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Without print tracking + AI optimization ad account are wasting boat loads of ad spend for no reason. It's a simple fix How does it work? Simple : It fixes bad ad attribution. Look. Bad attribution is not exclusive to any business. In almost every business I work with. Big. Small. Any niche. I routinely see ad attribution off by 30-40%. This seems to be the default. Its actually much worse if they have multiple traffic sources. When this happens 3 simple problems pop up because they cannot actually see where every sale in their business came from 1. They are constantly turning off ads that actually are getting huge returns. 2. They are constantly spending more than they should on ads that are not profitable 3. Their pixels are not able to perform like they should because they are not getting the complete data. I know these problems like the back of my hand because I have fought to fix them for years. Spoiler : I succeeded. Bt simply fixing attribution and using what I like to call “AI” pixel print training all these problem's don't just go away. They actually do a reverse and ads becomes so much more lethal. The result? For me at least : 1. I can spot and spend way more on their winners (AKA scale) 2. I can often remove 20-30% in ad spend waste (and put it into their winners) 3. I see pixel performance dramatically increase and targeting become far more optimized But what’s the catch? There is none. As a fellow ad runner who invests 5 million dollars a year of my own money this problem is painful to see. Which is why I have created a super quick training below that shows exactly how to fix your attribution and use AI print training to fix this nasty wasteful and completely avoidable once and for all. The training is completely free and you can access it by click the “learn more” button on this ad. That’s it. This is a simple expensive problem with an extremely simple fix. See ya there! -Becker
כנאפה עם גבינה טרייה יום יום • שערות קדאיף קריספיות בטירוף וסירופ סודי גלידת שמנת טורקית & פיסטוק אישית 15₪ | זוגית 20₪ פרוסת גלידת שמנת 7₪ | זוגית (2 פרוסות) 10₪ משלוחים | T.A ⁦❤️⁩איתכם מ18:00 ועד 00:00⁦❤️⁩ להזמנות חייגו 0525159515⁦ אנקור 48 | פרדס חנה
КИЕВСКИЕ ИСТОРИИ — Живой альманах
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শখের ল্যাপটপটিকে সযত্নে ও নিরাপদে রাখুন, ব্যবহার করুন "Laptop Carrying Bag" কোথাও ঘুরতে গেলে বা বেড়াতে গেলে অনায়াসে সঙ্গে করে নিয়ে যেতে পারবেন ল্যাপটপ।
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LadyCare - Nhà Phân Phối Gối Nhật Bản Chính Hãng - JaPan
GIẤC NGỦ LÀ VÔ CÙNG QUAN TRỌNG ĐỐI VỚI MỖI CHÚNG TA Gối Ngủ Nhanh Nhật Bản - Chăm Sóc Từng Phút Giấc Ngủ Của Bạn ĐẶT HÀNG TẠI : http://goingu.japan.ladi.me/ ĐẶT HÀNG TẠI : http://goingu.japan.ladi.me/ ✅ Hết ngủ ngáy, mất ngủ ✅ Chữa trị ngủ không tập trung ✅ Không lo đau đốt sống cổ Ngủ ngon một mạch suốt đêm ✅ Bạn sẽ không muốn dùng bất kỳ chiếc gối nào khác ➡️ SỰ LỰA CHỌN HOÀN HẢO CHO GIẤC NGỦ Gối ngủ nhanh Nhật Bản - Được phát triển từ công nghệ mới nhất Thiết kế thông minh, góc nghiêng 45 độ giúp vai cổ bạn luôn được giữ thẳng, đỉnh đầu luôn thoải mái Thiết kế thấp giúp máu dễ lưu thông lên não phù hợp cho mọi lứa tuổi, đặc biệt với người già Ngủ ngon suốt đêm không mộng mị mơ sảng hay ngáy to Chất liệu ruột gối: Cao su non - Bảo hành chính hãng Sản phẩm bán chạy số 1 và có mặt ở mọi gia đình Nhật Bản
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The Troy Softball Parent Association Softball fundraiser ends tonight. Please support them by shopping Troy High School Softball Parent Association apparel from their online store and sharing this post with friends and family!
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⏰ Period Tracker & Reminder Menstrual Calendar Pregnancy Rate Tell you everything about Period~
Incoludido - Comercio que hace Justicia. El único papel que limpia y no te caga. Papel higiénico libre de colusión a precio justo.
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طقم الخروج بـ100ج وبس ✌ مقاسات من 6 شهور لسنتين #بابيانو بتوصل لأي مكان في مصر في وقت قياسي مع بابيانو أعزفي وأتمني تواصلي مع بابيانو من خلال الماسنجر أو واتس أب أو مكالمات 01223086026 ولينا مكان في القاهرة لو حابة تشرفينا ودة لينك لمتابعة جروب الصفحة >> http://bit.ly/2lQLEDK
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ลิงค์ทดลอง ~ https://bit.ly/2AV3gcd ฝากแรก รับฟรีสปินสูงสุด 5000 รับเงินคืนทุกวัน ⏰ ถอน ภายใน 3 นาที
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®INFINITY WATCH SHOP - Go smart, go infinity!
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Andrés and Christina are 123 Andrés, a Latin Grammy-winning music duo with catchy songs for kids, in Spanish and English. Andrés and Christina bring dance moves, humor, and singable, danceable tunes for kids of all ages. Meet in the Hazel B. Hayes Auditorium, Main Library
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Polycarbonate outer shell with front pocket!
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สบู่วิ้งค์ไวท์ - ปลีก/ส่ง มีบริการเก็บเงินปลายทาง
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#Midaco Automatic Multi #PalletChanger for either 5-Axis and standard #VMC #machining. Equipped with 19 pallets to provide “lights out” #automation. Thanks Stuart Tool & Die in Falconer NY for the video. #americanmanufacturing #cncmachining #cnc #manufacturing #americanmade #madeinamerica #madeinusa
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The Average Person Will Only Gets 7 Right. What Will You Score?
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Obtenez des Pièces gratuites dans votre jeu favori maintenant. Cliquez pour jouez !
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Momentos divertidos con gente divertida Omegle en tu teléfono Nunca aburrido desde ahora
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