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CLEARANCE SALE‼ HOTEL QUALITY BEDDINGS Enjoy up to 40% OFF! Mall Price: P3,000 - P5,000 Our Price: Starts at P500 only!! What are you waiting for? Get yours now! Limited stocks only, hurry!! PM for orders and inquiries. ‼PROMO‼ PROMO‼ ANY SIZE, COLOR & DESIGN! ⭐️3 IN 1 SET⭐️ PRICE: P500 Includes: 1 Fitted Bed Sheet (Garterized) 2 Pillow Cases (20" x 28") ⭐️4 IN 1 SET⭐️ PRICE: P1,000 Includes: 1 Duvet Cover with Zipper 1 Fitted Bed Sheet (Garterized) 2 Pillow Cases (20" x 28") ⭐️5 IN 1 SET⭐️ PRICE: P2,000 1 Duvet Filler/Comforter 1 Duvet Cover with Zipper 1 Fitted Bed Sheet (Garterized) 2 Pillow Cases (20" x 28") —SIZE AVAILABLE— Single (36" x 75") Semi Double (48" x 75") Full Double (54" x 75") Queen (60" x 78") King (70" x 78") ▪️Ultra Soft Guaranteed ▪️100% US Cotton ▪️400 Thread Count ▪️Fits mattress up to 9.5 inches thick ▪️Easy Care ▪️Machine Washable
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✨ COD accepted for metro manila NEW CHEVRON BEDSHEETS LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE!! ☑️ RESELLERS ARE WELCOME 4IN1 SET & 5IN1 SET AVAILABLE ✳️ PRICE LIST 4in1 sets price: Single/Double - ₱1,000 Full - ₱1,050 Queen - ₱1,150 King - ₱1,200 5in1 Prices (single & full not available for 5in1) Double - ₱2,000 Queen - ₱2,100 King - ₱2,200 SIZE DIMENSIONS: (width x length x depth) SINGLE - (36” x 75" x 10" ) DOUBLE - ( 48" x 75" x 10" ) FULL - ( 54" x 75" x 10" ) QUEEN - ( 60" x 75” x 10" ) KING - ( 72” x 78” x 10" ) 4in1 sets includes: 1 fitted bed sheet 1 Duvet cover with zipper 2 pillow cases ( 20"x28" ) 5in1 Sets Inlcudes: 1 Duvet Filler/Comforter 1 Fitted Bed Sheet 1 Duvet cover with zipper 2 Pillow cases ( 20” x 28” ) PM TO ORDER ❤️ SHIPPING FEE NOT YET INCLUDED
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Reduced from Ghs 300.......to Ghs 220 *Duvet -King/Queen size *Bedspread *2 pillow cases. Please call or whatsapp 0555193002 to place your order. We deliver nationwide at a fee!! Shop Location Madina zongo junction Dome Marley Agona Swedru S3de3 weather nay3 no..... You need a duvet..
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We are having promotion on the bed frames, mattresses and bedding products. Please come to any one of our shops to buy them soon! All products are brand new (Not second hand). RUVO Classic Bed Frame - King Size 180x200cm (Cappuccino/ White Colour) Size: W192.7xL212.3xH97cm Promotion Price: $350 (Original Price: $390) Made in Malaysia ‍♀️Sorry that Queen Size bed frame is sold out already! RUVO Classic 2-Drawer Nightstand (Cappuccino/ White Colour) Size: W45xD40xH50cm Promotion Price: $59 each (Original Price: $79 each) Made in Malaysia RUVO Comfort Mattress - Queen Size Size: W160xD200xH22cm Promotion Price: $178 (Original Price: $210) ‍♀️Sorry that King Size Mattress is sold out already! Bedding 4pcs Set (Midnight/ Tartan Pattern) - Queen Size 160x200cm - Fitted Sheet, Quilt Cover & 2 x Pillow Cases Promotion Price: $40.70 /set (Orignal Price: $47.90 /set) Bedding 4pcs Set (Midnight/ Tartan Pattern) - King Size 180x200cm - Fitted Sheet, Quilt Cover & 2 x Pillow Cases Promotion Price: $44.90 /set (Orignal Price: $52.90 /set) ☎️BKK1 Shop Tel: 089 266 851 Toul Tum Poung Shop Tel: 078 850 320 Toul Kork Shop Tel: 061 700 701 Ou Baek K’am (St 271) Shop Tel: 078 888 627 យើងខ្ញុំមានកម្មវិធីបញ្ចុះតម្លៃលើគ្រែ ពូកនឹងឈុតស្រោមពូក។ សូមអញ្ជើញមកទិញនៅសាខាណាមួយក្នុងពេលឆាប់ៗនេះ! ផលិតផល ថ្មីទាំងអស់(‍♀️មិនមែនផលិតផលមួយទឹកទេ)។ គ្រែម៉ាកRUVOទំហំធំ ទ180xប200cm (ពណ៍ប្រផេះក្រម៉ៅ នឹងពណ៍ស) ទំហំ ទ192.7xជម្រៅ212.3xក97cm តម្លៃបញ្ចុះរួច $350 (តម្លៃដើម $390) ផលិតផលប្រទេសម៉ាឡេស៊ី ‍♀️សូមអភ័យទោសចំពោះគ្រែទំហំតូចត្រូវបានលក់អស់ពីស្តុកហើយ តុក្បាលគ្រែម៉ាក RUVO (ពណ៍ប្រផេះក្រម៉ៅ នឹងពណ៍ស) ទំហំ ទ45xជម្រៅ40xក50cm តម្លៃបញ្ចុះរួចមួយ $59 (តម្លៃដើមមួយ $79) ផលិតផលប្រទេសម៉ាឡេស៊ី ពូកសុខភាពម៉ាក RUVO ទំហំតូច ទំហំ ទ160xជម្រៅ200xក22cm តម្លៃបញ្ចុះរួច$178 (តម្លៃដើម $210) ‍♀️សូមអភ័យទោសចំពោះពូកទំហំធំត្រូវបានលក់អស់ពីស្តុកហើយ ឈុតស្រោមពូកមានបួន (Midnight/ Tartan Pattern) ទំហំតូច 160x200cm ស្រោមពូកមួយ ស្រោមភួយមួយនឹងស្រោមខ្នើយពីរ តម្លៃបញ្ចុះរួច $40.70ក្នុងមួយឈុត តម្លៃដើម $47.90ក្នុងមួយឈុត ឈុតស្រោមពូកមានបួន (Midnight/ Tartan Pattern) ទំហំធំ 180x200cm ស្រោមពូកមួយ ស្រោមភួយមួយនឹងស្រោមខ្នើយពីរ តម្លៃបញ្ចុះរួច $44.90ក្នុងមួយឈុត តម្លៃដើម $52.90ក្នុងមួយឈុត សាខាបឹងកេងកង ទូរសព្ទ័ : 089 266 851 សាខាទួលទំពូង ទូរសព្ទ័ : 078 850 320 សាខាទួលគោក ទូរសព្ទ័ : 061 700 701 សាខាអូរបែកក្អម (ផ្លូវលេខ 271) ទូរសព្ទ័ : 078 888 627
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