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CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS Iyac Bulgaria looking for 5 participants (16-30 years) + 1 leader (without age limit) per country from Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia and Greece for participation in Youth exchange "Maximize your own performance through Coaching" which will be held between 20-28 October 2020 in Pamporovo, Bulgaria. ▶️Here you can find full Infopack of the project - https://cetplatform.files.wordpress.com/2020/09/infopack-ye-coaching.pdf ✅ Apply here - https://forms.gle/MZwBoX9yib92w1CQ8 The idea: One of the most successful, but also least used methodologies for revealing the potential of young people, namely acquiring life skills, life’s support and professional realization is LIFE COАCHING. Through couching high results can be gained in increasing of personal self-confidence, revealing potential, increasing motivation of participants and self-improvement. This project is designed to young people who are lost in a highly globalized and competitive world. For all those who feel that are unable to deploy their own potential, who cannot find a job, not because of the reason they are not enough good, but because of they do not believe in themselves. The project is for young people who need support to define realistic and achievable goals. The aim of the project is: - to provide young people with lifelong skills through method of life couching, which are designed to help them improve their personal, social, career development and professional aspirations; - to develop their competences and qualities which will help them to unlock and develop their potential; - to increase their motivation for learning; - self-improvement and personal self-esteem; - to acquire soft skills; - attitude for developing of their organizational culture and satisfaction; - to realize their values and goals in the life; - to develop an entrepreneurial spirit; - to be flexible and competitive on the labour market. The project will work to develop the basic interpersonal, communicational, cognitive, personal skills and qualities of
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Jeff Bezos, Sheryl Sandberg and Bill Gates are all successful leaders. In order to achieve their success, they have all had to work hard at their ideas and passions whilst developing a range of qualities that encouraged others to invest time and money in them. Discover what good leadership qualities are important for succeeding in your career. Read this blog to learn more about the 7 top qualities in a leader https://bit.ly/32hbCG4
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HI, I'm Mark –and I really appreciate the hospitality industry. I like to dine out, travel, stay at nice places and experience new things! ✈️ I used to own and run a Boutique Hotel . Things have changed. If you’ve been a leader, manager or owner in Hospitality and are seriously seeking a change with opportunity to grow and thrive - we may be looking for you ✅ In these Covid days, online work is increasing and our personal development business needs more people with skills like yours – good communicators, big thinkers with leadership qualities. Around the world around Australia you’ve dealt with people from many different backgrounds ‍‍ - and this is a new opportunity for these times and possibly suiting you. If you like the idea of being free to make choices and work flexible hours , click Learn More ...
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Are you passionate? Do you care about people? Do you work on self-improvement? Do you want an opportunity to make your mark? We LOVE Siding, we LOVE our team, and we LOVE our Clients! We are looking for people who are passionate, people who are looking for a family not co-workers, people who are looking for purpose not a position, people who never accept anything less than the absolute best for themselves and their clients. If you want a job go somewhere else. If you want a true opportunity to see what you’re made of, push yourself to levels you never knew capable, work with people who care about people, and to grow your potential, your income, and your IMPACT to new heights…..then we might be your new home. Who are we? Simply put, we are a fun, very hard-working, award-winning siding repair company, who has established ourselves as America's #1 leader in siding repairs by having fun, helping people, and quite frankly working harder and caring more about our clients and their siding issues than anyone, anywhere. ( www.WeRepairSiding.com ) There are 2 levels of players we're looking for; 1. GOOD Team members who generate income by estimating projects (opportunities) provided to them by the company, and then earning that business using our very effective sales process. These members can expect great pay for great talent (not a bad gig really, low 6 figures for a decent estimator) 2. LEGENDARY Team members who generate new accounts, manage those accounts, and manage our current accounts by the way of making phone calls, knocking doors, networking, and generating new business (i.e. actually work their butt off). These people will be able to make unreasonably good pay! (think multiply your income many fold) More Details: Typical hours for estimators are; 10a-9p M-Th, 10a-6p on Friday, and every other Saturday from 10a-4p Oversee and coordinate your activities in line with our business processes and vision Analyze sales statistics to identify areas of improvement Track results and trends regularly for business forecasting Report on your performance Build and form new partnerships with potential clients WORK LEGENDARILY HARD! Ideal Candidate would have some or all of these: ✔️ Previous experience in sales, customer service, or related field ✔️ Experience as a supervisor or manager a plus (Not Required) ✔️ Familiarity with CRM platforms a plus ✔️ Strong leadership qualities ✔️ Ability to build insane amounts of rapport with clients experienced in taking companies into new territories ✔️ Crazy closing skills a plus (but legendary customer service experience is just as good) ✔️ Want to get paid what they're worth, nothing more, and of course nothing less ✔️ Want to get rooted in a company where they can turn their efforts into an unmatched opportunity....not just another job to hold for a few years and leave. BE EXTREMELY DRIVEN! BE COACH-ABLE! BE ACCOUNTABLE! BE PASSIONATE! CARE! Sound like you, let us know
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What qualities make a good mentor or leader? "Empathy and care. People want to know they are cared for and respected." - Deb Liu, Vice President, Marketplace & Commerce Learn more leadership principles from Deb Liu: https://bit.ly/deb-liu In celebration of Asian Pacific Islander American Heritage Month, meet leaders who are making their mark at Facebook and beyond. #APAHM #AAPIHM #AAPI #myAHM #MakingOurMark
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Have you been looking for the right opportunity to join a team of passionate professionals that continually separate themselves from the competition? Join the Minnesota Inboard Family today! Minnesota Inboard Water Sports is looking for a Full Time Service Manager, for our New Germany Marine Service Department. We are looking for someone to lead our great team and operation! Qualified candidates will have experience managing a fast paced and dynamic team. Must be highly organized, able to lead by example, decisive, and able to identify and solve problems. Daily duties include managing service writers to make sure all technicians are fully scheduled each day, assisting customers at the counter, on the phone, and via email and text. Management and leadership qualities are more important than knowledge of our industry and products. The right candidate will be able to pick up on and learn our products and operation. Daily duties include: • Managing work flow and shop flow • Streamlining our processes and reinforcing those processes throughout our service department • Organizing and planning for staffing needs • Assisting customers at the counter, on the phone, through email and text with their various service needs • Writing Tickets, Scheduling, Billing and Filing • Calling customers when their boats are ready to pick-up up or orders arrive • Organizing Storage Facilities Qualifications: • Must be a strong leader and manager, with extensive management experience • Ability to work in a team environment is essential – we are very team-oriented • Excellent time management and organizational skills in order to keep up with a demanding schedule • Ability to understand what customers are looking for and communicate effectively and professionally with them • Prior experience in the marine, power sports or automotive industry a plus, but not required • General understanding of the products we sell & service and mechanical aptitude a plus, but not required Skills: • Must be well organized and a self-starter • Ability to learn quickly, have a strong work ethic and great follow up • Must have strong customer service skills • Proficient with MS Office (Outlook, Excel, and Word) and management software (Lightspeed EVO a plus) Company Description: Minnesota Inboard Water Sports is a 28 year old family owned business that specializes in inboard ski/wakeboard boats. We take pride in our family first atmosphere and company culture. We are one of the largest Malibu boat dealerships in the Country and represent nearly 50% of the new inboard boat market in Minnesota. We are also the only Top Malibu Dealer to continually be recognized for over 95% CSI Scores year after year. Our company has always been centered on great products and the ability to offer outstanding customer service to support our products. We offer a 401(k) Match, Medical and Dental Benefits, HSA, FSA, Life Ins, Short Term Disability, and Long Term Disability Position: Full Time Service Manager Company: Minnesota Inboard Water Sports Job Location: New Germany, MN Start Date: Immediately Employment Term: Regular Employment Type: Full Time Hours per Week: 40-45, more during our peak seasons of spring and fall Work Hours: 8am-5pm M-F March – November and 7am-5:30pm M-TH December – February Starting Salary Range: Depends on Experience Required Experience: 2 to 5+ years management experience; same or similar industry a plus but not required In addition to submitting a resume and salary requirements, please include a cover letter detailing your interest in the position, and why you think you would be a good candidate for the job.
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The ABSURD Impact Emotional Intelligence has in Entrepreneurship Lately I've seen a surge in entrepreneurs wanting to increase their emotional intelligence It's one of the main differences between a successful business owner and one who is average… At least according to a recent study performed by Rutgers And it makes sense… People with high emotional intelligence (EI) are self-aware, self-regulating, motivated, and empathetic Which are common characteristics of every good leader And whether you think of yourself as one or not… you are in fact, a leader And all great leaders are able to scale to success due to 5 qualities they develop because of their EI The 1st quality is being patient and understanding of others As an entrepreneur, you’ll find out that you don’t have complete control over every situation… You’ll be working with others, quite a lot, and you’ll eventually run a full team of employees All of who have lives just as complicated as your own... Sometimes projects will have to pause if an employee falls ill And sometimes projects will take longer than usual when you have a new member join the team… The point being, all great entrepreneurs are understanding of these situations And are able to remain level-headed instead of turning to frustration And when your employees realize they work for someone who empathizes with them They'll be more motivated to get things done Happy employees = greater returns The 2nd quality developed through a strong EI is being humble You’ll never be the smartest person in every room you walk into And if you are, you need to start finding more people to surround yourself with But that’s beside my point here… Sometimes you’ll run into criticism But it will be constructive And you’ll need to learn how to receive it, constructively Whenever we have design updates for our apps at Skup We hold company-wide sessions so I can get input on my ideas from each team member And they’ll tell me we should pivot from an original idea I have so we can make the best products for our customers And when I hear their take on the new idea, it turns out, that it is actually better than what I originally envisioned Stay humble and learn how to receive constructive criticism while you’re ahead The 3rd quality of entrepreneurs with a high EI is staying motivated... Even when the last thing they want to do is work Passionate entrepreneurs realize the importance of making sacrifices now for huge payouts later There are days where you won’t want to put in the work You’ll want to take the day off and go to the beach with your family instead Or spend the day with your significant other hitting up all the best coffee spots in town But these small pattern interrupts will slow you down and interfere with your hard work It’s not easy to stay focused and motivated And you might let some people down during the process But you’ll have to communicate the importance of your work with those closest to you Last year, I worked 10-12 hour days almost daily… Work consumed my weekends and my free time All the while, my girlfriend wanted to explore our city and enjoy her time off from work Letting her down wasn’t easy to do but it was important There were days she understood... But others where she thought the level of commitment was unhealthy But it was okay because those times of sacrificed weren't in vain It afforded us the opportunity to spend 3 full months traveling through Greece We visited islands… We spent a month in Athens walking the same streets that some of the world’s greatest thinkers roamed… We ate a lot of good food and drank a lot of great wine And most importantly, we crossed a major item off of our bucket list Make sacrifices now to afford to live the life you’ve always dreamed about living The 4th quality that a strong EI empowers you with is clearly communicating with others You’ll be working with A LOT of different people All over the world From customers to designers... developers… banks… and what
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We all know Jeff Bezos as the founder of Amazon, the original king of e-commerce. He is currently the richest person in the world according to Forbes, with a valuation of $131 billion. Jeff Bezos was born on 12 January 1964. His root number is 6 which suggests that he is a leader that is exceptionally good at managing his wealth. It also means that he has a mind of his own and likes to do things his own way. He is extremely passionate, likes to be in control, and ruthlessly executes his vision. He tends to be blunt and is sometimes described as hot-headed and emotional. At the same time, he is a compassionate boss, taking good care of his subordinates. Jeff Bezos is resilient in spite of hardship. He saw a huge opportunity in the early days of the internet and started Amazon in his garage with a small team. Despite setbacks, he created what would be known as one of the biggest online marketplaces in the world today. He was able to utilize these characteristics well to achieve success and wealth. If you would like to find out about what your root number reveals about you in terms of your personality, strengths, weaknesses and talents, click on the link to submit your birth date and receive a free report: http://destinyreport.powerofnumbersacademy.com/ However, some of Jeff Bezos individual qualities may have lead to his divorce. As mentioned above, the root number 6 suggests independence and control, which when unsupervised, can lead to one doing things their own way. A deeper study of root number identified that there is a strong indication of “separation” of a family member or someone dear to one’s life. There is also an indication of an affair happening during marriage. If these characteristics are left unchecked and not improved on, it may lead to disastrous consequences. Unfortunately, Jeff Bezos and his wife of 25 years divorce after a long period of separation in 2019. WHAT IF, there is a way for you to know your weaknesses at a deeper level, and know exactly what you need to change, so your relationships with your loved ones can improve? Find out more about your individual qualities by downloading a free report here: http://destinyreport.powerofnumbersacademy.com/
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