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Opening: sabato 19 settembre 2020 dalle 14:30 alle 21:30 ROBOCOOP — Quadrature dal 19 settembre al 7 novembre 2020 (ingressi contingentati; gli artisti saranno presenti dalle 18:00) Orari di apertura: — da martedì a venerdì dalle 11.00 alle 19.00 — sabato dalle 15.00 alle 19.00 — domenica (eccetto la successiva all’opening) e lunedì chiuso Ingresso libero — Quadrature è la nuova mostra personale di ROBOCOOP, progetto di ricerca artistica e sperimentazione urbana che dal 2012, attraverso il mezzo espressivo del poster (e non solo), decora gli spazi vuoti e i muri dimenticati delle nostre città con suggestivi e convincenti artefici architettonici. Per questa occasione, il duo di street artist di origine romana e bolognese, si cimenta nella realizzazione di un’opera site-specific che modifica radicalmente l’identità formale di Divario. L’installazione, attraverso la riproduzione di un’immagine modellata in digitale dagli artisti e stampata su telo, fa fede nella sua impostazione a diversi riferimenti architettonici e pittorici del passato come la Sala dei Palafrenieri (1619-1621) di Palazzo Lancellotti a Roma o le sfarzose sale della Villa di Poppea a Oplontis (I secolo a.C.). Il nome e il tema stesso della mostra traggono ispirazione dal Quadraturismo, genere pittorico nato nella seconda metà del Cinquecento che consiste nella realizzazione di quadrature, cioè di architetture dipinte su pareti e soffitti all’interno di una rigorosa intelaiatura prospettica e illusionistica. Giorgio De Chirico, nel 1920, all’interno della rivista <> (mensile di critica d’arte nato per diffondere le idee della pittura metafisica), scrive: “Il paesaggio, chiuso nell’arcata di un portico, come quadrato o rettangolo della finestra, acquista maggior valore metafisico, perché si solidifica e viene isolato dallo spazio che lo circonda. L’architettura completa la natura”.
IL Metroquadro Immobiliare Carini
Our Consciousness Transformation Corp.
Drum - Belgrade Underground Society
Electric Sunday je serijal koji provmoviše underground tehno, house i progressive zvuk Nedeljom od 22-04h u intimnoj atmosferi kluba Drum. Nedelja 08.12.2019. od 22h Moonight: raum.null (Belgrade Dubs, RLGN) + ivk (Dynamite Music, Pitchwise) Klub Drum, Zmaj Jovina 4, Beograd Ulaz slobodan do < 00:00 > posle 200din Naredni Electric Sunday i Special datumi: Pet 13.12. Friday 13th Progressive Passion w. Despić + Rade Bađin Ned 15.12. TBC Pet 20.12. Branko Vuković, Dzznsszz, Afterbaka Ned 22.12. PATTERN 0.2: Rope, Schlitz & Vladimir Savić Ned 29.12. Prednovogorišnji Vinyl E̵l̵e̵c̵t̵r̵i̵c̵ Sunday - Electric resident DJs Uto 31.12. Novogodišnji Electric Matine 12-21h - Electric resident DJs Ned 05.01. Mancha & Mark Panic pres. Don't Panic *** Sunday 08.12.2019. from 10pm, Club Drum in Zmaj Jovina 4, Belgrade Electric Sunday - Moonight raum.null (Belgrade Dubs, RLGN) ivk (Dynamite Music, Pitchwise) Free entry until midnight, 200din after Electric Sunday is a series that takes place every Sunday from 22-04h in intimate atmosphere of Club Drum and fosters underground techno, house and progressive sound. Next party dates in Electric series: Fri 13.12. Friday13th Progressive Passion w. Despić + Rade Bađin Sun 15.12. TBC Fri 20.12. Branko Vuković, Dzznsszz, Afterbaka Sun 22.12. PATTERN 0.2: Rope, Schlitz & Vladimir Savić Sun 29.12. PreNewYear Vinyl E̵l̵e̵c̵t̵r̵i̵c̵ Sunday - Electric resident DJs Thu 31.12. NewYears Electric Matine 12-21h - Electric resident DJs Sun 05.01. Mancha & Mark Panic pres. Don't Panic raum.null bio: raum.null is a noise/dub/techno collab between Dobrivoje (Serbia), Chris Bruckmayr and Siegi Aigner (Austria), that started in 2012 with the aim to create brutal yet contemplative environments comprised of sonic and visual rhythms and noise waves. raum.null appeared at the legendary Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria, for three consecutive years (2014-16). Dark Wind Trilogy consisted of three audio-visual performances (Quadrature, The Sixth Wave, Chant of the Proto-Alchemists), tailored to specific locations. They were the rituals of voiding (nullifying) the general understanding of how certain spaces should be used. Dark Wind Trilogy works were closely connected to critical use of both new and obsolete tools and procedures to produce waves of auditive and visual noise in performance space, thus invading audience’s personal space and making them resonate with performance’s beat. raum.null dj sets performed by Dobrivoje (sound artist from Belgrade) include wide range of deep, relentlessly pulsating techno, and were designed to connect directly with our perception of rhythmical structures.
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Hada Labo Myanmar
Darmowa gra przeglądarkowa otwiera nowy serwer: wznieś swoje własne galaktyczne imperium!
Йордан Иванов
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Feeling "stuck" with your bass playing? Want to "break through" to the next level in 2020? I went through the same thing. I'd been making progress - I was even playing gigs. Then it felt like progress just...stopped. My technique was messy, uncontrolled… just a whole hot mess. I was listening to killer players, but just couldn’t get that same thing happening within my own bass lines… I was so frustrated, I spent *six months* "taking apart" my playing bit-by-bit... ...experimenting with *anything* I thought would work. Then experimenting on the experiments. After six months, I realized it all came down to one thing: technique. But I noticed something else: by doing all that disciplined work, my bass playing was *totally different*. That's the experience I want to offer to you: This week, we're rolling out our brand new 26-Week Accelerator program. We'll focus *hard* on technique, with one brand new lesson-a-week. Also, I'll be there to give advice and feedback. I want to see you make the same progress I did, and stop feeling frustrated with the instrument. How much better would you feel if you could “break through” to the next level, and start enjoying your own playing again? Just click below to learn more. http://wrgo.io/DevineMusicLimited/16619
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