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Аутдор магазин Basecamp - твоето място в планината! - Basecamp Shop | Basecamp-shop
Аутдор магазин Basecamp - твоето място в планината! - Basecamp Shop | Basecamp-shop
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Brandon Sells Colorado
Brandon Sells Colorado
News Break: Local News & Breaking News
News Break: Local News & Breaking News
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News Break: Local News & Breaking News
News Break: Local News & Breaking News
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Demise of Mr. 10% + Budget + FATF sanctions = X-company + BCCI remnants in a dooming economy The Role of Deception and Delusion in Sidetracking the Core Issues in National Security By: Gholam Mujtaba, M.S., M.D., Ed.D., FRSPH, FICPS Two high value targets in financial embezzlement were found in London refreshing the BCCI past at a time coinciding the FATF threat. These issues of national significance have deliberately been sidetracked under a controlled media. The financial fiscal year is about to begin. Budget has to be presented to the parliament. Yes, the same parliament which declared 35 as 65 votes in the Senate elections. The opposition will maintain the paradigm fearing exposure of the contents of their secret files. Would that serve a national security interest of Riyasat e Madinah? Skirmishes on the borders will hit the headlines to rally the nation inspiring patriotism, and the coffin of a former President will be brought to the cemetery to mobilize a province in encouraging urban rural divide. The ethnic card will be played to scare the BILO after having threatened through a sectarian card. Today, personal gains, job extensions and promotions are depicted as patriotism through state sponsored media projections by the covert outfits? Is this a service to the national security interests of this nation? The nation has been fooled in the past two years in all avenues of life. occupied valley gone, economy lost, building dam remains a daydream, digital Chokri remained a mystery, discovery of oil wells reflected a quandary, bringing the looted wealth became a treachery and providing job opportunities was jugglery. A state where jugglery, treachery, disloyalty, dishonesty, adultery, deceit and deception become the character of the of “N-senior” and “N-junior” on the beds of the Indus, the Kalabagh turns into a house of shame, unfortunate! SAVE THE COUNTRY. STEP UP. YES, WE CAN.
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It is critical for all businesses to know how lockdown restrictions will apply to them. Malaysian eateries in particular need to have clarity, before illegal operators swoop in and take advantage of legitimate businesses not being able to supply to their customers. Read more: https://bit.ly/2SnYycQ
A BRIGHTER LIFE AWAITS YOU. “I want to improve my cash flow! I want to earn more!” “I love my job, it’s just that it’s not enough to make my dreams come true.” “I do not want to leave my job, but I am not growing anymore in my current employment.” “As an entrepreneur, I have idle time, and I want to maximize my time.” “As an entrepreneur, how can I maximize my connections in business and earn more?” “I want to learn more about investing.” “I want to be part of the advocacy of spreading financial literacy.” “I want to give my family a better life.” “I want to help my parents and I want let them experience a good life!” Nakaka-relate ba? One of the statements above resonated to me before. I am a Registered Nurse but I was not able to practice my profession. Why? It’s because I do not want to work abroad. I don’t want to leave my family. Hence, I was put into quandary on how to make my dreams come true knowing that the salary that I would be earning here in the Philippines would not suffice for my family’s needs. I am a dreamer. I want to reach my goals like buying a car, buying a home, travelling around the world and putting up my own business. Sun Life made me achieve this! Just like being a nurse, I have a purpose to fulfill as a Sun Life Advisor. I help my clients achieve their financial goals as I enrich mine. It’s a win-win situation between me and my clients. Be a SUN LIFE FINANCIAL ADVISOR. Here, you can achieve your dreams and at the same time, have professional and personal growth! We are looking for young professionals and young entreps! Join our FREE Online LIVE BRIGHTER Forum on May 8, 1:30pm via ZOOM to know more about this exciting career! Hurry! Register now by clicking the SEND MESSAGE button! Limited slots only! We are almost full! This event is FREE! Just register! Click the SEND MESSAGE button below now!
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'“Rohini, tell me what to do,” said Rahul, his voice cracking with emotion. The incident had impacted him greatly. He was looking at her, pleading with his eyes for a miraculous answer that would save them from this quandary. But, she had none to offer. The tragic phone call a week back had jolted them and rushed them to the hospital ICU.' #AmWriting
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КАКВО ЛИ ТЕ ОЧАКВА в #Кибрит този месец? Нека ти подскажем... В кутийката сме скрили свежи "валентинки" , които със сигурност ще те обсипят с много любов... ‍♀️Невероятната нощна маска за лице #Po на Dr. Botanicals на стойност 3️⃣0️⃣ лева Съкровище от прекрасния Прованс за твоите копринени ръце и за изящния ти маникюр... Но не само едно, а второ френско съкровище, което ще се погрижи за твоите меки крака... Нестандартно и изключително здравословно чудо на природата... Мощен антиоксидант с приложения както в козметиката, така и в кухнята... ‍♀️Полезен аксесоар-помощник в твоята мисия да бъдеш красива А "кибритеният" аксесоар е придружен от нещо интересно с което да подариш време на себе си... защото го заслужаваш! Всички продукти в Кибрит този месец са на обща стойност над 7️⃣5️⃣лева! ⏳Поръча ли вече своето #Кибритче? ❣️Побързай, оставащите бройки са ограничени... Поръчай на https://kibrit.bg/box/lubov-za-men
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Zigbee, Z-Wave, BLE, Wi-Fi, Smart… Zie jij door de bomen het bos nog? Woensdag om 19:30 uur: Hoe werkt Smart Home en waar begin je? In dit gratis webinar laten wij je kennis maken met de basis van Smart Home.
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Beautiful, bespoke bridal gowns from one of the most fashion-forward Asian designer brands in the UK. ✨ Contact us today to discuss your requirements.
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Obserwuj fanpage Betclic Polska i weź udział w konkursach Do wygrania m.in. PPV na galę FAME MMA 7 oraz mnóstwo bonusów Dołącz do nas
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Praktiniai mokymai „Turinio kūrimas ir pasakojimų dizainas“ su mados prekės ženklų kūrėja ir novatore, tekstilės inžiniere, konceptualių mados produktų ir įvaizdžio konsultante, tendencijų prognozuotoja – Victoria Dias! Praktinių mokymų pirmoje trumpoje teorinėje dalyje dalyviai bus supažindinti su pagrindinėmis 2021 metų tendencijomis, susijusiomis su turinio kūrimu skaitmeninėms platformoms ir būsimais vartotojų medijų, paslaugų ir produktų pasirinkimais mažmeninėje prekyboje. Antroje (ir platesnėje) dalyje dalyviai atliks praktines užduotis, kurios įkvėps, lavins ir praplės kiekvieno dalyvio kūrybinį mąstymą. Pagrindinis praktinių mokymų turinys: • Pilietiška reklama (Civic Ads). Vartotojai reikalauja reklamos su prasme, todėl praktinės užduoties metu dalyviai plėtos reklamos „humanizavimą“. • Pasakojimas Z kartai. Jie ateina siekdami įgalinimo, humoro ir įtraukimo iš kiekvieno prekės ženklo, su kuriuo jie sąveikauja. Praktinės užduoties metu dalyviai išmoks kodus kaip sukurti pasakojimą būtent jiems. • Turinio kūrimas socialinėms platformoms. Kokia ateitis? (Teorija) • Turinio kūrimas socialinėms platformoms. Kaip kurti ir plėtoti naujienas ir istorijas, kurios išlieka. Pratimai, praplečiantys kūrybiškumą ir idėjų banką. Emocijų dizaino pratimai. • Humoro jausmas medijose ir mažmeninėje skaitmeninėje prekyboje. Mechanizmai. Pratimai humoro ugdymui ir absurdo valdymas, siekiant naujo įsitraukimo lygio. • Eksperimentavimas ir efemeriškas turinys. Dalyviai išmoks sukurti istorijas per kelias sekundes. Pratimai, skirti lavinti greitą pasakojimą ir plėsti emocinį intelektą. • Vizuali kelionė. Vaizdo įrašas. Iki 2022 m. 82% viso internetinio turinio bus vaizdo turinys. Mikro istorijų kūrimas. Mechanizmai. Praktiniai pratimai. • Ateities pardavimų vaizdo įrašai. Analizė. Mechanizmai. Praktiniai pratimai. Praktinių užduočių atlikimui reikės nešiojamo kompiuterio arba planšetės. Praktiniai mokymai skirti: • mados ir gyvenimo būdo prekiniams ženklams; • komunikacijos ekspertams ir studentams; • ženklodaros ekspertams; • socialinių medijų agentūroms; • socialinių tinklų administratoriams; • socialinių platformų turinio kūrėjams; • reklamos agentūroms; • socialinės reklamos kūrėjams; • reklamos tekstų kūrėjams; • kūrybiniams vadovams; • nuomonės formuotojams socialinėse platformose. Praktiniai mokymai „Turinio kūrimas ir pasakojimų dizainas“ – rugpjūčio 20 d. nuo 14:00 iki 16:30 val. Light House Coworking Bilietai: https://tickets.paysera.com/lt/event/turinio-kurimas-ir-pasakojimu-dizainas Mados savaitė Klaipėdoje / Fashion Week Klaipėda 08 / 19–23 #fwklaipeda #vagueness #neapibrėžtumas * Projektą iš dalies finansuoja Lietuvos kultūros taryba ir Klaipėdos miesto savivaldybė. ~ Renginyje bus fotografuojama ir filmuojama. Laikomės SAM nustatytų taisyklių ir rekomendacijų.
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Vous aimeriez apprendre l'obéissance de base avec votre chien? Inscrivez vous à une de nos sessions en groupe de 6 cours à 165$+tx Entraînement en renforcement positif, aucune punition. Ouvert aux familles 450-470-1499