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News Break: Local News & Breaking News
News Break: Local News & Breaking News
Health Traditions - Accredited courses in Cupping and Gua Sha
While preventative measures, and treatment positives, to either stave off or treat coronavirus are so relevant, allow me to add what I rate as exceptional for benefitting the lungs... • A couple of years into my 5 year stay in Taiwan studying Chinese medicine, I began learning and working a few days per week (1978-80) at the Guanyin Buddhist Hospital in Taipei. It was a free service and great training; whereupon throughout each day, at any given time, there would be a constant turnover of between 20-30 patients - with many in the acupuncture area seated while being treated. In another section where I also worked was a diagnostic area and herbal dispensary. Already having a couple of years study at the Chinese Acupuncture Hospital under my belt, it was an important exposure to different teachers, as well as being thrown into quickly managing diagnosis and treatment. At the Guanyin Hospital, besides instruction from an 60-year experierienced herbalist, a monk who was expert in ammo and a Taiwanese version of tuina, I was also fortunate to be tutored in the Tung Acupuncture system. One of my 2 principal instructors had been a student of his. I remain especially keen on the 3 Tung bilateral points on both thighs called the 4 horses: Tz’u -Ma Shang/Chung/Hsia (above/middle/below) as written in the Wade-Giles romanisation according to this featured publication (see pic). They are located on the line corresponding with the pathway of the Stomach channel on the anterolateral thigh surface. I have a strong memory of having these points needled one day during our lunch break. I wanted to experience their effects. They have a broad application, but we primarily needled them to strengthen the lungs and treat pulmonary diseases and certain skin conditions. After about 10 minutes lying quietly, I experienced a huge inhalation surge and a feeling of my lungs expanding and opening like no other treatment I’d ever had. I’ve also tried cupping these points, and in keeping with this method’s own dynamic of opening, releasing and drawing the qi, have achieved equally impressive results. Consider the following treatment, using only cups to tonify the qi, fortify the protective qi, strengthen the Kidneys to grasp the qi, warm the body and support the lower back to treat asthma and other lung conditions with appropriate indications and diagnosis. Patient in prone position: Apply one large cup (bilaterally) over: * Fongmen and Feishu (Bl 12 & 13) * a smaller cup over Dingchuan (extra point “Stop Wheeze” * while tonifying Shenshu with warm and soft repeated cupping to strengthen the Kidneys to grasp and descend the lung qi. Then on the front (supine): * Apply a single large cup over Zhongfu and Yunmen (Lung 1 & 2) * and cup the 6 Tz’u -Ma (Si Ma) points on the legs. NB: it is important not to strongly cup these points. Post pics: Book written by Ching-Chang Tung and published by Hsiang Ya Publishing Co. Taiwan. ROC (1973). See pages 139 - 141 for a description of the 4 Horses points) Lower left: frontpiece photo of Dr Tung Lower right: Appendix Xl (inc 4 Horses points). * The method required to tonify the Kidney qi is described in my essay “Cupping Deficiency”. http://www.healthtraditions.com.au/essays/cupping_deficiency.pdf
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the idea behind this short was the nostalgia of having stacks of magazines spread out across my bedroom floor, cutting out pages of my favourite players and taping them all over the walls with each new issue that dropped. these were my posters. these were my idols. these were my hoop dreams. #rudevogue #yxe
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上次點了首歌給主播唱 唱得比我前女友的好聽多了 最後忍不住跟主播多聊兩小時 #下次群聚再請他現場唱好了 #那下次群聚約KTV
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أختي المواطنة، أخي المواطن، سددوا مذكراتكم المتعلقة بالذمم المالية في ساعات الدوام الرسمي لتتجنبوا تنفيذها من قبل الشرطة بالقوة الجبرية
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