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"Ah! What a day!" There was the sound of a loud squeak as a young woman fell on her bed. Stretching her tired arms, her small almond shaped brown eyes blinked several times before she got comfy between her blankets. Yoona Kim, 25 Years Old, recent University Graduate, just had a long day of job hunting. Now it was time to unwind before bed. She reached over to her bed side and grabbed her favorite novel. The cover was worn and the pages bent, evidence of the many times it had been abused and read. It was a sad story of a young unloved Queen, and the many struggles she endured before she finally lost her sanity, and was executed for attempted of her husband, the King. No matter how many times Yoona read it, the pain of the Queen gripped her heart each time. "She's such a fool for loving him!" "Gosh, if I was her, I would NOT have done THAT!" "UGH! He should die!" Such was her comments as she continued to read. After a hour of reading, she yawned and closed her book and put it on the bed side table. Looking out the window at the many bright stars shining the night sky, she saw a shooting star pass. She smiled to herself and turned out the light. [How nice it would be if I lived in a world full of Kings and Queens... Sounds so exciting...] With that thought, she slowly drifted off to sleep, dreaming of stars and magic. Little did she know what was in store for her when she opened her eyes... "Lady Gwyneth... It is time to wake up." "Ugh....." Yoona covered her face with the blanket. "Just 5 more minutes..." "... Miss?" Yoona tore the blanket off her face and growled. " you Siri! Leave me alon--" She stopped short. Standing by her bed was a young woman, young 20's by the look of her, with short auburn hair to her shoulders, dressed in a black and white maid outfit, looking at her with big brown eyes in a shocked and confused expression. "... Miss... Are you okay...?" Yoona ignored her inquiry as she looked around. She rubbed her eyes, then rubbed it again. [What is going on...?] She was in a huge bed with a canopy, in a room as large as a 2 bedroom apartment, decorated in lots of pink, lace, and frills. [Okay, key thing is to remain calm. Dreaming? Maybe. Yup. Let's go with that for now.] "Miss...? Lady Gwyneth...? Are you feeling ill?" Yoona blinked several times and looked at the maid to her side. "Um... Maybe. Yeah. Yeah. Definitely sick. Um... Could you give me some time alone? I think I might be contagious. And uh, yeah, maybe." Yoona scratched her head as she chucked nervously. She never was very good at lying. "Should I call for a Doctor?" The maid asked worriedly. "Um.... Yes......." Yoona nodded slowly. "Yes Miss,...
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#Prelegent #PLNOG23 ‼️ Święta, święta i po świątach... My tymczasem nie próżnowaliśmy i z wielką radością chcemy ogłosić owoc naszej pracy! Poznajcie pierwszego prelegenta dwudziestej trzeciej edycji #PLNOG - doktor Maciek Wielgus, astronom, absolwent automatyki i robotyki na Politechnice Warszawskiej i matematyki na Uniwersytecie Warszawskim, obecnie pracujący w Black Hole Initiative na Uniwersytecie Harvarda. Maciej był jednym z dwójki Polaków pracujących nad stworzeniem zdjęcia czarnej dziury, które opublikowano 10 kwietnia br. Podczas krakowskiej edycji PLNOG Maciek zaprezentuje temat: Biblioteka EHT-imaging, regularized maximum likelihood i pierwszy obraz czarnej dziury Abstrakt: "W kwietniu 2019 roku zespół naukowców tworzących kolaborację Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) zaprezentował pierwszy obraz bezpośredniego otoczenia czarnej dziury w galaktyce M87. Do stworzenia obrazu wykorzystano technikę interferometrii wielkobazowej, umożliwiającą uzyskanie ogromnej rozdzielczości kosztem bardzo niepełnego zbioru danych reprezentującego częstości przestrzenne obrazu. Problem rekonstrukcji obrazu jest typowo adresowany za pomocą opracowanego jeszcze w latach 70' algorytmu typu inverse modeling, CLEAN. W ostatnich 5 latach zespół EHT poczynił intensywne wysiłki w kierunku rozwoju algorytmów inverse modeling opartych o bayesowska metodę regularized maximum likelihood (RML), demonstracyjnie uzyskujących lepszą jakość rekonstrukcji niż klasyczny CLEAN. W prezentacji przedstawię metody RML i ich implementację w otwartej pythonowej bibliotece EHT-imaging, wykorzystanej do rekonstrukcji pierwszego obrazu czarnej dziury." Jeżeli chcecie poznać więcej kosmicznie dobrych prelekcji, to przypominamy że do 7️⃣ maja obowiązuje próg cenowy Early Birds https://plnog23.evenea.pl
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