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When she arrived at Pearl Spring, she didn't see anyone there and the servants were also off duty. Lola directly went back to her room and packed a couple of suits. When she came out, Yolanda in a home wear stood lazily at the doorway of the next room and looked at her. Lola walked past her as if she did not see her. If she could find the evidence that Yolanda had poisoned her in A Country, she would have her sleep with ten men. When Yolanda saw Lola walk straightly downstairs with a bag in her hand and ignore her, she felt a little unhappy and said coldly to her. "Hey. Am I invisible?" "Yes, you are." Without looking at her, Lola answered while moving forward. "Lola! Stop!" Seeing that Lola still ignored her, Yolanda moved forward and grasped her wrist to stop her. "Let go of me! You make me sick!" Lola goggled at Yolanda, threw her hand off and patted her own sleeves disgustedly. "Since you have left, why are you back?" Yolanda disdainfully glanced at the woman in front of her and continued, "What's up? Reluctant to leave here?" Lola glared at the woman. "Yolanda, you cunning woman. Do you think that I know nothing about what you have done to me in A Country? I will find evidence and show it to my husband. Wait and see!" With panic in her eyes, Yolanda said, "What are you babbling about?" What did I do? Lola, can you go for one minute without slinging mud at me?" "I sling mud at you? You know full well what I mean. I don't want to talk about it anymore!" After that, Lola continued to walk downstairs. "Lola, stay here and make it clear!" Yolanda stepped forward to grab Lola. Lola tried her best to get rid of Yolanda, but in vain. "Let go of me!" Lola threw her bag on the floor and pulled her arm out of Yolanda's grasp with the other hand. Yolanda didn't loosen her grip, and they tussled with each other. Just then, Lola stepped back and missed the step. Lola unguardedly rolled down the stairs. Yolanda was scared when she saw Lola roll all the way down to the first floor. She didn't mean it. God bless her... She held the handrail and rushed downstairs hastily, only to see Lola huddling up on the ground, wriggling and clutching her stomach. Suddenly, she caught a glimpse of blood between Lola's legs, eyes popping out. Yolanda collapsed to the ground, with legs feeling like jelly. The only possibility was that Lola was pregnant... After a long while, when she recovered from shock, she took out her cell phone and phoned Nael, trembling all over. "Nael, hurry up! Come to Pearl Spring as soon as possible! Be quick!" Yolanda was getting agitated. Nael realized that something serious happened, so he quickly drove there. Seeing the blood flowing, Yolanda didn't know what to do. At the end, Lola was motionless on the ground. Yolanda sat on the stair, her mind going blank. Waiting was torture for her. The doorbell rang finally. Driven to distraction, Yolanda held on the handrail and got up. She then staggered to open the door. As expected, it was Nael, the strew which she could clutch at. "Come on and check her up." Without any hesitation, she grasped Nael's hand and dragged him into the villa. When Nael walked into the villa and saw Lola’s condition, he was really startled. "You killed her?" After a long while, Nael opened his mouth. "I didn't..." Yolanda shook her head in a panic and nervously approached Lola to check her breath. Then she sighed with relief. "Not dead, and she is still breathing!" "Come on! I will send her to the hospital!" Nael picked up the dying Lola from the floor and walked out of the villa. "Clean up blood here without leaving a trace. I will deal with the other things in the hospital. You stay at home." Nael reminded Yolanda before leaving. Fortunately, there was no carpet on the stair steps and around the stairs. Yolanda quickly went to the laundry room to fetch a mop. She mopped the floor six times, and didn't feel relieved until the blood was cleaned up. After walking upstairs to the second floor, she saw Lola's bag dropped on the floor. She hurriedly picked th
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