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11 Traits of Ultra-Successful People I’ve owned businesses long enough & surrounded myself with the right people To know what separates the winners from the losers And I’m not talking about products here I’m talking about the type of people who really excel at life The ones who get things done & look back on everything they created and think “I’ve made it” Here are 11 qualities that each successful person I know embodies: Eagerness to Learn Successful people know that they’re never going to master a given subject They understand that there’s an infinite amount of knowledge to learn in any given subject & they do all they can to constantly consume Taking Action While Learning There’s no point in consuming knowledge if you’re not going to practice it And that’s what the most successful people understand, they ‘earn while they learn’ They’re not afraid to execute a task just because they’re still learning how to ‘do it right’ They dive right in and welcome the results - good or bad Don’t Fear Failure Successful people understand that failures are their defining moments They know that if they fail at something they’re able to move past it & use it as a learning experience Once they overcome whatever obstacles are thrown their way, they’ll add another skill under their arsenal Understand when to say ‘no’ Successful people know that time is their most valuable asset So they aren’t the Yes Man/Woman who constantly cater to everyone’s needs They know when to respectfully say no, it’s not worth the time investment for them Prioritize Time Before Money Time is our most valuable, non-renewable asset Whereas money can always be made Successful people understand this and value the quality of time vs the quantity of money a certain project would bring Courage to Act on Dreams Successful people have big dreams And acting on those dreams would paralyze the average person But the successful person won’t think twice before jumping all in Always Seeking Out Mentorship Successful people understand
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Are YOU interested in diesel engine tuning? Until now, learning how to tune diesel engines has been notoriously difficult. The diesel tuning knowledge out there in the industry is often closely guarded by those who know what they’re doing, leaving internet forums full of half-truths and misleading information. The Practical Diesel Tuning course is here to fix this. You can gain knowledge of how to tune diesel engines the right way, with high-quality resources with proper support and complete information. You will learn: ✔ The HPA 5 Step Diesel Engine Tuning Process ✔ Reflash Diesel Engine Tuning vs. Standalone Options ✔ How to Optimise Fuelling Quantity and Pressure ⛽️ ✔ Boost Control ✔ Essential and Advanced Sensors ✔ Injection Timing Optimisation ⏳ ✔ How Fuel Affects Your DPF ✔ Why 'Rolling Coal' is Popular & Is It Necessary If you are ready for the next step in your diesel tuning knowledge, dive into the Practical Diesel Tuning course now: bit.ly/UltimateDieselTuningCourse
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Sleep VS Getting Leaner I had no idea that my sleep quality affects my overal health and the reason of my failure to get leaner inspite of trying everything to shed some unwanted "meat" I thought my sleep was okay I can sleep like 5-7 hours every night but turns out it's not enough...It turned out I suffered from shallow sleeps... Only after I improve my sleep quality and able to get to the state of deep sleep regularly I can get leaner and healthier. It's not about quantity but it's about quality To understand more about deep sleep correlation with getting leaner please tap the link below.
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How To Beat Business Goliaths What you see here is the actual size of George Foreman’s hand before his famous fight with Muhammad Ali. I placed my hand in front of George’s so you can see the difference. I’m not considered a small guy at 5 foot 10 inches, but the comparison made me feel pretty small. I can’t imagine taking more than one punch from the 6 foot 4 inch Foreman, but during the night of the fight dubbed the “Rumble in the Jumble,” George used his sledgehammer like hands to land over 100 punches on his opponent Muhammad Ali. Foreman had already quickly knocked out the only two fighters who had ever beaten Ali. And with a fight record of 40-0 (with 37 knockouts) most people believed Foreman couldn’t be beat. He was also 7 years younger than Ali, which people saw as a huge advantage for Foreman since Ali was already considering retirement. With all the facts and conversation surrounding the fight, many saw it as a classic David vs. Goliath battle with Muhammad Ali being David and “Big George Foreman” as Goliath. As the fight started George took his normal approach attempting to smash his opponent, but everyone stood in awe as Ali was able to dance around most punches. Multiple times Ali was bullied against the ropes and Ali’s coach could be heard yelling at him to stop getting trapped. But to everyone’s surprise he seemed to purposely stay there, round after round, as he used his quickness to dodge many of George’s punches, even when backed up against the ropes. By round 6 everyone could tell that George was getting tired. And by round 7 he was exhausted. Then in round 8 the world erupted in cheers. After taking multiple body shots once again, Ali used his moves to land a great shot. Then a second. And then a series of punches leading up to the final blow! It was the greatest night of Ali’s life! And David proved once again that it was possible to beat Goliath. How was Muhammad Ali able to win? Because he planned for months and executed the correct strategy in order to defeat his larger opponent. And in business you need to take the same approach. You need to constantly prepare yourself with the right strategy in order to go to battle against the Goliaths in your market. How? Here are three quick tips to get you started: 1- Focus On The Customer Experience Business Goliaths survive because they sell volume: Quantity over quality. Instead of handling a few dozen customers per day, each location serves hundreds or even thousands of customers. As a result, most business Goliaths don’t focus on creating great customer experiences and many are mediocre at best when it comes to customer service. Customers today absolutely love it when they are able to enjoy a superior experience through your business. People long for these connections. Your opportunity is to win the hearts of your customers by providing them with the best experiences before, during, and after they purchase from you. 2- Create Niche and Custom Solutions Because of their focus on volume, many business Goliaths don’t have the time to provide custom and niche solutions for their customers. They instead focus on selling lots of what is most popular. One superstore may provide a handful of organic food options but the selection will be very limited. The bakery inside that superstore will sell you a cake, but pre-made. Your opportunity is to fill the void. Your business can become the one with with a larger niche selection. 3- Sell Value, Not Price The large superstores, e-commerce giants, and super franchises have all the money, the brand recognition, and advantages to be able to win. As a result, they are also constantly able to push around smaller businesses by forcing them into price wars. You must avoid competing with these business Goliaths on price, because you will lose! Instead, learn how to sell value. Instead of offering a 50% discount, what experiences and bonuses can you add to your offers so that you can raise your prices while selling more? Now it’s your turn to share your thoughts! What other tactics and strategies have you learne
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Top Sleep Cures: What Works & What Doesn't! Rebuild Your Body’s Natural Sleep-Wake Cycle. LEARN MORE ➡ https://sleep.smarternutrition.com
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عايز تاكل سي فود والسعر فى الحنين يبقى عليك وعلى اسماك ابو غالى ابو غالى الحنين وعشان الحنيه رزق .. عاملين عرض .. يوم الجمعه وبس اطلب اى اوردر بأكتر من 300 جنيه هتاخد شوربه سي فود العالميه مجاناااا متحاولش تسأل تتبيلات الاسماك معموله ازاى عشان دى سر حربي من اسرار العيله اللى مينفعش تطلع حتى للشيف كله بيتجهز ومتظبط على الشعره فى كل الفروع يعنى مينفعش كل مره تطلب اكل تلاقى طعم وتيست مختلف الاسماك بلطى وسنجارى وبوري التتبيله عندهم جميله والسمكه صابحه وطازه شوربه السي فود تقيله ومخدوم فيها كل المكونات بتاعتها عندهم حاجه وهميه الطواجن لازم تجربوها خصوصا طاجن المكـس ده حاجه كده مكـس جمبرى على سبيط بالصلصه والحاجات بص هو شبه المسقعه بس بطعم السي فود لازم تاكلها وهى سخنه بس نصيحه تقولولهم يزودوا نسبه الشطشطه فيها عشان تبقى عاليه الاداء عندهم كمان المكرونه بالسى فود صوص تحفه جدا وخفيفه مش هاتكتمك وتعرف تكمل حاجه جانبها الملوخيه بالجمبرى التقليه بتاعتها حلوه ولو عايز حاجات فى الحنين اوى بقى عندهم ساندوتشات ووجبات بتبدأ من 25 الساندوتش و 35 الوجبه الاسعار دى عشان الافتتاح ومش هتقعد كتير فاستفاد بيها قد ماتقدر الصور كلها من داخل المطعم العنوان بالظبط قطعه 8843 شارع 9 امام مستشفى المقطم تليفون : 28434334 - 01000919824 وليهم فرع تانى فى 6 اكتوبر
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Baby&Mom Shop สินค้าแม่และเด็ก - เตรียมคลอด เพิ่มน้ำนม ราคาถูก
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Po eismo įvykio net kelias savaites teks laukti, kol bus sutvarkytas tavo automobilis? Imk CityBee ir toliau mėgaukis komfortu, o išlaidomis galės pasirūpinti draudimas
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☀️ SUMMER TERM 1 BOOKINGS OPEN ☀️ Moo Music Bishops Stortford summer term 1 bookings are now open! Come and join Maggie and her friends for some MOOsical fun, movement, and multi sensory sessions aimed at 0-5 years! ⭐️ NEW CLASS TIMES!!! ⭐️ Mixed Moo will now at 10.15am Baby Moo will now be at 11.10am Same amazing venue! Spaces fill up fast!!! So don’t miss out ☺️ ⭐️ NEW MOOvers 3 sessions for £10 ⭐️ Introduce a friend and get a free session ⭐️ Babies up to 8 weeks free Message our Facebook page, contact Emma on 07980933047 / emmamoo@moo-music.co.uk or BOOK through Hoop! Farmer Emma xx
Leading solution for fence, gate and Security system with 10 years warranty
Oskar Fuchs - Pokolenie Z - Apokalipsa jest jedynie tłem...
علاش تسناو دار الضريبة تحل ولا لا ملي حداكم وفاكاش ؟
Vibrant Academy-India Pvt. Ltd. Kota
HOYA Israel - הויה ישראל
הזדמנות נפלאה להגיד תודה למורות שעובדות קשה גם בימי שגרה בכיתות, וגם בימי קורונה - דרך מחשבים ומסכים. יש לנו את העדשה המושלמת עבורכן: BALANSIS - מספקת נוחות ראיה גדולה המאפשרת לבצע את כל הפעילויות בכל מרחק ראיה. מעבר קל מאזור ראיה למרחק לקרוב למיקוד מיידי במכשירים דיגיטליים. שנחזור לשגרה במהרה ♥ #HOYA_ISRAEL
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Se cuida, Firmino. Será que o Gabriel Jesus consegue chegar no topo dessa lista?
Uniformes PERSONALIZADOS - Weark Tu ropa laboral como tú quieras.
Sal a la calle sin perder tu estilo. No te pierdas nuestros nuevos modelos con un mejorado sistema de ajuste Nuestro producto es 100% fabricado en España y Homologado. 100 lavados de durabilidad.
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“El secreto solo para Damas Selectas por el Día de la Madre ! El workflowers y el secreto de las flores de seda es único en Perú . Combinar flores naturales y flores de seda en un arreglo floral es una creatividad en boga ya que representa valor agregado y diferenciación que le aumentas a tu pieza floral, por el concepto de PERMANENCIA . Muy aparte del tiempo del trabajo manual dedicado, obteniendo así una pieza floral de belleza inigualable . Un taller interactivo donde tú eres la protagonista ,será toda una experiencia . Tendrás un Sensei Guía -Te brindamos los materiales ,herramientas telas flores y todo lo que necesites para hacer tu arreglo .Al termino tendrás un delicado arreglo kamikaze novedoso que puedes llevar directo de obsequio para mama. Escribanos al bella@laflordemisaki.com .Cupos super limitados . Este sábado 27 de Abril de 9.30 am -2.00 am .Atelier de San Borja . datos inbox .Te esperamos !
Symphonic Virtual Orchestration: Orchestral Mockup Production Course
⭐⭐⭐SYMPHONIC VIRTUAL ORCHESTRATION ⭐⭐⭐ Orchestral Mockup Production - Online Course Secrets for a realistic sounding orchestral mockup. Wanna know more? https://svocourse.com From the very basics of orchestration, to fully produced cinematic orchestral mockups Everything you need to know to get started producing high quality MIDI mockups, completely from scratch. Learn the basics of each orchestral family an how to write for strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion and discover and how to prepare solid orchestral arrangements. Then, learn how to transform that orchestral arrangement in to a fully produced professional sounding orchestral MIDI mockup. Learn advanced sychestration techniques, and how to mix and master orchestral music. Consistently produce mixes that sound clear, powerful, and professional by following a mixing system using stock plugins. Spend less time fighting with your DAW and more time focusing on the music. Learn to set up your perfect orchestral template, that will make you stay in the creative flow and prevent mistakes from ruining your workflow and inspiration, by avoiding the common pitfalls that most people fall into when producing orchestral music. Develop your skills as an orchestrator and make your orchestral mockups sound like the pros.
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Наважся вражати кожного дня! Тисни Like спільноті AVON!
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Oбувки Paradisе | Oнлайн магазин за обувки | Пролет 2020
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Ne manquez pas d'idées pour cuisiner cet été. Suivez-nous et découvrez les meilleures recettes avec du Jambon Ibérique pour remplir votre cuisine de PASSION !
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➡️ ЗНО інтенсив для учнів 8-11 класів. ➡️ Чим раніше почати - тим вищі результати! ➡️ 3 заняття на тиждень по 2 години - 24 години на місяць вартістю 1750 грн. Щоб записатись або дізнатись більше - телефонуйте на 0976493339 з пн. до пт. з 09.00 до 20.00
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