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Here’s How We Go From Knee Pain While Working Out To Squatting, Running, Jumping, Lunging - Doing Whatever We Want Using “The Sore Knee Solution”… Even If Supplements, Shots, Stretching & SMR Haven’t Worked The Past… There’s nothing worse than warming up for a workout, whether lifting or running, and having that pain in the knee - or knees… … Front, under the kneecap, outside the knee, inside the knee joint… … Doesn’t matter - they ALL suck. What sucks even more is doing what the “experts” say… … Like foam rolling… quad sets… active or dynamic stretching… … Core activation exercises… balance drills… … Planks, side bridges, clamshells, single leg deadlifts or touchdowns… Sure… they might dull the pain and soreness for a little while… … but that soreness, pain, and accompanying stiffness comes right back… … and to experience some relief while working out… … Only to have that soreness, stiffness, aching and pain come back afterwards… It’s so frustrating and sometimes, it’s easy to accept that this is just something we’ll have to live with… … Worst case, the docs and “specialists” tell us that we’ll have to give up lifting, running… … LIFE. If only there was a way to be able to train without that soreness… … something that made the pain dissipate AND kept it from coming back… Problem is - Sore knees make it really hard to keep making progress in your workouts. And that means the “big bang for your buck” exercises like squats and lunges… … sprints and jumps… … even the “long runs”… … Can hurt like H*LL… … and make it hard to find alternative but equally as effective exercises… Meaning progress comes to a screeching halt. I seemed to spend a good part of my early life there. It was crazy - I’d been going to doctors and specialists since 1986 for chronic knee pain. Growing pains… chondromalacia… Patella alta… IT Band Syndrome… Patellofemoral syndrome / pain, and more… Of course, dislocating my knee cap while wrestling and having it slide halfway up my leg didn’t help… That punched a hole in the cartilage under my kneecap that “pinched” practically every time I bent my knee… I tried everything to make the pain go away: Quad sets… short arc knee extensions, leg curls, & leg presses… … A.R.T, acupuncture, acupressure, chiropractic… … Sports massage, deep-tissue massage, and self-myofascial release on a PVC pipe … (I drew the line at ‘Rolfing’)… … All kinds of stretching including 3-D Multi-planar Stretching using the TrueStretch cage multiple times a day in my studio… … I could hold planks and hip bridges (while on a stability ball!) for 2 minutes or more… … Stand on a half-foam roll AND Airex pad and do multiple sets of 20 reps to “activate” my deep core muscles and train my balance in the frontal plane… … And let’s not forget the tens of thousands of hours of specialized dynamic joint mobility drills… At the end of the day? NONE of it worked. GIANT waste of time & money. Except for the fact - I learned what didn’t work for me (and apparently A LOT of others) and what NOT to do… Fortunately, as a 27-year veteran of the fitness / strength & conditioning industry, who’s trained over 25,000 hours one-on-one, and presented certifications and workshops all over the U.S., Europe, Singapore, and Australia… … I’ve discovered a way to get rid of knee soreness and pain naturally, without any sort of shots, physical therapy, supplements, or any of the other stuff that’s supposed to work, but hasn’t for way too many of us. See the reason traditional treatment methods don’t work in the long run is because they treat things like - [X] Tight hip flexors… [X] Weak quads… [X] Weak hamstrings or gluts… [X] Weak abs… [X] Muscle imbalances… No… … Those are just SYMPTOMS of the underlying problem. So what’s the UNDERLYING PROBLEM… The ROOT CAUSE of almost all knee pain? COMMUNICATION. Wait - What Yup, communication - The way your brain communicates with the rest of your body and vice versa. If you can’t move the way your want to without pain in your knees - your brain can no longer com
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