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"Your daughter will marry a prince," the witch prophesied. "The prince will however, believe that he is in love with another woman. This woman would bring about many obstacles between the married couple before they can unite." I was stunned speechless. Just a few hours ago I'd taken the witch into my home where she'd introduced herself to me as Paige Snow. Now, she was telling me things about my young daughter that I did not want to know. "How sure are you of this?" Her sapphire eyes were distant and sad. "As sure as I am of the man that murdered my daughter." My jaw clenched at the reminder. I'd found the witch soaking wet in the rain and completely broken on the ground of the deep forest. Out of the kindness of my heart, I decided to take her home and let my wife nurse her back to health. "There's more," she whispered, her hands were shaking and I wondered if it had to do with the rain or the visions she'd just seen. My wife glanced at me with worried eyes. "The man your daughter will marry, he is someone that you know. They are both destined for greatness but only when they are together. If they are apart, our world as we know it will be destroyed. They are the key to life on earth." I frowned at her, "I don't understand. What exactly are you trying to tell me? Why would life on earth be destroyed if they aren't together?" She wasn't making any sense. It was difficult to believe that everyone's life depended on my daughter marrying some prince. "I see great distress. I see darkness. I see the end. There is a dark force heading for earth, your daughter and the prince are the chosen ones. They are the couple chosen to stand up and fight against the darkness but they will not be alone, there will be many other chosen couples that would join the fight with them.” "What are you talking about?" My wife demanded. "What is this darkness?" Paige shook her head and snapped her fingers. "I don't know what it is, I just know that if your daughter doesn't marry Prince Austin Lance Vinci, our world is doomed." Prince Austin? My body tensed at the name. I should have known. The only royal family that I was familiar with was the same family that had banished me from their kingdom. It still hurt to know that my own friends cut all ties with me due to a lie told by Eric. That sick bastard destroyed years of a loyal friendship. "We are no longer on good terms with that family. There is no way that they would ever let my daughter marry their son," I told her. "We may as well forget about any of this." "Alpha Eric, in my visions, I see him as one of Lucy's greatest enemies. . ." She informed us. "Does he also have something to do with what happened with you and your child's future in laws?" I tensed. "Yes. Eric is responsible for the disagreement between our families." She nodded. "Then I know what must be done," she said. "Your daughter Lucy cannot grow up with you." My gaze snapped to hers. "What nonsense are you speaking?" I demanded. "The only possible way for her to marry Austin is for her to be a princess herself. She must be adopted by a royal family, it's the only way that I foresee her marrying the prince." She urged, her voice was almost desperate, like she was pleading with us. "Why would a royal family adopt our own daughter?" My wife asked with terrified eyes. I hated that look on her face; Paige was suggesting that we abandon our young daughter in order to save our planet. "Leave that up to me," she answered with a determined gleam in her eyes. "They will accept her for sure. However, I cannot promise that they will treat her right." Her words angered me. "Why must I give my daughter to a family that possibly wouldn't take care of her properly?" Her eyes wandered to the backyard where my other children played. "Think about those children. Your daughter may live a rough life for a few years but her life will improve once she's by the Prince's side. If you refuse to do as I say, then you risk losing all of your children one way or the other." She explained. "There is no way around this; it is the only possible w
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Love story of Catherine & YT. Proposal in LaFame Bridal It's indeed a lovely & fun behind the scene of their prewedding photoshoot session Let us be the author of your love story ‍♀‍♂Catherine & YT的爱情故事。 LaFame Bridal内求婚 让我们成为你爱情故事的作者 欢庆 LaFame Bridal Mansion(KL)开业三周年,我们 将带给你最超值的海内外婚纱摄影惊喜 • 即场RM3000摄影配套回扣! 更多惊喜陆续登场,stay tune! 快tag身边的他/她一起来啦。 优惠只限店内(KL, Melaka)店内walk-in或online签单 14 - 31 March 2019 11AM – 7PM KL Branch : 205 , Jalan ss2/24, 47300 Petaling Jaya , Selangor, Malaysia Melaka Branch : 10, Jln KSB 12, Taman Kota Syahbandar, 75200 Melaka , Malaysia Email: info@lafame.asia ☎ Phone: +60374966886 www.lafame.asia
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הפנסיונרים ניצחו! הטבות המס לבני 60 ומעלה אושרו! כעת ניתן לחסוך עד 4,080 ש"ח בשנה ללא מאמץ באמצעות המדריך החדש להטבות המס של עצת הזהב. קבלו עכשיו את המדריך בחינם בלחיצה על כפתור
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Trend Alarmı Sezonun En Şık Elbiseleri Seni Bekliyor! Birbirinden Şık Ürünleri Hemen İncele, Tükenmeden Satın Al! Üstelik 24 Saatte Kargo ve 14 Gün Ücretsiz İade Garantisiyle Mutlu Alışverişin Keyfini Çıkar...
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¡Ya a la venta 'Shipwreck'! De la mano de la leyenda de la industria Warren Ellis y del formidable artista Phil Hester llega esta inquietante serie.
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