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Discover How This One Daily Habit Can “Wake Up” a Sleeping Metabolism
Is "sleepy metabolism" responsible for unwanted weight? New research has uncovered an important factor that could be the “missing link” in many traditional weight loss programs. These programs normally promote… ✔️ Diet ✔️ Exercise ✔️ Calorie Counting ✔️ Cardio ✔️ High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) ✔️ Ketogenic dieting ✔️ Eating more whole foods HOWEVER, research suggests that NONE of those efforts may have any effect if this ONE critical factor is ignored. Experts compare this to a “sleeping” metabolism versus an “awakened” metabolism. Such is the “night and day” difference so many have seen after correcting this often overlooked and misunderstood issue. Now, there is a quick, three minute quiz anyone can take to determine if this issue is affecting their health. Click Below to Take the Quiz
Mountain Meadow Bone Broth - Missoula, Montana
Mountain Meadow Bone Broth - Missoula, Montana
Mountain Meadow Bone Broth - Missoula, Montana
Mountain Meadow Bone Broth - Missoula, Montana
A Tale of Two Dads Michael vs. Chris If you’re struggling to get into the best shape of your life without restrictions or crazy amounts of cardio... You’re going to want to read this. It’ll reveal a critical piece you’re likely missing in your fitness blocking you from becoming a strong, confident, happy, and healthy father/man without sacrificing time with family. Michael’s UP FIRST... Michael opens social media and searches #fitdads on his social media and starts looking at every fitness challenge and workshop on Earth. - Squat challenge - Lunge challenge - 21 day challenge - 5 day detox - 3 day military diet - 3 day juice cleanse "I’ll get results,” Michael says to himself. “This is easy to stick to.” Months drag with little to no progress...so why not try something new? Suddenly, his favorite fitness guru posts on their social media that they’re selling a $47 program to get you amazing results. Weeks go by and Michael has been doing everything right… But it’s just too difficult. 5& 6-day workout routines and hours of cardio…yay. The diet plan is even better. Chicken, oatmeal, and green beans. Lots of flavors ;) Michael knows this "fitness stuff" just takes time though…right? I mean these fitness celebrities are some of the top1% in what they do…yes? Michael is forgetting they do this for a living. They do not have a full time 9-5 job, they’re not full-time fathers and have to worry about supporting a family or doing both. A year goes by…still stuck. Mounting stress begins to ruin other important areas of his life… his family members and friends are laughing. Last guys’ night out, his best friend didn’t hold back in telling him he’s looking soft around the edges or as he put it “fluffy.” Michael’s lost. He’s starting to get desperate and is willing to do anything…LITERALLY. Then by chance….he meets Chris. Chris starts off much the same way as Michael but takes a totally different approach. Chris is determined and willing to invest in himself and knows it's now or never for this fitness stuff. He ditches the fad, programs, quick fixes, and focuses on real results… the biggest driving force to transform. He goes from the $47 “cookie cutter programs”, to a higher value 1-1 program with ALL the bells and whistles. He’s skeptical (but what does he have to lose). Now he puts in the work...The faucet effect has begun. One, two, three....12 lbs. in a month…and he’s keeping it off. Chris can't believe it. He just lost more in a month than in the last 2 years. Chris is ecstatic and doubles down. Soon he has tripled his weight loss in a couple of months with ZERO restrictions. He keeps going... Doubling down more each month with his new “faucet system” strategy. 4 months later Chris looks at the reflection in the mirror, and he can't believe it. He hasn’t looked at himself in the mirror and thought “I look like a stud!” in YEARS. A confident and strong man looking back at him. He hasn't restricted food in months. He doesn’t work out 5-7 days per week. Try 2-3. He simply wakes up every morning happy full of energy and has found his new identity. Better yet, he's been on vacation for 2 weeks and hasn’t gained a single pound. Those whiskeys are still going down though ;) Chris starts wondering what to do with his newfound time and money now that he no longer has to buy pills or gimmicks. Go shopping? Take his kids to Disneyland? Enjoy a vacation? Chris isn't sure. He just knows now how to eat the foods he loves and trains in a flexible manner that fits into his busy lifestyle. Michael & Chris are both good dads. But here's the cold, hard truth. Chris used to be Michael until we helped him transform his metabolism! Unlike Michael, this doesn’t have to take years...and you can do the same. Click the "Sign up" button below to join a free program we created to take you through the same process Chris went through to transform his metabolism... In the last 6 months, Chris went from a broken-down dad to a strong confident man WITHOUT
Dass mit eurem Lieblings-Volkswagen der Weg das Ziel ist, ist ja klar. Aber ist es nicht ein echtes Plus, wenn euch unterwegs solche Aussichten erwarten? ⛰ Und weil nur die wenigsten von uns in diesem Sommer in die Ferne schweifen werden, haben wir für euch einen Blick auf die schönsten Touren durch Deutschland geworfen. Dabei haben wir insbesondere ihre Eignung für e-Fahrzeuge unter die Lupe genommen, schaut doch mal vorbei: https://www.volkswagen.de/de/e-mobilitaet-und-id/id_magazin/e-mobilitaet-lifestyle/touren-elektroauto-deutschland.html #vwlove #volkswagen
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På torsdag den 25/4 är det äntligen dags för yoga med Kitty igen! Välkommen!
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Pengemis punya mobil pribadi di Bogor dan punya istri 3. Lelaki tua itu disebut sebagai pengemis di Kota Bogor. Di dalam foto, pria paruh baya yang belum diketahui identitasnya itu nampak memakai sarung sambil memegang bungkusan di tangan kiri dan tangan kanan memegang kunci yang menempel di mobil.
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