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*** OVERSTOCK KING MATTRESS SALE*** King Ashley Napa Valley Pillowtop Mattress Original Price $2999, Now Only $799 Take Home with only $40 down, 100 Day Cash option. Call or Text 865-498-9001 First Come, First Serve. Delivery Available Sleep soundly in the luxury of the Napa Valley pillow top king mattress. Its elegant silk infused top cover allows you to float softly into the mattress as multiple layers of Talalay latex and memory foam layers conform to your body to relieve pressure points. For extra support along the mattress's edges, a deluxe border quilt foam is included. Two types of steel coil units work in tandem to provide all-around firm support and reduce motion felt on the surface—great choice for all sleep positions. Foundation/box spring available, sold separately. -Thick 17" Luxury Super Pillowtop -Maintenance-free, one-sided design: no flipping or rotating -Silk infused quilted cover -Talalay latex layer -Individually wrapped Nano and Quantum coil support systems -Poly-foam base support -Deluxe border quilt foam -Thick layer of high-density memory foam -Power base compatible -Foundation/box spring sold separately
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STORE CLOSING SALE.‍♀️ This is your chance to get the newly reinvented, cosmetologist approved Quantum 8D™ Eyelash Kit, for a fraction of the cost. Free Shipping anywhere in America.
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TCL's QLED PRE-SALE IS LIVE NOW !! The latest QLED TV range is now available for Pre-Order! Quantum Dot Display, Hands-Free Voice Control, a vibrant and crisp 4K display with Dolby Vision, HDR 10+, and latest Android OS to give you the smoothest, most feature-packed smart TV experience to date. Order Now and get huge discounts! Offer valid till 11July For QLED : https://www.tclpakistan.com/qled-tv.html For UHD: https://www.tclpakistan.com/uhd-tv.html #TCL #TCLPakistan #QLED #UHD #LEDTV
TCL Pakistan | LED TV | DC Inverter AC | Official Website
TCL's QLED PRE-SALE IS LIVE NOW !! The latest QLED TV range is now available for Pre-Order! Quantum Dot Display, Hands-Free Voice Control, a vibrant and crisp 4K display with Dolby Vision, HDR 10+, and latest Android OS to give you the smoothest, most feature-packed smart TV experience to date. Order Now and get huge discounts! Offer valid till 11July https://www.tclpakistan.com/qled-tv.html
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Clearance Sale! Everyone is looking for clearance sale, so here we go. GLC 250 AMG line with Diamond Grill & Running Board (aka side step) - Last unit, ready stock: Black GLA 180 Urban Edition - Last unit for each colour, ready stock: Black, Grey, Red Drop us a message for - Trade-in - Car/package details - Loan details As to facilitate your visit to our Covid safe showroom, we appreciate scheduled appointment. So do drop us a message or call our friendly staffs. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Quantum Armour Pte Ltd Service over Ambition; Integrity above Expedience 33 Ubi Avenue 3 #01-16 Vertex Singapore 408868 +65 87744996 (Stephen) +65 98218086 (Jack)
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Stay healthy and happy and protect yourself with Quantum Immune Boosters! On Sale now for a limited time only.
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2020 BUSINESS EVOLUTION SUMMIT - PERTH Discover How To Evolve your business to stay relevant in the hearts and minds of the people you choose to serve Of the 2 million-plus businesses operating in Australia 4 years ago, 2 in 5 no longer exist (39.6%). Did you know that approximately: 80% of businesses with employees will survive their first year in business. 70% of them will survive their second year in business. 50% of them will survive their fifth year in business. 30% of them will survive their 10th year in business. Why? They lost relevance because they didn't evolve. Are you running your businesses in a reactionary way? Are you feeling forced to implement changes because the market demands it in order to survive? Would you like to learn a system to evolve your business so that it is a market leader? Evolution should be the natural state of all businesses. Business is a series of evolutions. What is the next evolution of your business? We are in the most uncertain of times. This is the best time because there is no opportunity in predictability, but there is plenty in uncertainty. The BUSINESS EVOLUTION SUMMIT is an intense leadership focused one-day event designed specifically for business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs who recognise the need to evolve themselves so they can evolve their businesses to stay relevant in the hearts and minds of the people they choose to serve. WHY? The reason businesses go broke or fade into the sunset is because they continue to grow, but they don't evolve. We can't solve tomorrow's problems with today's thinking. Change is happening at a frightening pace, and if you don't like change, you are going to like irrelevance even less. Businesses risk becoming irrelevant to their customers. They aren't evolving. The four drivers of business evolution are: - technology - the market - consumer behaviour - disruptive newcomers These drivers aren't going away anytime soon. This makes the need for evolution mission-critical. Evolution is a process. The world turns fast these days, and in business, we are continually faced with changing landscapes. This presents us with challenges and opportunities to keep our business up to date and relevant. BUSINESS EVOLUTION SUMMIT is designed to remove the frustration and complexity you have ever had in: - Alignment of culture and strategy - Developing clear goals and expectations - Creating a system of accountability - Developing leadership strength and depth - Developing a consistent sales system If you feel your business has ever had these challenges, then the BUSINESS EVOLUTION SUMMIT is definitely for you! Here you will Discover The Systems You Can Use To Productively Transform Your Life, Your Business and The Lives Of The People You Serve. Join Dave Clare - The Prophet For Purpose, Netty'd Annette Lackovic and Petar Lackovic and the other (up to 50 attendees) business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs like you at the Australian Institute of Management WA on Friday, March 27th, 2020 for one epic day of evolution! WHAT WE WILL COVER: - Create a culture & strategy alignment (Define direction) - Maintain intense focus on what matters most (Set the path to get there) - Build a culture & brand relationship (Help people fall in love with your business) - Bust the "Execution is hard" myth (Track and map with accountability) - Learn the 4 quadrants of the programming that creates self-sabotage. - Discover why quantum leaps keep in life create fear. - Showing you exact strategies that can help DOUBLE your conversion rate (Less Follow Up) - Massively SHORTEN your sales cycle (Convert More In Less Time) - Increase your AVERAGE dollar per sale (More Profit) WHAT YOU WILL GET: - Full event workbook - Model Business Canvas © (A1 size) - All the models & tools - The book: SIMPLIFIED - Copy of the event presentation (after) - Morning Tea & Lunch - Entry into the BONUS prizes *Must be present at time of draw YOUR PRESENTERS FOR THE DAY: Dave Clare CEO & Founder of Circle Leadership. Dave is a practitioner, coach, and speaker o
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Hamsters are super cute. They’re fuzzy. Cute twitchy noses. Cute chubby cheeks. Cute little ears. They love running on their wheels. Just running and running. You probably know where I’m going with this. You aren’t a hamster. Chances are you started out... In your career. In your business. In your job. Running. And Running. What’s the other word for that? Ahhh, yes… Hustling. Doing the do. Nose to the grindstone. That’s what you’re supposed to do, right? If you want to “make it.” If you want to “succeed.” What does everyone say? “Work longer.” “Work harder.” “Make one more call.” “Do one more presentation.” “It’s a numbers game.” “Go for no!” Eventually. Like the hamster... You have to get off. You need some rest. Life is passing you by. You need to stop and smell the food pellets. Hamsters can’t run the wheel 24/7. Either can you. But you knew that. So how do you make your “numbers?” How do you get that next… Client. Sale. Contract. Promotion. Without the hustle? Without all the “more?” More presentations. More calls. More time. More books. More seminars. Hi, I’m Stephen Kosmyna from: ProsperityVision.com And I’m gonna help you get off the wheel. So you don’t have to hustle 24/7. It’s probably not what you think. It might seem unconventional. Not gonna lie. It’s an inside job thing. But it’s not the typical stuff you’ve read before. I know you’ve followed: Ziglar. Hill. Canfield. Tracy. Dyer. And all the others. All great teachers. But we are going to dive much deeper. Like weird ocean jellyfish deep. So you can make a quantum leap. And achieve those sales goals faster. And more importantly, Get off the hamster wheel grinding. I explain it all here: ProsperityVision.com See you soon! -Stephen PS, here’s that link again: ProsperityVision.com
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Stop Cleaning or Replacing Hepa Filters and Meet the Worlds First Upright Water Vacuum without One! Get it now: http://today.tryquantumvac.com/sale ✔️ Perfect for Pet Owners and People with Asthma and Allergies ✔️ It Only Uses Water ✔️ Eliminates 99% of Bacteria Tell us: Have you tried Quantum X yet?!
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Modèlem السلام عليكم كما عودتكم الورشة meuble my تعرض عليكم مجموعة من غرف نوم باڨلوز و الخشب الاحمر نوعية جيدة صنع محلي 3و 4 ابواب منزلقةأو 6 أبواب عادية وبأسعار جد معقولة للطلب أو الإستفسار الإتصال بنا ☟ القليعة ولاية تيبازة 0696256464/0550397236/0771828679 السعر يتراوح بين 108000......الى....155000 دج مع النقل⛟ والتركيب طول الخزانة من 2.35....الى...2.60 .متر مزودة بأضواء السرير مغلف بإتقان مع العارضة الخشبية و الكرسي هدية ↔1.60/ ↕1.90 متر لراحتكم الطلب يكون عبر الهاتف دون عناء التنقل إلينا وفي الوقت المحدد من طرف الزبون والدفع عند الإستلام تسهر على < meuble my > راحة زبائنها في إختبار النوعية الجيدة.
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Устали сидеть дома? А ехать за границу нет желания или возможности? Но хочется чего-то необычного и удивительного для себя и для семьи? Удивительное - рядом ⬇️ ⠀ Присоединяйтесь к нам в Пошаговую программу-путешествие в ГОРНЫЙ АЛТАЙ с 13 сентября на 7-10 дней "Бирюзовая Катунь"! ⠀ ❤️ Ведь, именно в это время Алтай и его горная река Катунь особенно прекрасен. А Катунь - яркого бирюзово-изумрудного цвета! ⠀ Горный Алтай со своей красотой первозданной горной природы, не тронутой человеком, никого не оставляет равнодушным. Это величайшее место силы! Эта поездка поменяет Ваш мир - гарантируем, проверено благодарными клиентами! ⠀ ✅ АЛГОРИТМ Это увлекательное ПУТЕШЕСТВИЕ с прекрасной экскурсионной программой + психологические трансформационные ТРЕНИНГИ ⠀ ✅ ОРГАНИЗАТОРЫ и ВЕДУЩИЕ: Кристина Хижняк - наставник эффективных женских программ Девиз Кристины: "Помогла Сама Себе - помогу и Вам!" Клиенты о Кристине: "Как у мамы на ручках побывала!" Илья Грейчус - экперт-психолог по отношениям Клиенты о Илье: "Как жаль, что я с Вами не была знакома ранее..." ⠀ ✅ ПРОГРАММА: ⠀ 4 глубоких психологических тренинга на важнейшие темы: Контакт с собой Любовь к себе Мечты и страхи Выход за ограничения ⠀ 4 экскурсии в места силы в сопровождении фотографа Долина духов Че Чкыш, Ороктойский мост, Тельдекпенские пороги Высокогорные Каракольские озера Козья тропа, Остров Патмос Пеший поход в гору ⠀ 2 пикника в живописных местах ⠀ Шоппинг по-Алтайски в деревне художников и мастеров ⠀ Прокатимся на моторной лодке по горной реке Катунь ⠀ Прогулка на лошадях ⠀ Попробуем настоящий горный мед и увидим все этапы его производства ⠀ Практики на раскрытие контакта с собой и интуиции на закате и рассвете ⠀ ПРОЖИВАНИЕ в идеальной теплой БАЗЕ ОТДЫХА в изумительном месте со своим питанием. Вы только посмотрите фото на сайте, какая красота ⠀ И это еще не все! Все подробности можно посмотреть на сайте программы. Переходите по стрелке в рекламе "Подробнее", знакомьтесь и бронируйте места! ⠀ Внимание: Мест мало, так как база не рассчитана на большое количество людей. ⠀ ⏰ Успей Успеть !!!! Рекомендуем от души. До встречи ❤️
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Acreditamos que a sustentabilidade é um dos caminhos para garantir um futuro melhor. Por isso, investimos em soluções digitais, tornando a vida dos cooperados mais prática e evitando o desperdício de papel. Assim, reforçamos nossa sintonia com a responsabilidade social, um dos valores presentes no cooperativismo. #cooperativismo #responsabilidadesocial #sustentabilidade
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Nada mais confortável do que um pijama fofinho para um sábado fresquinho! Combinação perfeita para o findi com Netflix e pipoca! ☕️⛄️ @lualuaoficial @ori_representacoes #samargafran #samargafrancalcados #samargasemprepresente
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טבעול מאחלת לכם יום טבעונות סנסשיונל! מעל מיליון ישראלים כבר עברו לטבעונות וצמחונות, והרבה בחרו להפחית בצריכה מן החי 💚 טבעונים? שתפו אותנו כמה זמן, מה הטיפ שלכם לטבעונות נכונה ומה המנה הטבעונית האהובה עליכם עושים טוב לעצמנו, וגם לסביבה! #יוםהטבעונותהבינלאומי #טבעול #Tivall #sensational_burger #sensationalburger
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Κάνε Like για να μαθαίνεις όλα τα νέα από το πρωτοποριακό και καινοτόμο κομμάτι της Ελλάδας!
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Se você está passando por um momento de incertezas, e se questiona a todo instante em relação às escolhas que fez ao longo da vida, é com você mesmo que eu quero falar. . Eu sei que você quer muito melhorar alguns aspectos da sua vida, e que um dos seus maiores desejos é poder viver melhor e com mais felicidade. . Foi pensando em pessoas como você que eu estou lançando o curso Viva Melhor 2.0, um treinamento para você repensar, rever e reciclar sua vida pessoal ou profissional e conquistar uma vida melhor! . E eu quero te fazer um convite: Nesta quinta, dia 06 de agosto eu vou disponibilizar uma oferta exclusiva de lançamento, mas apenas para quem estiver no Grupo VIP do WhatsApp. . Se eu fosse você, não perderia essa oportunidade e entraria agora mesmo no grupo, clicando no link abaixo. Mas, seja rápido, porque as vagas são limitadas...
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Our Kora dress with flared sleeves & neckline pleats is the perfect outfit for a day out or casual meetings!❤️ Have you checked out our Summer Breeze collection? #paashh #sustainableliving #ecofriendly #natural #newinpune #fashion #ecochic #organic #slowfashion #style #springsummer19 #sustainablefashion #handcrafted #linen #stripes #newinpune #punefashion #puneblogger #environmentfriendly
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Nada de ralar os cotovelos e machucar os joelhos por aí! Torne seu esporte mais seguro e mais divertido com nosso kit de proteção Blessed: http://4et.us/yDzy *Imagem ilustrativa.
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