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Turing - Build Faster Than Ever With Vetted Remote Developers
Are you a Software engineer living outside the US? Interested in remote American Software jobs? Sign up for Turing if: 1) You can work 40 hours/week with an American software company. 2) You can spend 5 hours in the next week on our programming tests, challenges, and our video interviews. 3) You can adjust work hours to overlap at least 4 hours a day with a company in San Francisco/New York. 4) You are an exceptional software engineer, likely in the top 1% of the world’s software engineers. 5) You are a fluent English communicator and you will be able to communicate effectively over daily video calls with engineering managers at U.S. Software companies we match you with. 6) You are an extremely proactive communicator, who understands the challenges of remote work and the need to over-communicate to offset those challenges. 7) You are good with project planning and timeline estimation, discussing business priorities with our U.S. company partners and proposing sensible software/business tradeoffs that are in line with the customer’s priorities. 8) If you are already a full-time remote freelance software engineer with significant remote experience and/or have been a team lead/project lead, that’s a huge bonus. --------------------------------------------------------- Benefits of signing up for Turing: 1) You don’t need a US visa since you’ll be working remotely. 2) Turing’s qualification process is difficult and time-consuming. But once you qualify, Turing will match you to US Software companies whose job openings you are suitable for. Once you qualify for Turing, you may never have to interview for a job again. 3) Once you qualify for Turing you can live in any part of the world you like and still be plugged into the very best Silicon Valley job opportunities. 4) Turing only partners with American Software companies. whose project engagements are full time and expected to last 6 months or more. Today, a Turing developer works full time with a single Turing partner company for 6-9 months on average, compared to most freelancing websites with very short gigs. Turing projects are typically long term, which gives you the opportunity to grow as a software engineer, which is hard with gigs. 5) If a Turing developer's work with a partner company completes in a few months, Turing re-matches engineers to other partner companies within 2-3 weeks on average. 6) Turing also offers mentorship and guidance regarding technologies most valued by US companies and also resources to help you grow fast as a software engineer. Today this is accessible to engineers working locally for Silicon Valley companies, but we want the same to be available to exceptional software engineers all over the world. 7) Today Turing partners with a number of US companies in Silicon Valley, Texas, New York and Florida and helps fill a number of full time remote roles including Front-end, UIUX, back-end, Full stack, Mobile, DevOps, AI and Data Engineering and more, so we can match you with the perfect role for you. --------------------------------------------------------- About Turing: 1) Based in Palo Alto, California founded by Jonathan Siddharth and Vijay Krishnan. 2) Founders Jonathan and Vijay originally moved to the U.S from India when they got accepted into the Computer Science program at Stanford University. Being software engineers themselves, they realized how much their software career prospects improved merely as a result of relocating to the Silicon Valley. Turing’s mission is to make the same opportunities available to Silicon Valley engineers accessible to exceptional engineers all over the world. 3) Jonathan and Vijay effectively worked with exceptional remote engineers all over the world to drive their previous AI company in Silicon Valley to a successful acquisition. This convinced them that other Silicon Valley companies too could benefit from working with exceptional remote engineers and this was the inspiration behind Turing. 4) Turing’s venture Investors include Founders Fund, Foundation Capital (backers of Netflix, Ube
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XiaomiPro.by - Фирменный интернет магазин Xiaomi и Redmi в Минске
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Academia do Importador - Te ensinando a pagar o preço justo - 2019
3 Razões pra você adquirir AGORA o curso academia do importador e fazer parte da maior comunidade de importadores do Brasil:\n\n1- Nos próximos dias o valor do curso irá aumentar, passando de R$197 para R$297, para que seja possível manter um suporte de qualidade para nossos mais de 40 mil alunos.\n\n2- Você terá RISCO ZERO, pois terá a nossa GARANTIA INCONDICIONAL DE 30 DIAS, ou seja, se você adquirir o curso e por algum motivo não gostar dele durante os primeiros 30 dias, é só me mandar um e-mail que eu devolverei 100% do seu dinheiro investivo.\n\n3- Você pode estar perdendo a GRANDE OPORTUNIDADE de ter os produtos importados originais e de qualidade que sempre desejou ter, e continuará usando réplicas ou pagando preços ABSURDOS nas lojas nacionais.\n\nVocê tem uma escolha a fazer e agora a decisão é toda sua. Clique em "SAIBA MAIS" logo abaixo da imagem para fazer a sua inscrição agora.
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تعلن شركه الجويه الجزائريه- Air Algérie عن حاجتها الي الوظائف التاليه من كلا الجنسين .. سوف يتم استقبال الطلبات لمدة ثلاثة ايام 1-امن وحراسه 2- مراقبين 3-فيين 4-فني تركيبات 5-مهندسين وحديثى التخرج 6- سائقين 7- سكرتاريا 8- مدخلين بيانات 9-محاسبين بمرتبات مجزيه.. لا يشترط الخبره وبالتوفيق _ المعاينه من هنا: https://linktr.ee/AirAlgerie.company
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NỖI LO VỀ XOANG NAY ĐÃ CÓ CÁCH ĐIỀU TRỊ ƠN GIỜI ĐÃ CÓ PHƯƠNG PHÁP ĐIỀU TRỊ VIÊM XOANG, VIÊM MŨI DỊ ỨNG ĐÂY RỒI!!! ==> СẢN BÁО: êm Хоаnɡ ɡâу bến сһứnɡ сựс kỳ nɡuу һểm nếu kһônɡ đều_trị ѕớm. 1️⃣Bến сһứnɡ đườnɡ tһở 2️⃣êm ԁâу tһần knһ tһị ɡáс, Архе m mắt, Архе tú ⅼệ ɡâу mù ⅼòа 3️⃣êm mànɡ nãо, Архе nãо 4️⃣êm tắс tῖnһ mạсһ һаnɡ, Bến сһứnɡ хươnɡ Тһấu һểu và đồnɡ сảm vớ nɡườ bệnһ, Ⅼươnɡ Nɡuуễn ăn ượnɡ đã nɡһên сứu rа bà tһảо ԁượс ԛuý nһằm ĐẨ ⅬÙ bệnһ ÊM ХОАN. Тһео tһốnɡ kê, tỷ ⅼệ nɡườ tһônɡ хоаnɡ tһônɡ mũ ⅼên đến 70% % nɡườ bệnһ tһuуên ɡảm tắс mũ, kһó tһở, ԁịсһ сһạу хuốnɡ сổ һọnɡ сһἰ từ 15 nɡàу. --------------️--------------------------- ⤵️ [ĐĂN KÝ NА] һоặс Để ⅼạ [ЅỐ ĐỆN ТОẠ] :phone: để đượс Ⅼươnɡ у tư vấn Mễn Рһί ➡️ Сһἰ сần☎ [ĐỂ ⅬẠ ЅỐ ĐỆN ТОẠ] ☎ⅼà ТÔN ХОАN - ԚАN MŨ ☎️ оtⅼnе: 08175.12221
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Monte Bravo Investimentos | Eleita 4x com o melhor atendimento do Brasil
https://www.spotakia.com/2020/09/blog-post_29.html Στα δυο φιλικά του Πρωτέα στο κλειστό του Κορδελιού ο Δημήτρης Διαμαντής έδειξε ότι είναι σε καλή κατάσταση και θα αποτελέσει ένα από τα δυνατά σημεία της ομάδας . Πρωτέας Ελευθερίου - Κορδελιού #DiamantisDimitris #PreSeason
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☀️ Chris presents our Rental property of the Week - 6/69 Chesterville Road, Highett ☀️ Open for Inspection: THIS Saturday (6/04) (Register via link below) 2 Bedroom | 1 Bathroom | 1 Car $390p/w Register at http://bit.ly/6_69Chesterville
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Book your ideal student room with flexible move-in dates to align with your university course start date.
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Sabías que todos nuestros diseños están hechos íntegramente en Chile? ⭐️Con un orgullo tremendo presentamos nuestra campaña que tiene como protagonistas a las 400 personas que hacen tu ropa en nuestra fábrica familiar que posee más de 35 años de vida. Gran parte de nuestros queridos colaboradores llevan décadas junto a nosotros, son parte de la familia y unidos damos lo mejor, en cada detalle, para que tu prenda favorita tenga una calidad perfecta. Interesarnos por las personas que hacen nuestra ropa es trascendental para aportar a un mundo mejor. #ModaHechaEnChile #Tendencias #Fashion #Moda #Jeans #ModaConsciente
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Domodi - największa platforma modowa w Polsce
Rachel Nicks for Walker City Clerk
KeepEmQuiet - The Ultimate Travel Entertainment Pack For Kids!
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