graham 70 per TUB (850g) [ ] Papaya 60kilo Free Delivery minimum 500 worth purchase BFRV/URCI For 500 below, add 30 for delivery. Outside BFRV add 50 delivery charge Location:URCI TOWNHOMES Harap ng KFC Casimiro (ALONG MAIN ROAD LANG) CUT OFF 5PM DELIVERY :Next Day (Morning) PM ME NOW for your orders Thank You Buyers
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For Pre-Order: RED VELVET CRINKLES BY LITTLE BITES Will be available on July 1, 2020. 18-20 pcs yummy crinkles per tub freshly baked upon delivery Shelf life of 10 days - We will give discounts for bulk orders. - Free delivery for selected area - Delivery fee will be shouldered by the buyer PM for your orders.
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AUTHENTIC TAPA NG TAAL BATANGAS P320/kg Preorder ANGONO’s BEST FRIED ITIK P250/whole Preorder RED VELVET CRINKLES P180/tub Freshly baked on Wednesday CHIA SEEDS P85/100g Onhand With min charges for delivery
Le Cusina Den
Reay to Cook & Ready to Eat Food Cravings (Shanghai,Siomai ,Pizza, Cakes, Breads ,Choco Mouse in Tub & Affordable Combo Packages) Lunch ,Dinner ,Birthdays , Special Events and Occasion WE GOT IT ALL FOR YOU! Garantisadong Masarap at Abot Kaya. Proven! Check our Review Chicken Shanghai 60 pcs = 150php Chicken Siomai 60 pcs = 150 php Beef Siomai 60 pcs = 150 php Hawaian or Meattlicious Pizza 12" = 250 php Choco Mouse Cake on a Tub = 99php Black Forest Cake 8"( Healthy Dark Cocoa) =500php Red Velvet Cake 8 " ( Signature Cake ) = 650 php Get Also our Combo Packages Choice from Package 1-4 for your complete panghanda package. For Resevations and Inquiry pls Contact 09171550462.
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Port Admiral Hotel
Hello everyone! Happy New Year! PLEASE LIKE, ATTEND AND SHARE THIS EVENT! Thank you for coming on board this project with us to help the people, animals and land which are in dire need of our community support! As you all know, not only in our home state but all across the country, we're seeing tens of millions of acres of land being devastated by fire, something which is depressingly becoming a part of Australian culture as we continue to ignore the effects of climate change here and around the world. It's time to wake up! WE NEED YOUR HELP! On January the 19th from 12pm, The Port Adelaide Guide, Black Diamond Tatoo and The Port Admiral Hotel, in collaboration with all our business partners and friends from our local community would like to host a fundraiser and charity auction for the Australian Bushfire Appeal with all proceeds being donated evenly to 5 charities: The SA State Emergency Relief Fund The SA CFS Foundation The KI Mayoral Bushfire Fund The Australian Red Cross and; WIRES Emergency Relief Fund for Wildlife Read more about each fund at the bottom of this event! Support from around town has been flooding in since the inception of the idea, with many local businesses donating prizes and packages that have reached up to the value of $10,000! Thank you to everyone who has kindly contributed to the prize pool and to this event in any way! Your response has been truly overwhelming! WHAT’S HAPPENING ON THE DAY? Proposed timing: 12pm - Start for drinks, food, flash and the pool tables open 2pm - Silent auction (either print donated) to start with announcement and introduction 3pm - Major Auction 5pm - Thank you’s and raffle winners 5.30pm - Slowmango band 6pm/6.30 - Dave Blumberg and the Band 8pm - Continuing beer and wine sales until close Doors will open at 12pm on January 19th to the Balcony Bar, Function Room and Pool Room upstairs at the Port Admiral with all proceeds from bar sales, the major auction, silent auction, gold coin donations, pool table sales, flash tattoo sales and raffles going directly to charities mentioned above to help with disaster relief! The main event, the auction, will begin from 3pm in the function room upstairs at the Port Admiral Hotel. It is being generously hosted by our good friend, auctioneers and local community member Lachlan Marshall of the Auction Rooms Adelaide in Welland. A massive thankyou to Lachlan for donating his time and skills to the event! Please bring your friends, family and doggos down to the hotel, spread the word and help us raise as much as we possibly can on the day! Below is the list of items up for auction so far. Auction Items - A Pirate Life Brewing 'Private Tin Party' for you and 30 mates, DJ, food and booze all supplied for one hell of a party! $2000 value!!! - Black Diamond Tattoo: 1 x $500 Tattoo voucher of any resident artist AND 1 x Black Diamond Gift Package which includes a hoody, t-shirt and tub of hustle butter tattoo aftercare product- valued at $130, total value $630! - LaserTat Laser Tattoo Removal: 1 x $500 voucher for tattoo removal by Owner Amanda Mckinnon from Lasertat - Port Admiral Hotel Gift Gasket, valued at $500. Includes wine, beer, mixed Port Admiral merch, a $150 voucher and a Bushfire Fundraiser Loyalty Card for 15% off all year! - A Low & Slow American BBQ Gift Basket, valued at $500. Including all of the above but from the team at Low & Slow American BBQ. - Tony Kearney, local photographer, 1x 60x60 framed photograph of the "Europa" tall ship valued at $800! Thank you Tony! - Billie Justice Thompson, local paint artist, 1 x 60x60 framed print of an Australian Native Bird or Flower valued at $700! Thank you Billie! - Signed painting 'Good Tucker' by Russell Morrison. A beautiful painting hand painted by father of Port Admiral Partner Henry (Jim) Morrison, a beautiful backdrop of the aussie outback valued at $590! Thank you so much Russ! - South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service, Fire Truck and Station Tour (4 people max) - Give the gift of a lifetime to your young ones! A private tour of a local f
Ever since I was a young girl I have dreamed of meeting my mate, falling in love, having a few kids, and dying old together. And still to this day those dreams are still intact. Many people call me naïve because of it. But what's wrong with wanting to be loved? What's wrong with wanting to be in love? There's nothing wrong with love, just heart break. Today is the first day of the Mating Ball. The Mating Ball is a three day ball where boys and girls come to meet their mates. The rules are that if you meet your mate on the first day you have to wait until the last day to meet them or see them at all outside of the ball. The second rule is that there is zero completion of the mating process during the ball or until the last day is over. There is one more rule, but I forgot it. My mother is very excited for me to be able to attend the ball this year. Since as soon as you turn seventeen you are eligible to meet your mate. My father on the other hand isn't as pleased as he could be. I'm his baby girl and he's very overprotective of me. My brother attended his two years ago but we haven't seen him since. We believe that he found his mate and went to spend forever with her. Nice, isn't it? I'll be going to the ball with my best friend, Genelia Mary Fosters, she's really pretty and tough. Just like me she wants to meet her mate, she's just unsure if she wants to do it now. I can't wait. My wolf is itching for her mate's love and approval. Call me crazy if I depend on a guy so much, especially a guy I haven't even met yet. "Samantha! Are you getting ready!" My mother calls out to me. I sigh and started heading to the bathroom. I take out all the things I need for my little relaxation. I strip out of my clothes and get into the bath. I put my hair into a mess bun and start applying the face mask I got from LUSH. The music I started playing was bursting in my ears. I'm listening to Vagabond by MisterWives. Something about this song relaxes me. I take deep breaths and sit there waiting for my timer to go off. I get out of the tub and place my towel around my chest. I sit down in front of the vanity and started washing my face and brushing my teeth. Once I finish that I start my makeup. Normally my mother would do this, but I feel capable enough to do it myself. I'm a big girl right? After that I take my hair out of the bun it was so lazily put in. I straighten my hair and put it in a really neat ponytail. The dress I'm wearing to the first day of the ball definitely isn't my choice. It shows a little too much skin for my liking but the dress is beautiful. I put my slip on and start to get into the dress. It's finally on. I look in the mirror and smile. I place the mask on my face and slip on my shoes and jewelry. Then I hear a knock on my door. "Are you all done?" A small voice asks. I laugh and answer with a 'yes'. The door opens and I see my mother in tears forming in her eyes. "Sweetie, you look beautiful." She awes. I smile, "Thank you." A small blush forms on my cheeks. A single tears falls from my mother's right eye and I pull her into a hug. "I'm so sorry for crying like this, " She laughs, "But my baby's all grown up." She sighs. "I'll always be your baby." I carefully walk down the stairs and I'm greeted by my father. "Samantha, you look amazing." He compliments. I give him thanks and we start taking pictures as if I'm going to prom. Which in a way I kind of am. Minutes later I hear the doorbell ring . "I'll get it." I offered and went to my door. There in front of me is my best friend, Genelia. "Sam, you look gorgeous." Genelia awes. "Me? Look at you!" I throw the compliment back at her. But she truly does look amazing. She is wearing a red dress. It starts to flow out at her waist and the puff is made of miniature flowers. The top is a velvet material and she looks fabulous. Genelia's mother and father walk in and they greet me, my mother and my father. We talk for a while until our limo gets here to pick us up. I take a few deep breaths and I say goodbye to my parents. I grab Genelia's hand and we walk out
Rock'n'Roll Burger
Venha experimentar o INDIE BURGER - Burger Vegetariano (quinua, abobrinha e cenoura) com queijo prato, tomate e alface, com molho especial, servido no pão integral ou de batata. Que tal um descontão pra curtir essa delícia? http://bit.ly/DescontoRock
Hunger Station
ب85 جنيه شامل الضريبه تقدر تاكل عدد غير محدود من السندوتشات ، طب ازاي ؟ هنجرستيشن عمل عرض Four Heroes اربع سندوتشات جداد مش في المنيو مايوقفش قدامهم غير الوحوش اللي قلبهم ميت. (Chicken Turkey- smoked beef classic – super spicy – classic spicy) تقدر تاكل وتعمل Refill من الاربع سندوتشات زي ماتحب، كمان تقدر تزود 10 جنيه علي سعر البيبسي تعمله Refill مش بنقولك عرض للي قلبه ميت. وعشان هنجرستيشن بيعمل للابطال الف حساب عملنالكوا كمان عرض انك لو جيت انت و 5 اصحابك وطلبتوا العرض كل واحد ياخد معاه Free Sandwich وهو مروح. يلا اعمل منشن لاصحابك الابطال وجيبهم وتعالي. هنجرلاين: ١٥٤٧٨ العنوان: التجمع الخامس – التسعين الشمالي – شارع مجمع البنوك – ارينا مول
Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia | Make Tomorrow Better
He's in the building! Want to know how good Charles Leclerc is on the ice? Keep your eyes peeled over the next few days! #ShellPursuit Shell Motorsport
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Bonanza Asistencia - Al servicio de sus seres queridos.
En Bonanza Asistencia estamos contratando. Requisitos: * Licenciatura en Enfermería * Tener experiencia en el servicio asistencial al adulto mayor * Disponibilidad inmediata Envíenos su hoja de vida al correo reclutamiento@bonanzaasistencia.com o llámenos al: 4001-6984 Se contrata por servicios profesionales.
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Literie Latex 100% Naturel | Matelas Naturel - Kipli®
Kipli è al tuo fianco per fornirti: 😌 Comodità unica 🌿 100% materiali naturali ✊ Un prezzo equo 💪 Una prodotto che dura nel tempo Visitate il nostro sito per scoprire il piacere di un sonno autentico e naturale 😴
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하이버 – 남자들의 쇼핑앱
낮은 퀄리티만 파는 쇼핑몰 말고 하이엔드 브랜드부터 진짜 제대로 된 남자 옷 남자들 위한 패션앱 지금 바로 ㄱㄱ
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Bogle Realty Group
BEHIND THE SCENES One of the best pieces of advice we’ve ever received was to surround ourselves with experts…people we can turn to for advice and help if we ever need it. Because let’s be honest, it’s impossible for any one person to know everything. We’re very fortunate to have a great group of professionals that support us. You don't always see them, but know we have access to some of the best people in the industry. It all starts by working with an experienced broker and a great staff. They provide training and updates on the constant changes in the industry. They also provide us with access to some of the best technology tools to help our business. The support we receive is outstanding! And a great Title Representative is crucial. Some of the most complicated problems we face when selling a home have to do with issues affecting title. Our rep and his team are the best! Next, you must have an exceptional escrow company. They handle all of the paperwork for both the buyer and seller. The amount of forms and documents for a sale are staggering, and they make sure everything is done correctly. Our clients absolutely love our escrow team! And we have an awesome assistant too! She coordinates our showings, communicates with clients and responds quickly to their needs. Most clients never actually meet her face to face, but they all tell us how much they love her! And there are so many more. From home inspectors, lenders, termite inspectors, plumbers, electricians, handymen, and roofers…we have a list of some of the best. And it’s easy to recommend these people because we trust each of them. So if you decide to work with us, not only do you get 2 agents (because we are a father & son team!), but you get access to these amazing people too. In our opinion, they are the best of the best in our industry!
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PLANNING TO RENT OUT YOUR UNIT? 😊 Whether you're a seasoned investor or the owner of a newly VP-ed property, setting up and maintaining an investment property is no easy task - how do you find the right tenants? How much cost is involved? Is your investment protected? Don't worry, that's what we're here for! The Makeover Guys aims to maximize your property’s rental potential through beautiful tried & tested designs, useful market insights, and cost-effective strategies to target & secure the right tenants. With our solutions, you’ll be able to provide a better home for your tenants and significantly increase your property’s rentability. .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Visit the link below to get a Cost Estimate for your property. We're here to help in KL, Kuching, & JB! 😊 👉🏻 https://bit.ly/themakeoverjb
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نقدم لكم الطنجرة الكهربائية تعمل على صلق الخضر ،البيض ،المعكرونة ،الحليب ،تسخين الماء ، ... إلخ كل هذا . تقوم بتحضيره في مدة وجيزة وبأقل تكلفة كل هذه المميزات فقط ب 299 درهم زائد واحدة مجانا في حالة شراء قطعتين للطب اضغط علي الرابط : http://bit.ly/2SKRFBJ او عبر واتساب : https://wa.me/212642512299
E-SKLEP NATURA ORGANICA® sklep internetowy online