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Goin’ Through were founded in 1993 by Nikos ‘NiVo’ Vourliotis and Michalis Papathanasiou, two artists who did not want to merely represent a different kind of music, but set out, and accomplished, to create a unique musical style by writing and producing all of their albums. Influenced and inspired by many artists, Goin'Through wrote its own history of success during the last 18 years. They involved rapidly over the years, releasing more than 10 albums, many singles, and several best-of albums, collaborating with famous Greek and foreign artists, receiving honorary recognition by the music industry on several occasions. In 1998, Goin’ Through managed, via the French music television station MCM, to reach the No. 22 spot on the European Charts, and in 2002 they signed a deal with Universal Music, releasing by Def Jam the album “Symvolaio Timis (Contract of Honor)”, which included several successful collaborations with very important and well-known Greek artists. 2004 proved to be a successful year as well for the group, with the release of “La Sagrada Familia”, which includes a track featuring legendary hip-hop artist and leader of Gangstarr and Jazzmatazz, Guru. The same year, Goin’ Through were honored by MAD TV Music Video Awards (the top music television station in Greece), taking home the award for “Best Hip-Hop Group” as well as “Best Hip-Hop Video”. In addition to those achievements, Goin’ Through also released a special edition of the album “La Sagrada Familia”, which included a remix of their song “Poso Malakas Eisai” by DJ Chaos of the famous Terror Squad Crew. This remix was heard for the first time during this year’s ARION Music Awards (Greek equivalent to the Grammy Awards) where Goin’ Through performed live at the prestigious concert hall, Megaro Mousikis, causing strong reactions in the Greek media. Year 2005 – 2006 seems to be the group’s zenith until those days. Their album “La Sagrada Familia” was awarded with a golden disc and Nikos ‘NiVo’ Vourliotis was awarded “The Most Stylish Man Of The Year” by Status Magazine Awards, something that can be regarded as an achievement for a rapper considering the Greek mentality, which is fairly far away from its urban counterpart. With their album ‘Vendetta’, on May 2006, they have achieved a continuous presence in the Top 5 (Greek charts) and more specifically, the album’s leading single ‘'Kalimera Ellada’' ("Goodmorning Greece") was legally downloaded over 200.000 times! December of 2007 new album of Goin’ Through “Veto” has been released and became gold in 10 days! Few months later another project, for the OST of “Lufa & Apallagi” a greek blockbuster (over half million tickets!!!). This was the start for a parallel career of NiVo in movie business. Their “Revisited Best Of” in winter of 2008 was a top selling album once again which lead them some months later to own (along with members of FamilyTheLabel) their own late night talk show at ANT1 TV & to a big summer tour 2009, with famous greek artist Despoina Vandi, around Greece. On February of 2010 a new OST released for the movie "180 Moires", a film by Village Roadshow and Black Orange. The single called "Polla provlimata" and it's also included in the new album of Goin’ Through “Joker” in June of 2010. Have already been major hit giving the baton to another one the called "Mporo ki ego". Summer of 2010 Goin' Through and Family is on tour all over Greece, Cyprus and Europe. November 2010, Goin 'Through create the F.A.C. (Family All star Crew) and recording another soundtrack song for the film "Ziteite pseutis” with title "To psemma plironei” by ODEON. March 2011 Goin’ Through held successfully in MTV Unplugged Session at “Hora” theater in Athens, in one of the largest and most important events in their career. Apart from the artist activities, Goin’ Through is the only group in Greece with so many business deals, as a result of working with the biggest Greek advertising companies as well as sponsors. Examples include Vodafone, Red Bull, Milko, Puma, New Era, Dada, Metaxa, Wind, Sony Ericsson, Turbo X &
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Ihh Fernandinha Souza Quebrou o Silêncio, e Após Ficar SOLTEIRA Testou e Aprovou o Novo Produto de SECAR do Luciano Huck, o Verão está aí e o Carnaval esta Chegando, Aperte na Foto para Saber Mais Sobre Isso
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לייצר ביטחון עצמי גבוהה, זוגיות שבה את מרגישה אהובה ומוערכת, וחיים מלאי אנרגיה ושמחה!!! הדרכה נדירה ללא עלות - הזדמנות ללמוד מאלישבע גרוניך מייסדת שיטת "עפות על החיים" כנסי עכשיו למידע נוסף והרשמה:-https://n.sendmsg.co.il/Minisites.aspx?p=147472-61876301760-11652
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הממרחים של יום טוב- ארטישוק, עגבניות מיובשות, זיתים ופסטו – ממרחים שיעשו לכם חג שמח! מחכים לכם בלוינסקי 43
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ΤΕΛΕΥΤΑΊΑ ΤΕΜΆΧΙΑ. JBL Xtreme είναι ένα φορητό Bluetooth ηχείο με 2 αναβαθμισμένους οδηγούς (2x 20W) και δύο 3D Βass Radiators. Διαθέτει αδιάβροχο σχεδιασμό και επαναφορτιζόμενη μπαταρία για να παίζει μέχρι και 20 ώρες. ➡️ Μόνο 44.90€ Με αντικαταβολή Στην πόρτα σας. ☎️6940409308
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Mountain Network: al 30 jaar aan de top in de klim- en bergsport
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Nagykereskedésünkbe 3 különböző fazonú zakó is érkezett. A jövőhéten fotózzuk nektek és hamarosan a boltokban is kapható lesz egészen nagy méretig! A kedvencünk a könnyed nyári zakó, ami minden bizonnyal a kedvencetek lesz majd!
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Giao An Toàn - Nhận An Tâm Đồng hành cùng chủ shop vượt qua mùa khó khăn, Lalamove hỗ trợ MIỄN PHÍ TÚI GIỮ NHIỆT khi đặt giao hàng, giúp đảm bảo sự an toàn tối đa cho hàng hóa. ✅ Cần là có, nhận giao ngay trong tối đa 60 phút ✅ Cước phí không đổi, chỉ 5,000đ/km ✅ Miễn phí thu hộ / ứng tiền dưới 1 triệu đồng